Saudi Arabia: NOT The Way to Mount a Horse!

Anybody who has ridden a horse will realize that it does take a certain art and finesse to mount.  I don’t think I’d recommend trying to mount while wearing a long thobe either!



3 Responses

  1. Poor horse! The screeching laugh and snorting in the back there is an absolute crack up.

  2. The poor horse!

    Poor man too. It is actually quite difficult to get on a horse if you are not used to it. Any rider who laughs at this video should try to mount their horse from the other side they usually mount.

    And of course you should never try to mount a horse wearing a dress!

  3. Funny so funny !!! I remember watching a large person mounting a horse with two men trying to push this perosn on with the horse looking back at her. You really need pants or at least a mounting block. What do you do once you are astride I hope there is something between the saddle and this man.

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