Saudi Arabia: European Photo Competition for Saudi Nationals

A photo can easily say a thousand words…if not more.  Right now and through 13 April, Saudi photographers have an opportunity to submit their photos to the European Photo Competition!

In honor and recognition of upcoming Europe Day celebrations in the Kingdom Saudi nationals are invited to submit their personal photos taken while traveling in European countries.

American Bedu believes this is a great opportunity for the thousands of Saudi students who are studying in Europe!  Their photos allow the world to see Europe through Saudi eyes as well as helping to build more bridges of understanding between Saudi Arabia and Europe.  Of course ALL Saudis who have traveled to Europe all encouraged to submit their photos!


5 Responses

  1. Though not a Saudi, i got some photos. The Captions go like these
    1. Beheading in Al Qasr, Riyadh
    2. “Rat Holes” aka. Bangladeshi expats housing provided.
    And my personal favorite
    3. Muttawa beating women.

    And couple other photos from my album 🙂

  2. Very cool, Carol!

  3. Yes you are right ,I also have same thinking that photos make you easy to explain any event or any thing or to express your feelings.

  4. Really, this is a great initiative. A pity I did not know it earlier as I could have encouraged some acquitances to share their pictures.

    Where were they supposed to be submitting them?

  5. Captions from the 9 May event. It was a great evening. The Exhibition “Europe Seen through Saudi Eyes” is open to the public at King Abdul-Aziz National Museum until 13 May, and at King Fahd Cultural Centre after that, until the end of May. Many thanks for your support!!

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