Saudi Arabia: Would It Be a Mundane Job?

I was thinking about jobs in Saudi Arabia and realized that the one job I would not want would be as a weatherman.  It seems to me that would be a mundane job.  The weather basically stays the same day after day after day!

When there is the rare rain or sandstorm there is advance notice.  Those times are probably the most exciting moments to be a weatherman in the Kingdom.

I remember watching the news and when the weather came on, the weekly forecast would be the same for months…sunny and clear.  The only difference would be the rise and fall of the temperature.

It makes me wonder just how many weathermen the Kingdom requires?


10 Responses

  1. Ha! They certainly don’t have to devote much news time for the weather segment, huh? 🙂

  2. It is always sunny and clear. What else do we need?

  3. I guess this is why Hasan Karani (the man you see in the picture) was basically the only weatherman on Saudi National TV for around 25 years.

  4. Al-Zuhayyan: Rain

  5. Pretty funny.

    I always wonder why you don’t see more sunhats worn in SA. Of course with an Abaya sunburn isn’t a problem but still I like to wear a sunhat.

  6. I
    I like this it is funny

  7. Annie, when women still wore the original styles of traditional clothing in Saudi Arabia many did wear hats. Actually a lot of those old traditional dresses were a lot more practical than the newfangled enforced abaya.

  8. Funny everything thinks being a weatherman in Saudi Arabia is boring. My brother in law, Tarek, was a weatherman and he said it was actually very interesting. He was one of the more educated and completely English speaking brother in laws, Frankly, so many things can happen in Jeddah (our town) that it paid to be aware. The level of humidity could totally change a day,, for one thing. I have been to Jeddah in summers when the level of humidity and pressure system is not too bad. But a low pressure system is headache time! And those sandstorms are nothing short of Dali surreal. Yes, it is hot a lot, but it is not boring at all, but very changeable. The mutability of the weather in Jeddah runs parallel with conditions at the Red Sea: I adored going to the Red Sea and we never encountered the same conditions two times running (or even within a dozen visits)!. Now I dare you to interview a weatherman, Carol!

  9. I meant brothers-in-law, lol. Can never write a grammatically correct post.

  10. I can see where living off the sea would have changing conditions. In Riyadh it just always remained the same! I’d love to interview a weatherman!

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