Saudi Arabia/USA: Express Yourself



Ahhhh….if everyone had his problems as a youth growing up in the first world… Wonder what a Saudi rap would say?


5 Responses

  1. Ha…funny…but makes you think.

  2. Maybe something about my driver being late for my shopping date, the henna design not being pretty, the maid not fixing my food just right, not finding a suitable wife number 2, 3 or 4 …

  3. The song is funny…but it should be known that this is about the upper-middle class in the US.

    Someone raised in the poor part of the US would be rapping about how someone stripped their bike, the loud bass in the cars passing their home lulling them to sleep, drug dealers flirting with their sister, not being able to afford milk ’cause pay day is still two days away, running out of propane (no heat until Monday), and friends thinking they’re from a 3rd world country.

  4. I’m thinking, considering certain current events here in KSA, no one in their right mind would even consider a a rap.

  5. Well id be rapping about how many girlfriends – (one after the other of course) i can have in the US insteaed of a limit of 4 wives here in KSA- Dam!

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