Saudi Arabia: Iqama Renewal Reminder Service

Most expatriates in Saudi Arabia are responsible for knowing when their iqama (legal residency) is to expire.  Prior to its expiration it is then either the responsibility of the expatriate to get the iqama renewed or for the employee to provide the iqama to the employer to do the needful.

An expatriate does not want to end up with an expired iqama.  There will be penalties to pay and it makes an expatriate appear irresponsible to allow such an important document to expire.

The Ministry of Interior is trying to make it easier and more streamlined for expatriates to remember to get their iqamas renewed before expiration.  Expatriates can now sign up for free SMS reminders from the Ministry which would be sent to their mobile phone.  This is just one of the new services which the Ministry of Interior is now offering to residents in the Kingdom.


9 Responses

  1. Yes, no forgiveness in Islam for the transgressor.

  2. Gwendolyn, you always say that although you left Islam for Mormonism, you still have great respect for Islam, yet you grab almost every opportunity to say something nasty about Islam or Arabs.

    This whole iqama thing and all issues with it are purely Saudi bureaucracy and red tape. I don’t see where Islam comes into it, so why the sneer towards Islam?

  3. Hmm.. great idea, but it seems that this service is only available to arabic speakers. I went to the website provided and searched around a bit, and just kept going in circles. Anyone know how to actually sign up for this service?

  4. Thanks Bedu for this bit on the nuts and bolts of Saudi paperwork.

    I’ve hear a lot about the practice of Employers keeping passports. If this isn’t high jacking the thread, I’d love to hear some comments.

    . . . or maybe I better see if Bedu has ever blogged on this topic.

  5. The ‘iqama’ and ‘kafala’ systems are unique to Saudi Arabia and some of the gulf countries, religion has no reflection on it. Some day this should change to be similar to other systems in other countries… wonder how Saudis would feel if the same were applied on them by other countries.

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  7. The Igama rules in Saudi actually protect the foreign guests who have come in for work under an employer. The employer has a lot of responsibilties to filfull for each employee and the Igama keeps the government aware of who the employer is and that all his contributions to taxes, insurance. health and livng laws are being followed. Every country has laws that must be followed for someone to come in and work, Saudi is no different.

  8. yea this must end and there is no law that ,the employer issues a iqama and takes away passport.

  9. I’v left saudi arab on casual leave, unfartuantly I did not return on due date. I want to return saudi arab but my iqama has also expired. Should I contact the old Kafil for renewal or for new visa.

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