Saudi Arabia: Tribute to the Saudi Trailblazers

In four days eleven Saudi women will begin their trek to the Mount Everest Base Camp towards raising awareness of breast cancer.  My heart and spirit will be with these women every step of the way.  If my own circumstances were different I would have loved to be the American Cancer Warrior among the group with a Saudi heart.

The initiative of these Saudi women illustrates the power and determination of Saudi women.  Their strong dedication to raise awareness of breast cancer also shines through.

I’d encourage everyone to read a recent article from the Saudi Gazette which talks about these women, their backgrounds and their motivations.

Who knows?  Their initiative may be the start of a new annual international initiative of women from around the world joining in solidarity and climbing Everest towards raising funds, awareness and education about breast cancer.

Stay tuned…I am working on a future blog post where I will update American Bedu readers of my own ongoing battle with cancer.


6 Responses

  1. Very nice!

  2. May they inspire the Saudi women to find their true heights of their own intelligence, bravery, independence, abilities, endurance, autonomy, and worth.

  3. I hope that this would benefit not only the elite women of KSA but the majority of women in the remote areas of the kingdom.

  4. Duly posted on FB 🙂

  5. Saudi women are among the most resilient people on earth. Having grown up in a region of the vast land where survival depended on all able bodies’ (men and women and children) contribution, women were in the forefront in keeping families fed.

    I remember men lying down in the shade while women were telling the earth in scorching environment. Most of the motherland’s women have been living under cancerous conditions for many centuries, yet they not only continue to survive, but determined to beat all odds, including lethal diseases.

    Saudi women are capable, intelligent, survivors and resolute to break the chains of oppression, neglect and relegation to non-citizens status.
    While these ten brave women are doing what most Saudi women can and able of doing, the overwhelming majority of Saudi women are underprivileged, controlled and financially strapped.

    However, no one, especially the theocratic and autocratic sword brandishing men, should continue to assume that Saudi women of today are going to except anything less than their full divine and natural rights.

    Safe trip and long and healthy life.

  6. Nice, wishing these women and all cancer warriors much success and lots of happiness.

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