Saudi Arabia: Great Getaways Inside the Kingdom

Cora organizes some of the best trips both within and outside the Kingdom.  For anyone wishing to see more of the Kingdom but not wanting to explore alone, I highly recommend these upcoming trips.  You can also browse American Bedu’s Flikr photos to see some of her photos during one of Cora’s earlier trips to Maidan Saleh.

Before the really hot weather comes to Riyadh, here are two trips that you might wish to take in the Kingdom

  1. FARASAN ISLAND – 25 – 27 April  8 seats available Wednesday night – Friday night
  2. MEDAIN SALEH – 02 – 04 May  –  6 seats available – Wednesday morning – Friday Night

To book, you may e-mail the information below to:



  • Your name (s)
  • Nationality
  • Iqama or passport number only (Please do not send a copy)
  • Name of the sponsor (employer) in KSA
  • A deposit of SAR 600  each  for Medain Saleh to guarantee your flight
  • A deposit of SAR 700 each for Farasan to guarantee your flight



Without the information, no booking can be made



Additionally, here are some more suggestions on places to explore within Saudi Arabia!  The Kingdom is full of hidden treasures to discover.


3 Responses

  1. You were married to a saudi and you enjoyed your life with him (based on your posts) and many many foreigners, and mainly americans who got married to saudis (e.g. Suzie of Arabia) are (living and) are treated like queens by their husband’s families so why horrify others from the experience

  2. Hi Carol. I just luv your blog. I have been following it for over five years now. Your advice letter is right on. Your advice in many of your other similar columns came handy for me few years ago. I was “saved” from a saudi student just in the nick of time after having read your blog. Thank you, American Bedu!

  3. @rrrr – I’m sorry but I don’t understand your comment in relation to this post. Did you mean to post it elsewhere?

    @Rosemary – Thank YOU for your kind words. I’m glad that the blog has been helpful to you.

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