Saudi Arabia: Book Review of “The Red Sea Bride”

American Bedu recently completed reading the book “The Red Sea Bride.”  “The Red Sea Bride” is the autobiography of Sylvia Fowler, a woman who met her Saudi husband when he was a student in Texas during the 1980’s.  They had a fast courtship and were soon married.  Instead of her dream of becoming an international journalist, she found herself a young mother and new wife living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

This was before the internet was readily available in Saudi Arabia.  This was before it was natural for most homes to have satellite TV.  Sylvia found herself in a new land with a new husband and where everyone spoke a language she did not understand.

Sylvia shares her experiences of starting out married life in the same building where her mother-in-law and other extended family members lived.  She describes in heartfelt detail the challenges of raising a son who is different from his cousins because he has lighter skin and does not speak the language.

Sylvia spent twenty years in the port city of Jeddah.  During this period she raises her children, grows apart from her husband and integrates herself in to her Saudi family.  She shares her downfalls and her triumphs.  She educates the reader of Saudi customs and traditions that only someone within the circle of a Saudi family can know.

“The Red Sea Bride” is complete with pictures of Sylvia and her life in Jeddah through the years.  It is a must read for any woman who may be considering marrying a Saudi man and making a life with him in Saudi Arabia.

To order your own copy of “The Red Sea Bride” click on this link.


27 Responses

  1. Hi 🙂 Is it available in Dubai (bookstore)? Pls lemme know, thanks.

  2. No; at this time you need to order it through the link provided in the review.

  3. This book will ruin my chances of getting an American wife.

  4. sounds like an interesting story!

  5. Al, don’t worry – I can set you up if you want. I work with a bunch of American Women. Just show up with a truck and I will gladly herd them out to you to load up.

    Boy that was mean….

  6. Jay,

    OK, you may set me up with a good looking American woman, but I don’t have a truck and neither like nor want to have one.

    Additional, I cannot accept a woman that can be herd out. I want a woman with personality and a little brain.

    Can you find one?

  7. Jay:

    Do I sense you are having issues with American women? What’s up with that? 🙂

  8. I hope that the book is available at Jarir.

  9. Al Zuhayyan,
    No one forgets what you have already said on this subject. I imagine your personality would put off most American women. Unless you have lots of money you could reel in a golddigger. Blonde of course.

  10. Sandy,

    Your personality turns me off and soft. You would not be the woman of my choice, even if you are a blonde.

    Who is not a gold-digger, except the fool? I’d rather have a gold-digger woman of my choice than a boring, racist gold-digger, with no personality.

  11. I would like a man who likes a woman like Sandy.

    btw, al zuhayyan, a lot of women are not gold diggers, especially if they have brains, personality, and earn their own money.

  12. I’ve been there and I’ve done that and heard this.

    Those with no money (poor) have brains, while those who have it don’t. How come those brainies ended as poor?

    Their brains mustn’t be in a working condition and their personality must be boring.

  13. I have never considered the acquisition of money as the most important goal in life.
    Some people are only mildly interested in money you know.
    You need enough to pay your way of course, but as soon as I have that, I just loose interest in money and go back to the real, true and main reason of my existence: make art.

    But then a lot of brains do end up rich don’t they? Just look at Steve Jobs, got all his money just by using his brains.
    And gave this brilliant advice: ”Be nice to nerds, one day you will end up working for one”


  14. Al:

    Could you go to the debate page and air your pathetic hope for a white blonde American blow-up doll or your dream of a white robotic blonde female who will dominate you while colonizing your abode.


  15. Small/big stick,

    Don’t you have more honorable and manly ways to remedy your sick frustrations than your decedent, dirty, and demeaning ways that suite you and your likes?

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    Motawa should cut off your one-inch stick that you keep wagging at everybody.

    You are sick creature.

  16. Sure there are few brainies who have made it to be rich, but certainly you are not a brainy and you wouldn’t be on of those rich.

    You would be working all-life long acquiring money until you drop dead in one of those streets.

  17. You the one that made it sick. My only deal is that it is the only way your going to get an American woman. You know with the statement manufactured in USA.

    You have the dirty mind on this one.

  18. See you on the debate page.

  19. Well I have no qualifications with those products but was just making a joke at your expense as you just make it so easy.

    However, I will bow to your expert knowledge in the field of such products. Particular as it sounds as though you found the products made in the USA to be of cheap quality.

    Thanks for the further insight into your personal life that well I didn’t really need to know. However, I think the women here are enjoying this conversation.

    Again, if ever anyone needed to go to the debate page it is you.

  20. Wow. I didn’t know I had a fan.

    Thanks 🙂

    You made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    You know you can always comment on my site.

  21. See comment on debate page.

  22. AlZuhayyan,
    You are a pervert as you’ve already clearly shown it on the other thread. No matter what you say to Bigstick (and honestly I barely read it because it’s drivel) no one sensible will believe anything you say. You discredited yourself from the first.

  23. The Red Sea Bride is only available now through the link cited in the post.

  24. AB:

    If you wanted to erase my comments regarding Al. It is fine. Al just annoyed me so I had a bit of fun. Of course, I had no idea to the extent he would go on. Truly he provided great clarity on his character and I have to admit I found it entertaining that someone could continue in such a manner. But I have a warped sense of humor. Anyway erase away.

    Bigstick 😉

  25. Thank you bigstick, I have removed some of your comments.
    Because as Al-Zuhayyan’s comments were removed they had no context.


  26. […] “half breeds” and picked upon or bullied by cousins and classmates.  The non-fiction book, “The Red Sea Bride” characterizes in great detail the challenges a bi-cultural child can face from birth to […]

  27. I read The Red Sea Bride it is a great story. While reading I learned a lot about life for the author in Saudi Arabia. Life is very different In Saudi than America. How the men act, the rules, and the lifestyles. I now know why people want to be Americans. I can relate with the author on decisions she made in the book with my life. The author wrote this very well and it has a great flow throughout the whole book. It is a interesting book and I recommend it to everyone.

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