Saudi Arabia: Even YOU Can Dance Like an Arab



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  1. I have some Saudi students who sometimes break into dance for no apparent reason, I’ve been to university international festivals to watch my student’s performances, and I’ve watched performances put on by Saudis on their National Day. I’ve never seen any of them dance like that. I guess they are an entirely different kind or Arab? Or maybe it’s because they are quite a bit younger than that man?

  2. Very cute, Carol! I’ve seen those moves. 🙂

  3. There are different styles of dancing among Arab men. I think the most well known among Saudis is the Al-Ardha dance. Yet I remember seeing my dear husband doing some of the moves demonstrated in the video!

  4. I never saw Arab men dancing as Muslim woman. I loved to belly dance but mostly alone or sometimes with other women. That was until I was told that belly dance is fertility rite, and actually haram. Being Muslim was a very odd experience for me.

  5. Hilarious! Haha as an arab i can assure you that those are truly the main moves that are performed by men. We’re not talking about the cool new guys but this is if we can call it the ‘classic’ way!

  6. Gwen, go to Morocco and you’ll find men dancing as women to entertain the tourists. Women can’t do the dancing.for tourists. 🙂

  7. Loved this post! I agree with Maya this is more what the old guys dance. But trust me, young men dance like crazy. Until I met my husband, I didn’t know a dude could actually pull those moves, I almost dropped dead (with delight). my family love to watch him dance. He is not Saudi but from Iraq.
    Thanks for the video, so funny!

  8. What this stupid do?????????
    I am an arab, born and lived all my life in Saudi Arabia. Did not see the Saudis. Dance like this. What you’re doing?????

  9. why sing the Egyptian dialect. Do you believe that Saudi Arabia was found in

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