Saudi Arabia: Entertainment Books Are Available Now!


Entertainment books which offer significant discounts at restaurants, businesses, family facilities and hotels are common and popular in the United States.  Who can resist a ‘buy one meal get one free’ offer at a favorite restaurant!  Additionally, with an entertainment book, one may venture to new places and facilities because the coupon is too good to pass by.  As a result, I am so excited and happy to learn that these coupon books are now available for Saudi Arabia!  I think it is an excellent bargain and great opportunity for both Saudis and expatriates in the Kingdom.

The Entertainer Saudi Arabia Book provides buy one get one free vouchers at restaurants and other venues throughout Riyadh, Jeddah and the Eastern Province. The book aims to make eating out, family activities, beauty and travel more affordable. Launched in Dubai the Entertainer is the leading supplier of discount voucher books in the Middle East.


The book lasts until the end of 2012 and offers buy one get one free at the most popular eateries and destinations in Saudi Arabia. The book includes The Noodle Room, Burger King, Terrace Grill, Mozart, Gymboree, Cinnabon, The Pizza Company, Fitness First and many many more. In total there are over 500 buy one get one free vouchers in the KSA book.


The book costs SAR 250 and our users report that they make the cost of the book back many times over! You can learn more at


We are looking for brand ambassadors for the book, people who can get involved in promoting and selling the book for a commission. I realise that you are now in the USA but thought you may have some contacts in Saudi that might be interested that you could connect me with? We are looking for representatives who can sell the books within the compounds and also contacts within international schools.

Contact Holly Fenton

Marketing Manager

Hollyf(at symbol)


11 Responses

  1. One thing I DO miss from Qatar: The McArabia. 😦
    Obviously not available in the US. :/
    As for other culinary delights, I’m amongst other things, a reformed chef.
    Hence, I can replicate anything other than fast food.

  2. There are many of us on American Bedu who enjoy cooking! If you’re interested you can do a search on my blog as I have posted a number of traditional Saudi recipes.

  3. Thanks, I was only speaking of fast food in that one. Trust me, I’ve been trolling around for recipes.
    I have a tendency of kicking my wife out of my kitchen on a very regular basis. 😀

  4. Wzrd1:

    What exactly is the difference between McArabia and fast food similarities in the US at least for you? 😀

  5. I hope no ”pink slime” in the hamburgers like they have in America.

  6. Well, there is that, Aafke-Art. Also, the McArabia was a specialty mean from McDonalds in the region.
    Of course, there was also swarma as a fast food that is from the region.

  7. Aafke-Art:

    You know you can ask them not to put the pink stuff on the hamburger, don’t you?

  8. My son is also the primary chef. He loves to cook and finds it relaxing so he cooks and my DIL cleans up.

  9. My Saudi friend also used to take turns cooking with his wife. We’d also get together and ALL cook, usually when we’d fill the villa with 25-30 guests.
    Amongst the many things I’ve done for a living was being a professional chef. I left that, as if one isn’t the executive chef, one doesn’t make a lot of money.

  10. My husband used to talk about opening a traditional Saudi restaurant in the States and call it “Desert Boy’s.”

  11. The ONE place NOT to would be in motor city, there would be too much competition. But, there are many communities where there are Arab immigrants children living that would most certainly appreciate good Saudi traditional food.

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