Saudi Arabia: How About a Cure by Design?

I’m kind of shy on one hand about writing this post yet on the other I want to share some information as I think it could also be highly beneficial towards spreading awareness about cancer in Saudi Arabia.

  Each year, for 13 years, the American Cancer Society in the United States has put on a charity fashion show called “Cure by Design.”  The objective of this event is to raise awareness and funds towards a cure for cancer. Cure by Design works with well-known designers who create a unique look for each model.

Alex Garfield, a well known designer, is the brain child of Cure by Design.  He is a successful entrepreneur and firmly believes in giving back to worthy causes.

The Cure by Design fashion show uses models who have battled or are still battling cancer.  Cancer does not discriminate against age, race, sex or ethnicity.  The models are men, women, children and teens.  The youngest model is three years old and the oldest model is in her 80’s.

For the first time, the Cure by Design show will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The event will take place on the 24th of March at the Ritz Carlton hotel.  In addition to the fashion show there will be both a silent and a live auction.  Even if one can not attend the show, it is possible to give a donation to this worthy cause through the American Cancer Society website.

And yes, I have been chosen to be one of the models representing the face of cancer.   Even though I had been on television many times through my former job with Saudi Arabian television, I’m a little nervous as cancer has made my walk a little uneven.  I hope I don’t trip over my own feet on the catwalk!

I think Saudi Arabia would also be an ideal venue for a Cure by Design.  Cancer remains one of the highest causes of death in Saudi Arabia.  At the same time, fashion shows are highly popular in the Kingdom and Saudi Arabia has a number of well known designers.  It sounds like Cure by Design would be a natural match.  I can easily envision a member of the Royal family or perhaps Zahra Breast Cancer Association organization sponsoring such an event.


7 Responses

  1. Dearest Carol,

    You are truly an inspiration and such a beautiful woman inside and out! Don’t worry about your walk, you will be fabulous and will most certainly make your family and your beloved late husband proud. All the best and my continuous prayers go out to you and the other models!

  2. Dear Carol, I have never left a comment on your blog before, but I contacted you a week or so ago about learning Arabic in order to prepare for my upcoming move to Riyadh.

    I wanted to say that I felt such a kinship with you, as I too had cancer 13 years ago. I was diagnosed with cancer in my bone marrow when I was 25. By His grace I am cancer-free today, but the walk and the memories remain ingrained on my heart and psyche. You are a brave woman and as a cancer-survivior and RN who nursed in Haematology / Oncology….I salute you today!

    Thank you for your blog…I have learnt so much!

    Much blessing,


  3. Yahoo! Go Carol!

  4. Congratulations, Carol! That is just great!!!

  5. Thank you very much, Michelle!

  6. Thanks, ya’ll!

  7. […] back in the United States, I recently participated in a program, Cure by Design, sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  In this program fashion […]

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