Saudi Arabia/Eritrea/Norway/World: Cost of Gasoline

Many of us are now feeling the pinch of increased gasoline prices.  I know I find myself limiting my travel to conserve costs since I also have to put gas in my car more often due to the increased prices.

For residents of Saudi Arabia gas prices remain lower than the cost of a bottle of water.  They can continue to drive their large cars and Humvees without worries of increased costs.

Now granted, the increase of gas prices is not Saudi Arabia’s fault.  A portion of the blame can be placed on Iran.  Yet it would be nice if the cost per barrel of oil from Saudi Arabia would start to go down rather than up.

In case you were wondering, when compared to other countries around the world, a gallon of gas in the United States could be considered reasonable.  I am near Charlotte, North Carolina and tend to pay about US$3.80 per gallon.  That cost is outrageous to me but after seeing the following statistics I guess I’m glad I’m in the USA and not Norway!

Most Expensive Gas in the World: Asmara, Eritrea
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $9.58
Cost per gallon of premium gas: (Unavailable)

2nd Most Expensive: Oslo, Norway
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $9.33
Cost per gallon of premium gas: $9.69

3rd Most Expensive: Rome
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $8.51
Cost per gallon of premium gas: $8.71

4th Most Expensive: Copenhagen, Denmark
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $8.48
Cost per gallon of premium gas: $8.77

5th Most Expensive: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $8.46
Cost per gallon of premium gas: $8.55

6th Most Expensive: London
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $8.12
Cost per gallon of premium gas: $8.35

7th Most Expensive: Paris
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $8.06
Cost per gallon of premium gas: $8.56

8th Most Expensive: Hong Kong
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $7.85
Cost per gallon of premium gas: $8.30

9th Most Expensive: Berlin
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $7.76
Cost per gallon of premium gas: $8.34

10th Most Expensive: Tokyo
Cost per gallon of regular gas: $6.59
Cost per gallon of premium gas: $7.15


14 Responses

  1. Gosh <$4 seems cheap in comparison.

    I just don't understand some of the things our government gets up to. I saw on the news, Al Jazeera, that the US had told Pakistan not to put in a Natural Gas line to Iran. What's with that?

    We should be doing intensive research to find ways to get energy without oil.

  2. The fluctuation of oil prices are due to speculation in the market and constant fears of oil supplies. Saudi is producing a little under 10 billion barrels per day. While Iran produces about 4 million bpd.

    Gas prices here are subsidized by the government which is why it’s so cheap. It’s about $10 to fill up a large SUV here in Saudi.

    I always cringe when traveling and can see the price at the pump. It really adds up when you look at all the other costs a person has to bear. Wow, Norway at 9.33 per gallon is crazy!

  3. Ironically, drinking water is more expensive by volume and it falls from the sky.

  4. Lonnie, not much water falls from the sky here in the Magic Kingdom.
    What many do not realize, nor understand, is places like Norway have outrageous gas prices to encourage conservation and increase use of public transpo. It’s a green thing for them. Much of Europe has the same thinking.
    Gas prices in KSA are artificially low to appease the masses.

  5. I wouldn’t say to appease the masses. It IS their oil. Or it should be. I agree it is speculation that makes it so crazy. It really isn’t in Saudi’s interest when it goes too high because that raises the cost of importing and such a lot is imported.

  6. Of course, the primary reason between the high price differential in Europe verus US is that Europeans tack on the VAT or value added tax to the gasoline. Thankfully, we don’t have that in the US …. YET :)-

  7. Oops I meant 10 million, not billion bpd for Saudi production.

  8. Dear lonie,
    its because humans are not the suppliers.

  9. […]  Breaking News  Add comments Mar 042012   Download this page in PDF formatSaudi Arabia/Eritrea/Norway/World: Cost of Gasoline Posted on March 4, 2012 by American Bedu   […]

  10. @Sandy
    Bottled water is still more expensive than gasoline in Norway. Honest Abe is right, taxes tend to be the major part of the price per gallon, even in the US. Europe tends to have much higher taxes than the US. These taxes are used mostly for roads and the Dept of Transportation. In many states, if you buy gas for a farm tractor or boat the price is considerably different due to the taxes. Diesel is cheaper to make but many times costs more than gas due to taxes.

    Don’t worry Farah, humans are not the suppliers of either one. Just one is more marketed than the other. Mankind can live without gas, but not without water.

  11. Public transport, walking, bicycle, scooter, natural fire, solar water heaters , Solar panels , open windows in summer, appropriate clothing … goes a long way in reducing the bill 🙂

  12. Only in some areas, Lonnie. In others, very, very little water falls from the sky and when it does, it’s heavy rain, but very brief.

    Of interest is, no mention of GCC states gasoline prices of $0.25/gallon price range. Of course, THEY have minimal transportation costs and kept building refineries to keep up with demand and also subsidize fuel prices (which the US does oil subsidies, but some want to do away with that and give us the prices found in Europe).

    Radhaa, nice notion, but solar water heaters are useless in the cold north, where one would have frozen solar water heaters during the winter, as well as useless solar panels when they’re covered by both snow and clouds.
    Open windows when it’s 100 degrees outside, excellent way to kill off the elderly and infirm.
    Walking is also useless for the elderly, disabled and infirm.
    Simple answers for complex problems never work. One needs multiple solutions for multiple issues in multiple regions. In my area, geothermal energy generation is a useless exercise, as one would need to drill far deeper than the deepest wells in the world to get to sufficient heat, whereas 50 miles away, it’d be practical at 10000 feet. Wind is useless in many areas, whereas in others it is practical. The same with solar.
    Just as there was discussion over damming the Strait of Gibraltar for electrical energy production, ignoring the massive shipping traffic that goes through the strait.
    Complex problems demand complex solutions. One can even produce light, sweet crude from garbage for a fair cost, but that does nothing to reduce greenhouse gases (a test was run in Philadelphia a decade ago, with great success).

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