Saudi Arabia: Will She Find What She is Looking For?

A Saudi woman posted an ad for a husband in an Arabic language magazine.  The woman is divorced, lonely and wishes to find a husband who appreciates married life.  She is offering US$1.33 million for the right husband.  She is also willing to consider a misyar  marriage in which the husband and wife are married but live apart from one another.

I don’t know…I would like to see everyone find the spouse of their dreams but I’m not sure if offering money is the way to do it.  Not only does it sound like “buying a husband” but how can you be sure a man is responding for the desire of marriage and not for the money?  Yet, on the other hand, the Muslim man does provide a wife with mahr (dowry) so perhaps this could be interpreted as the Saudi woman demonstrating that she can provide an equal opportunity?

If a woman needs to go to the point of placing an ad for a husband plus the offer of money, I hope that she truly finds what she is looking for.


18 Responses

  1. Now it is male prostitution. Sweet. If she has this much money why not go to another country and escape from the prison.

    Maybe she can do monthly installments to ensure his continued devotion. This way she can have her needs met without the interference from a Saud muslim male and once she has had her fill of him send him away.

    I actually think this is funny, in a sick demented way. Here she holds the money and he agrees to fork over his private part. My how the tables might be turning.

  2. bless her heart

  3. I agree with bigstick about her being rich enough, that she can leave Saudi Arabia forever and live her freedom. Unless she has a job that allows her to earn this type of money!

    No, just wrong to offer money. I feel sorry for her. She will be shafted/cheated.

  4. Poor woman. If she is so lonely, why consider misyar marriage? It doesn’t make sense to me. She could do better with all that money. I’m afraid she is going to end up being cheated.

  5. @ All
    It is nothing new. I remember that Girls in KSA and UAE advert for auction of their virginity. Waiting for highest bidder.

  6. @All
    Can you name any place on this earth where prostitution does not exist?

  7. sami, on April 22, 2012 at 2:46 pm said: Can you name any place on this earth where prostitution does not exist?

    Jannat al firdous on Planet Blue Earth :)-

  8. I knew a couple where the wife was extremely wealthy and she “found” a much younger husband. They were married for 18 years before she died and she often told me how much fun and joy and love this man brought her. He called me after her death to tell me that now it was his time to really enjoy his life and that he felt good knowing that for 18 years he’d given this kind and loving woman the love and attention and good times that she deserved. A very interesting relationship indeed.
    Nobody says much when a man makes the same offer to a woman though.

  9. @HonestAbe
    Very interesting. Have you been to JANNAT al FIRDOUS? The question was “on this planet”. Try again.
    Thanks any way.

  10. There is no place on this earth where prostitution does NOT exist Sami.

  11. Sami:

    Abe answered your question by his statement as there is no place on earth. He was having a bit of sport with you.

    You know the foreign concept of humor.


  12. For $1.3 million, and with a misyar arrangement living apart, I will cut my hair, strap on the necessary accoutrements, and visit this woman as often as her heart desires.

  13. @Jean,
    I think the whole point is for her to get ‘shafted”. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  14. Dude I would totally rock this ladies world. The money would be an added bonus of a job well done…

  15. Come on people have you guys not been paying attention, she deserves love so do not criticize her for doing what she is doing.i wish i could help her

  16. i am available …just tell me how to contact her

  17. haha i will worship u from morning to night lol

  18. m here 23 year pakistani farooq munir

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