Saudi Arabia/India: Marriage Between a Saudi and an Indian


I thought that this video was too precious not to share.  It is the wedding pictures of the marriage between a Saudi man and an Indian woman.


I wish this lovely couple nothing but happiness and many blessings!

20 Responses

  1. Wow, she and he look quite happy, Mashallah. So, she is Indian Muslim or Hindu? I just watched the movie, “Partition” about the 1947 partitioning of India, and the Muslim women were wearing a sort of draped hijab like the bride. I can imagine the more conservative talking about her being a slut and all sorts of things. And for a while, I thought that any hair at all showing was not suitable.

    The other day, some friends wanted to see me in Hijab, so to wind them up a bit, I wore my Saudi Niqab. It was to be a bit of a joke, but I was extremely surprised that when I put it on, I felt secure and safe in a way that I do not now. This gives me great pause to think and reflect.

    Were I to Hijab, I am sure that none of the LDS would object. Islam has left an indelible mark on my soul.



  2. Gwendolyn, Ah, so you are going back to being niqabi?, So from retracting on your apostasy (from the Muslim point of view) of Mormonism, back to Islam?
    And what do the people of your Mormon church have to say about it?
    You sure know how to seek out the really misogynist religions on your tour of ”The planet Earth’s Religions”.
    I wonder if you do not suffer from some sort of masochistic mental illness, with a touch of exhibitionism.
    Maybe you do not need support in the religious line, but something in the pharmaceutical line….

  3. Have you ever read Surah 49? Are you Muslim? So, you were beaten and rejected as a child so to compensate, you pass it on now? Why is it that a question from the heart brings out the jackals?

    No, I am LDS now, but I remember the good things I learned in Islam. Islam its self was not bad. It was only the people like you that made me leave.

  4. alf mabrook ..mashallah the couple is very very cute. where were these guys when I was growing up in KSA.
    Hey Carol, need to know if I can FED EX mom pills from US to Jubail. SHe’s staying there with grand kids while their dad got transferred to Jeddah. Now she’s out of her heart pills due to dose increase. No one from Saudi embassyin dc is going to saudi right now. Can you help. The drug is new and has not made it to UK or they’d get it from there. Thanks,

  5. Too bad Saudi muslims don’t use the spirit of this Surah in the dealings with other muslims. Surah 49: The chambers.

    But I guess it depends on what muslims call justice. As it states God loves those who exercise justice.

    This isn’t a swipe at you Qwen just still fuming over the poet and the absurdity.

    Now on topic: Nice wedding.

  6. Yes, it was a lovely wedding, and I hope that the couple will live where people are nice and he will obey the Qur’an and have one wife. 🙂


    Talking in capitals is rude, it is like yelling at people. Stop writing in capitals or your comments will be removed.

  8. Zaheer shb ….u cannot generalise………not all are same…….

  9. comment removed due to continued use of capitals

  10. I know a very happy Saudi/Indian couple. I hope they will be the same.

  11. hey we’re a saudi-indian combo and quite happy after 20+ yrs,
    i don’t think nationality has anythig to do with happiness in a marriage, If they love each other and have enough truse i see no reason baring outside interfearence for them to have a happy fun married life.

    As for indians/s.asians being maids in saudi , most saudi’s coming to the us for the first time are surprised to see the sheer number of indian physicians.. they havn’t been to a s/w programming company in the US i assume. I’ve heard they are filled to the gills with indians…

    certain countries attract certain type of talent, the middle east has always attracted a lot of maids and nurses from S.asian countries…
    demand and supply at work in this world 🙂

  12. Both are Indians, the bride and the groom. He does not wear the Bisht and Gohtra as Saudis. The Bisht is too short in the sleeves, and a real Saudi will never wear it like that, especially in his wedding day. The Gohtra is lose and is not ironed as Saudis do.

    He must one of those Indian drivers in Saudi or what so called physicians from India in the US. However, I wish them happy life.

  13. Is it only me or have others also observed that Indians/Pakistanis look very much like Saudis if they wear thawb and ghutra.

    When I say Indians, I am referring to Indians from the northern states and not those from Kerala whom you find a lot in Saudi.

  14. Personally I’ve never seen the Bisht worn this way. But that does not mean he is Indian. Perhaps there are regional differences- I gather he lives in the Emirates. Perhaps he just found it more comfortable that way.

    I am really curious as to what you mean by “so called physicians from India in the US.”

  15. Yes, what do you mean with ”so-called physicians”? Either one is a physician or one isn’t.

  16. If you go to his Youtube website, you can find more details about him:

  17. actually, i was floored by how many SE Asians are low wage and diversity visa immigrants in NYC. I always saw white collar professionals in the state where I spent most of my adult life.

  18. His kandoora isn’t even Saudi style… It’s Bahraini. & I’ve seen him on Muslim marriage sites before LOL

  19. It’s all about credentialing and I sometimes wonder if American Educational Institutions are being fair. Indian and other expatriate professionals seem to struggle with American cultural norms here at first. One can only hope that they eventually adjust.

  20. @Amatullah – I’ve lived in India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. I guess from living in all three countries and having married a Saudi, I don’t feel that Indians and Pakistanis resemble Saudis in appearance.

    I also disagree with whoever wrote that they think the groom is Indian.

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