Saudi Arabia: American Bedu’s Health Update

This post will be short and sweet.  For new readers to the blog, I am an active cancer patient battling Stage Iv metastatic breast cancer.  The cancer has spread into my bones and liver.  I have been through multiple traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.  I was also on the drug, Avastin, for a year before it was rescinded by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).  I am now enrolled in a phase I clinical trial and receiving an experimental drug.

The objective of the experimental drug is to boost the immune system so that it in turn is strong enough to stop and kill the cancer cells.  I had some scans two weeks ago to track the progression or lack thereof of the cancer.  I received mixed results.  On the positive side, the cancer in the bones has remained stable.  It did not progress but neither did it shrink.  However, cancer growth in the liver has increased. 

Now it was not surprising that there was some growth since it can take multiple cycles of the experimental drug before it “kicks in and jumpstarts” the immune system.  However growth in the liver is not good news.  Therefore I am to receive two more cycles of the experimental drug (two months) and then have the scans repeated.  I’m praying that those scans will show a decrease of the tumors in the liver.  But if the growth in the liver continues to spread I will be taken out of the clinical trial and have to receive alternate treatment methods.

I’ll be receiving a dose of the experimental drug (by IV) tomorrow.  As a result I will not be online for a few days.  So I ask that in my absence to enjoy the bevy of posts here on the blog and not give my moderator a difficult time!  (smile)


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  1. I hope you find yourself in the best of health and beat this cancer very soon. Stay positive!

    Best wishes from Riyadh 🙂

  2. Sending all my love and du’aa to you! May Allah help you kick this cancer in the butt! My evenings would be empty without Bedu coming to inbox for me to read before I sleep xxoo

  3. Thanks for the update. Best wishes!

  4. I hope all goes well for you and the experimental drug does it job.
    All my prayers are with you.

  5. Thinking of you.

  6. I hope everything goes well this time, and that you will be comfortable.

  7. Prayers and positive thoughts for a spectacular result. It would sure be nice for you and for everyone!

  8. Allah with you, dear lady.

  9. Sorry to hear this AB, I will keep hoping and having positive thoughts for some great results on your next scan.

  10. Best wishes carol, this time will do the magic, keep positive.

  11. Take care . Continue to have strong faith in Allah . Be positive . You are always in my prayer . Wishing you speedy recovery .

  12. We are praying for you.

  13. Aww…Carol Bedu hun….I hope the experimental drug helps. Hope you start feeling a little better soon. Take care!

  14. I have never seen anybody face a problem with such pragmatism and courage. It is almost like you are discussing the weather.

    Wow and stay strong, Carol!

  15. Hi Carol
    Let’s hope the glass is half full. Can they put a stint in your liver to keep your blood clean? Keep on trucking Carol and beat this. I just received my latest copy of CURE It has some interesting things in it..

  16. You were always an inspiration and comfort to me while I was in Riyadh. I never was able to assimilate to Saudi very well (nor was my Americanized Saudi husband). We are back in the USA now, thankfully, but I wanted to check your site and see how you have been doing since your diagnosis. I am devastated to hear about your mets. I’m a nurse, and while I’m not familiar with the drug you are trialing right now, I hope like hell that it is able to stave off the metastatic progression and give you a long, rich and full quality of life. I just want you to know how many anonymous people’s lives you have touched so positively, and that you make a great and wonderful difference in the world. I hope you are truly doing well and trying to enjoy every single day, because you deserve to.

  17. Go beat the shit outta Cancer! May Allah SWT bless you with a long, happy and prosperous life, and guide you on the right path! Ameen!

  18. Thank you, Alia.

  19. I really wish you a quick recovery.

    I also invite you to Islam:

  20. […] trial particularly because the cancer decided to spread from my bones to the liver. While the clinical trial would have some side effects, I actually had never felt so good and able to so active since my […]

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