Saudi Arabia: Fashion and Tradition Defined


This is a good video which discusses the different styles of fashions for Provinces of Saudi Arabia.  The commentator provides the background information and history of each outfit worn by a man or woman.  The fashion show took place at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC.


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  1. Saudi women are really fashion-forward and one will be surprised underneath the abaya,are designer clothings and fashionable attires. I’ve had privileges on many occasions to witness Saudi weddings and woild gawk at the ongoing ‘fashion show’.

  2. That is very true, Mrs. B!

  3. What’s the point of being fashionable if you have to wear a black tent over it?
    Most people who tell us how great abayas are claim it is because you can look like an awful scarecrow wearing pajamas and your hair being a mess.

  4. Aafke, women in saudi don’t wear abaya. they take it off when it is right time to show their fashion. they don’t need to show their beauty to the men in the street, prostitution is illegal in saudi, unlike some other countries.

  5. Snowman:

    So taking off the abaya with clothes underneath is prostitution or is having your person seen postitution? I am confused by what you are trying to convey. Are you saying that women who walk around in jeans and a t-shirt are prostitutes?

    Just wondering. What exactly are you saying?

  6. […] Saudi Arabia: Fashion and Tradition Defined: AMERICAN BEDU […]

  7. […] Saudi Arabia: Fashion and Tradition Defined: AMERICAN BEDU […]

  8. Snowman, walking in public wearing sensible clothes does not equate prostitution. While, as we all know, walking around in a black tent does not mean one is not engaging in prostitution.

  9. Snowman, you should be aware that as the black tent is enforced on all women in Saudi, the Saudi prostitutes wear them as well.

  10. I can honestly say that there were times in KSA when I was happy that I had the bag to throw on over my very casual clothing for a quick outing. There was also one time when I felt desperate rage and was actually claustrophic because my one abaya (no need for two for the visit I thought) was being laundered and I couldn’t leave the house.

  11. I ended up having about 7 abayas. I’d have an “official” one if I was going to a business meeting and it was required; I’d have several for just regular every day use; I’d have one for summers and another one for winters; a dressy one I’d wear enroute to special occasions; a very big flowing one that I could wear if I had an evening gown underneath…and then of course my all-time favorite was the one which Aafke made for me complete with POCKETS, HOOD and of course a ‘Hello Kitty!’

  12. I know they got the ‘religious police’ but I wonder..has the ‘fashion police’ ever visit the KSA?
    How can women spend money on high fashion if they have to cover themselves?
    They just wear nice cloth for their husband and female friends, every one that knows true European fashion knows that a woman dresses so she can be seen in public, not at home, by everyone, especially men! and of course to make their female friends complement her.
    Saudi women shop for cloth and can’t even wear it out!
    And you, snowman, you are a chicken!
    And yes prostitution exist in the KSA, is just that ppl don’t talk about it!

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