Saudi Arabia/Canada: Little Mosque in the Artic


This tantalizing trailer shares the journey of a mosque to a group of Muslims who live in the Artic Circle.



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  1. Yes, this made national news a few months ago I think. A mosque shipped up to the Canadian Arctic. To me, it genuinely does encapsulate what Canada is like to peaceful Muslim-Canadians.

    There is national Canadian comedy series on tv that just ended after several years: “Little Mosque on the Prairie”.

    Some notable Canadians accomplished in their fields and who just happen to be Muslim: He is a distinguished journalist. You can see his articles. He’s won national awards. A managing editor for one of Canada’s largest city newspapers (Toronto). Mayor of the city where I live. He is Muslim Canadian. Harvard educated, highly articulate and personable. He is a small “c” conserative, so he doesn’t threaten the oil firms that rule our province but he will speak out. Because of his style, younger generation are drawn to him/his ideas and others who are tired of entrenchment of the status quo for years.

    He did electrify the rest of Canada with his municipal win because our province has a reputation to be more rednecek/right wing than other provinces.

  2. Carol, If I am not mistaken, there are couple of other mosques in the arctic circle. In Reykjavík, Iceland and in Tromsø, Norway.

    In Reykjavík, the city will allow only one mosque (because of not enough muslim population) while the two sects are demanding separate mosques. I understand that one group is sunni and the other one is Amadi; and sunnis consider amadis as non-muslims/kaffirs. The sectarian fight goes on with no end in sight and no mosque yet.

    Aramco World had a good spread about another mosque at the arctic in Tromsø, Norway. One can access it online at:

  3. Rosemary, the documentary is talking about the first mosque in the Canadian Arctic.
    We followed the journey of the little mosque in 2010 and there was much hoopla on TV about getting it there and it’s arrival. Such a great story and I’m happy you posted it Carol. The entire population were thrilled about it – those who were Muslim and those who were not. Canadians are like that. 🙂

  4. Thank you Rosemary for the info. I actually have written a few posts about the mosques and Muslims in Iceland!

  5. Iceland really not as cold as Inuvik, Northwest Territories, where the mosque will be located in the Canadian Arctic. One thing for sure, this mosque is in the coldest part of the Arctic in the Western World.

    come one, I was in the Canadian Arctic on Baffin Island which a bit north of Inuvik and um…1,000km. east of Inuvik. It was land of the midnight sun, dark at 2:00 pm in the afternoon in January. The temp. can go down to -40 degrees C. Inuvik can go that low. Yes, locals used skidoos, less dog sleds. Some pics I took: I was stuck at the tiny airport for 10 hrs. because a snow blizzard blew in at 180 km per hr. The planes could not land. They landed 200 km. south of us.

    Here in Calgary we are 1,000 km. south (or less), in Alberta just 4 months ago we had several days of winter @ -30 to -35 degrees C.

    So the film on shipping on mosque that far north, is special. In Inuvik, Iqualuit (where I was) groceries are incredibly expensive because it comes by ship or floatplane.

  6. Jean,

    Your description of Inuvik reminded me of when I spent time in Fairbanks, Alaska!

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