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“Hijabulous: Seeing the Veil Through the Eyes of American Muslim Women”

Announcing a call for personal stories by American Muslim women and their relationships with the Hijab; these stories will be published in a book in the form of an anthology. This book is an opportunity for Muslim women to give their own narratives regarding Hijab and their relationship to it. For too long others have been speaking for the Muslim women and how they feel or ought to feel, whether they should or should not cover, how liberating or oppressive the hijab is. Share your personal story and let others know first hand how a Muslim woman feels about her own hijab.

Who are you? What brought you to wearing it? What is your process of considering to wear it or no longer wear it? What brought you to taking it off? Why do you choose to wear it with that particular style? What influences (personal, social, political, cultural, pop-culture, and religious) have shaped your understanding of hijab and how it has manifested in your life? How do other’s thoughts and stereotypes affect your relationship? We want you to describe, in detail, creatively your relationship with hijab.

This book will allow women to dispel stereotypes seen in media with our own humorous, dramatic, and engaging voices. Through our pieces, women are able to disable people from painting Muslim women in a monolithic brush. We hope to show the humanness and the complexities and nuanced experiences of the woman who has a relationship with the Hijab.

We are requesting that only American Muslim women who wear Hijab, have previously worn Hijab, or are contemplating wearing it submit for this call. We also request that the writing, although non-fiction, be written in a story format, written creatively and not so much an academic or historical essay.

SUBMISSION RULES: Work submitted must be non-fiction and autobiographical. Author must self-identify as an American Muslim Woman.

WORD COUNT: Word count for submissions must be between 1500 – 4000 words, double-spaced.

DETAILS: Please send your commitment to submit in the body of your email to by June 1, 2012. Please remember to include:
· Name (full name)
· Age
· Location
· Contact information (e-mail address/phone number)
· Background (ethnic/racial and what Islamic sect you identify with)
· Please indicate whether you are a Hijabi, non-Hijabi, contemplating wearing a Hijab, convertible hijabi
Whether Muslim by birth or conversion

DEADLINE: Final story draft due by July 31, 2012. Please attach as a Word document.

CONTACT: For more information please contact Sabeen Shaiq or Sabina Khan-Ibarra at


11 Responses

  1. This is an interesting idea, especially if non Muslim women who dont wear hijab are the primary audience – education, etc-. I’m a little disappointed in the parameters though, I think they miss out on a fuller range of experiences. As an American non-Muslim woman living in Saudi, who was forced to wear a hijab for a few months for work (as well, think of all the celebrities and military women who have done it voluntarily), there are wider perspectives available.

  2. I looove the effort done by this Muslimah. Yes, we should speak for ourselves,for far too long hv we allowed others to speak for us, for them to assume on our choice of covering. I love the effort. Thanks AB for bringing up this topic.

  3. Given the name I doubt they’d be interested in how I stopped wearing it after I discovered hijab is actually a social construct and not a religious requirement. And that history has been “sculpted” to support what men want women to be wearing- only now it’s what Allah wants too!

  4. Sandy, you should give it a try! They say non-hijabis are welcome to share their stories. 🙂

  5. Gosh, i was just thinking or writing that I would think a balance between women who wear hijab and why, and women who do not and why would be more interesting and there’s Sandy writing a good comment on it.

  6. Sandy – I think you should submit your experience and thoughts.

    Anastasia – I think you should also contact them with your experience too.

  7. Hmmm . . . nothing like a little electronic peer pressure!! I’m adding my own here.

    AB maybe you could do an interview of Sandy to get her started. (Anatasha, I don’t know your background so hesitate to pressure you.)

  8. I think it would be great for those American Bedu readers who meet the criteria to submit their stories.

    Now in regards to Sandy…I’d love to interview her if she’d allow me but it would not be about the hijab. Are you game, Sandy?

  9. A published anthology about American hijabis sounds like a great idea. I, for one, would purchase a copy and read it thoroughly. I’m American, Jewish, and male, and I’m a big supporter of those women who choose to ‘cover’. As I’ve commented on other blogs concerning this subject, I think that the wearing of a hijab adds to a woman’s beauty; in addition, it serves as an uncompromising power statement – at least in American society.

  10. Thanks for sharing your view, Schvach.

  11. Salaams Ladies,

    Thank you for your interest in our project, Hijabulous! We are still accepting stories until July 31, 2012. We want stories from anyone who has a relationship with hijab- whether you still wear one or not. As mentioned above we will need some information and you can send that to our email address.

    We are also looking to spread the word about our project.
    We are trying to increase our “likes” on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

    Please help us spread the word.
    Tell your friends about us and have them please follow us on twitter: @hijabulous2012 and like us on facebook:

    Thank you all so much for your support. Please keep us in your prayers!

    Sabina and Sabeen

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