Saudi Arabia: Tribute to Abdullah Othman Al-Ajroush

It is hard to fathom that it has been two years since Abdullah left this world.  Life has gone on but not a day goes by that I do not remember the love of my life.

I feel his presence in many ways.  Of course I only need to look at the photos of him which I have in each room.  But perhaps more importantly, I can feel his spirit encouraging me and especially so when I may be having a bad day while continuing my own battle with cancer.

Abdullah has left a beautiful legacy.  I only need to see and hear his children’s voices and it is like hearing him.  His first grandson also arrived.  I know his Grandson will be told about his Grandfather (Jed Abdullah).

Abdullah came from a unique generation of Saudi men.  He was always keen to explore and discover.  From the time he was a young student he had already developed his keen interest in foreign affairs.  It was no surprise that he enjoyed 33 years as a career diplomat in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He showed respect to everyone – men, women, children.  He was an advocate for the rights and freedoms of women.  He ensured that his sisters and daughters received university education.

While he could be professionally hard if required, he did not have a mean bone in his body.  He was kind to everyone.  He did many good deeds that were only known to himself and the recipient of his kindness.

Abdullah always knew how to make me laugh and feel like the most cherished woman in the world.  Against all odds he managed to get the governmental approvals for our marriage with the intent that we would have a long and fulfilling life together.

We had a fulfilling life…it just wasn’t nearly long enough.  God decided to take Abdullah home two years ago.  God took a piece of me that day, too.  I lost my life partner, best friend and love of my life.

May Abdullah continue to rest in peace and always know how very much he continues to be loved.


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  1. Carol, what a beautiful tribute to your husband. It sounds like he was an incredible human being. And I didn’t realize you were battling cancer–I hope you beat it soon.

  2. I am not intending to pry, and if it feels that way to you, I respect your privacy. So, you say “his” daughters. Is this merely Saudi custom that the children are his and not the mothers? Did you have children with him. I know that you are living in the US now, are your children with you? I can not imagine not having your children around you at this time. I am very sorry for your pain, and do hope that the Cancer is healed and that you feel better soon.


  3. What a lovely man…I enjoyed this tribute.

  4. Your tribute and post made me cry. My husband and I have been pouring over your posts for hours and hours day after day trying to decide if expatriation is right for our family. In reading your posts, I feel as if I have grown to know you, as well as Saudi. I have found you brave, objective, honest, and someone I would be honored to have as a friend. It took me a long time to find the love of my life and I feel for you and your loss. May you live in his light and love and be happy that you shared a beautiful life together. As you battle cancer, be as strong and brave as you are in your posts and you will win the fight!

  5. Carol, every time you write about Abdullah I think “what a lucky man that guy was!” I guess both of you were lucky!

  6. I enjoy reading your blog and a regular visitor. But I am sorry to ask this, but just wanted to knw what Gwendolyn. askd…the words “his daughters” in the post have made me think few questions…hope you dont mind answering it.

  7. Gwen, Parimita: I believe his girls are her step-daughters.

    Allah yarhamhu, May Allah give him Jannatul Firdaus ameen.

  8. Wishing you peace and solace, Carol and bless you for sharing this loving tribute.

  9. it is always inspirational to read about somebody’s true love, – it makes the world brighter. May the feeling of this terrible loss be less than the feeling of your husband’s presence in your life.

  10. Lovely tribute carol, he was indeed a lucky man and you are lucky to have had such a great time. Peace and happiness to you.

  11. Carol,
    May God continue to hold and keep you in His arms. Abdullah was a handsome man who was lucky to have you in his life. Your gentle spirit and loving heart is what draws people to your site and continues to bring them back. Thanks for this wonderful heart felt tribute. What a legacy to leave behind!

    God Bless!

  12. Thinking of you, Carol.

  13. Dear Carol, I ache for you in your loss as well as your illness.

    Thanks so much for telling us about this wonderful man. We hear so much bad news about people that it is nice to hear about the good ones.

    God Bless.

  14. Very sweet tribute. Your loving relationship with your husband is a very touching read, thank you for sharing something so personal. May you find comfort in happy memories. xxx

  15. For those who have not read through the archives….Carol and Abdullah’s marriage was not their first marriage. Both had children from a previous marriage. They did not have children together. Therefore, Abdullah’s daughters are HIS daughters and Carol likely doesn’t really think of them as step children as they were not young children when she married their father. I might be wrong, but I believe they were already adults. I’m 37 and my father recently remarried…I don’t consider his new wife to be my stepmother, nor her children to be my stepbrothers/sisters. Yes, they are now part of the family, but the ties are not as close as they would have been if we had become a family as young children. Now, that’s just how *I* feel about it.

    Carol, I started reading this blog just a week or so before Abdullah died, but I spent HOURS reading through the archives. I had nearly finished when you posted that he had passed on and I cried. Your story with him gives me hope for myself, that I can one day find love. I really wish for it to be even half as strong as your and Abdullah’s love IS for each other. (present tense because love hasn’t died)

  16. Thank you ALL for the uplifting comments of support.

    Abdullah and I had each been married before. I’m very proud to call his daughters and son my stepchildren.

  17. Love you, Carol …

  18. What a nice blogs you have..İ just find it..İ am turkish woman and my husband also turkish..we been here in Riyadh since 1985 ..
    İ started to reading just now…Many good memories you remand me..thanks alot…

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