Saudi Arabia: Hello!


The following video is a rebuttal to an unidentified video that someone else had made which I am assuming was very negative about Saudi Arabia.  Although the young man in this video does not identify himself or where he is from, his accent sounds American to me.  You  may notice that he also calls himself “American Badu” (rather than American Bedu)…coincidence or not?

I did enjoy watching the video but I wished it had provided some more background so a first time viewer had a better understanding of his rebuttal.

What would your youtube video say?  Better yet, how about YOU make one and have it posted on American Bedu.


18 Responses

  1. Ok, great surprising a white American defending KSA. except, he doesn’t really base his defense in fact or logic either. I really abhor when people say, if it weren’t for US military intervention in WWII you would be speaking German right now. I really despise people who pretend to argue in truth, whereas they really only just spew out misquotes, half truths and distortion.
    I love (sarcasm) how he goes, one rape in KSA and we hear about it, yeah maybe one REPORTED rape. I hate how people think statistics means everything. . . . rape goes unreported a lot buddy, ok?
    Anyways, I couldn’t even finish watchign this hot mess.

  2. Also, awesome how he assumes Islam was around when they invented alcohol. Um Islam is 620 CE (or so.) And alcohol is thousands of years old. I just wish stupid people would not talk at all.

  3. First, for every rape REPORTED AND DOCUMENTED in the KSA, there are at LEAST 10 unreported, to use US statistics. To use statistics from KSA citizens that I personally KNOW, it’s much higher.
    That said, I DO have to admit, Arabs DO protect their women and children first and foremost. Though one paled when an Egyptian security guard was on a roof and the Saudi yelled at him to get down and stop staring at his family when I replied, *I* would’ve thrown a rock at his head. But, I’m of Sicilian heritage… 😉

    As for English not existing, that is beyond wrong, as the roots of the language exists as long as Arabic has existed. The WRITING system existed in Arabia, but it changed after the westerners adopted it…

    Vanessa, you are an idiot. An ARAB sponsored Persian discovered distillation, hence, Al Kohol, aka alcohol. The very root of the name is Arabic in nature.

    As for the rest and entirety, I could dissect him for breakfast in an honest, 1 on 1 debate. He’d have his points against us, I’d have as many for his “perfect” view of the KSA. In the end, we’d agree to disagree on a FEW points and agree on our mutual failings.
    Or, we’d end up trying to kill each other. As I’m far better at combat things, we’d end up at the former point, with only a few mutual dents and dings. 😉

    But then, I’ve HAD this very debate with “wild Bedouin”, the end result was a handful of cheek kisses and rubbing noses. We wisely agreed on our mutual failings and considered the argument of the other in our conflict areas. Meanwhile, our WIVES talked…
    So much for peace for MEN! 😉

    Oh, later, I learned that the former mentioned man also had a habit of kicking his wife out of HIS kitchen. Interesting, as I routinely do the same here at home.
    When I do, people gain weight. I suspect the same for him.
    But, my recipes are known and well respected on three continents. They’re NOT empirical, but relative. Like onions, put more onions in. Like garlic, put more garlic in. Like , put more of in.

  4. He replied to this video:

    this guy had many videos talking about issues in Saudi arabia, speaking in Arabic and called him self Abu Muta’eb (as king Abdullah). he is famous now in Saudi Arabia (in Blackberry world :D)

    he love our country, I don’t know why 😀

  5. Wzrd1, nice name calling. That’s incredibly mature. And you did indeed misread me, Alcohol predates the existence of Islam, by thousands (?) of years. The person in the video said that Muslims invented alcohol and that is not so. That’s my point.
    Read it again:
    Also, awesome how he assumes Islam was around when they invented alcohol. Um Islam is 620 CE (or so.) And alcohol is thousands of years old. I just wish stupid people would not talk at all.

    See? Now apologize, I don’t deserve to be called an idiot because you did not read something correctly.

  6. Interesting! I’d like to know his background. He certainly seems to love the Saudi king!

  7. Apparently a convert to Islam who recently went to Saudi Arabia and was misinformed on history.

  8. I didn’t wish to imply YOU were an idiot, Vanessa. It’s those who consider alcohol as we know it today (distilled alcohol) as known for thousands of years.
    Indeed, some have made the case that beer “made civilization possible”, due to poor water quality. The same is true with wine. In those times, WHAT was in the beers and wines was unknown, it was only known that large quantities caused intoxication. It wasn’t until around the 13th century that distillation of alcohol became practice, with the distillation came isolation of the chemical.
    When speaking of history, one must consider what was known at the time and the sociological context in which one is considering. Medicine considered bodily “humours” that caused disease when imbalanced. The arch and its construction was a mystery in Europe and a tightly guarded secret. Chemistry wasn’t a science, it was alchemy, complete with attempts to turn lead into gold. Certain foods turned into beer or wine, by unknown means, but techniques were invented over thousands of years to capitalize on the effect and make a better tasting product.
    When one puts a 20th century perspective on a past century, one makes critical errors that prevent understanding of that era.

  9. Look, you said, “Vanessa you’re an idiot” you did not say Vanessa people who think that xyz are idiots. Now apologize, because you were rude, don’t try to finagle.

  10. I have been living in Saudi Arabis for a long time. The criticisms of the original video are accurate. There is a lot of homosexuality in the Kingdom, much of it because of the absurd segregation rules here. Men here are incredibly misogynistic. These people, for the most part are lazy and ignorant. Without oil this country would be nothing, and when the oil runs out they will recede into irrelevance. This country invests in education, but it was mostly wasted on ungrateful student who,do not study. Who are we kidding? We all know it. The Saudis know it. The truth about Saudi Arabia is tough for the locals, butthey are not fooling anyone. Anybody who comes here quickly figures it out.

  11. What would your youtube video say

    I wish I knew how to make a youtube video to post here. In lieu of that, I would humbly submit this:

    Salamun Aleikum American Badu,

    I am quite impressed with you, young man! I am also equally impressed with your vast knowledge of islamic history and koran and hadith. Your parents should be rightfully proud of bringing you up as a devout salafi/wahabi muslim.

    Mashallah! Subhanallah! Jazakallah!

    I learnt a lot from you, American Badu. As an european-american, I wanted to hang my head in shame upon learning that we stole “patented” golden nuggets from islamic golden age and “patented” scientific miracles from koran and hadith. If this is not intellectual property grand theft, what is? I am so ashamed of this that I want the earth to open up and swallow my jaundiced body without leaving a trace, so that I can get my overdue punishment in the grave.

    Then we had the audacity to apply those “patented” stolen miracles/nuggets (w/o even giving credit where it is due) to land a man on the moon, to conquer the seven heavens (including the mega-ocean atop the seventh heaven), win hundreds upon hundreds of nobel prizes in science/medicine/technology, etc etc etc etc. And on top of all that, we had the balls to colonize most of the muslim world the last few centuries to become super rich at their expense!

    Shame on us european-americans!

    And all that despite the fact that europeans were still in the stone age while muslims enjoyed the islamic golden age. How fair is that? I am so proud of muslims and so ashamed of being an european-american.

    American Badu, like they say, life is not fair :)-

    I can’t talk much about saudi “culture” since all I know is from that islamaphobe Pat Condell aka Abu Muta’eb videos. I understand that ksa doesn’t have much of a culture …. what it has is an experiment in social engineering. I understand that many, if not all, women are as free as they can be and live in gilded cages with non-mahrem pakistani drivers at their beck and call. Also that all women are required to dress up in a black tent from head to toe and suffocate, and can’t do much without their mahrem’s approval.

    I was really shocked and pleased, at the same time, to know that there are zero gays/lesbians in saudi. Nor any rapists or witches or sorcerers. Pat Condell aka Abu Muta’eb consistently compares ksa to last century’s south africa as an apartheid nation. I think he is way off mark, being an islamaphobe and all. I think allah created saudi arabia as a gift to mankind with jannat al-firdous in mecca/medina right here on earth.

    Wa Salaam,

    An Ashamed & Spiteful Old Goat

    P.S. Please plant a platonic kiss for me on Emperor Abdullah’s aka Abu Muta’eb’s forehead and cheeks (x-3). He is indeed one emperor who always has clothes on; albeit fancy robes. BTW, don’t pay any attention to this Abu Muta’eb aka Pat Condell guy; he is a useful damn idiot and an effing islamaphobe :)-

  12. Vanessa, I did misspeak. I re-read what I wrote and what I INTENDED to write wasn’t what I ended up writing.
    What I was speaking on was the alcohol notion, which is an old legend of Jabir discovering distillation of alcohol, which was what the young man was alluding to. There is no historical evidence that that DID occur, indeed, distillation was performed on alcohol much later in history, long after Jabir died. Jabir DID accomplish many other discoveries during his life, but history shows he didn’t distill alcohol, but did use distillation of other chemicals.
    So, I DO apologize for the name calling. It was inappropriate and honestly, NOT what my brain was telling my fingers to write. I guess one other Arab gift to the world, courtesy of the Ethiopians who discovered it, didn’t get fully into my system yet. Coffee.
    So, kindly disregard my burst of intra-cranial flatulence and accept my apology.

  13. Okay I am going to do this a little a time as I am again limited on my time.

    Saudi Arabia did not fuel the WWII. The US/Britian did and Saudi had America to thank for finding that oil for them and then building the company for them again.

    Here is very informative website on the matter.

    Next if I am not mistaken Saudi did not even exist until 1928 so to say they have never been in a war is not saying much as 100 years hasn’t even lapsed. However they have been in a number of incidents. I will provide that later.

    Next I will provide the some information on the whole of the invention status for Muslims relating to how once the religion took hold it strangled any invention, critical thinking, and scientific endeavors of the Arabs as well as anyone who they took over. I will do that later as I have no more time.

    I will not do youtube thing on this as I really lack some time. However fo those who want to feel free to use whatever information I stick up to assist you in the highly misinformed apparently recent convert meaning less than three years.

    Hopefully he will re-think his position on putting an endorsement on one of the kingdoms who behead witches and who is currently in a state of inquisition along with other human rights violations.

  14. re alcohol

    Higher primates, such as chimpanzees, will eat rotting fruit to enjoy the “high” from their fermenting juices. It’s therefore pretty safe to assume early Man did, too.

    The process of sugars fermenting into alcohol occurs regularly in nature through contact with airborne yeasts. But alcohol use would not have begun in earnest until the dawn of agriculture. Most sugars are simply not abundant enough in nature to make serious production worthwhile, so we probably began farming before we began brewing.

    Not sure why prophet mohammed banned alcohol.
    In many other ancient creeds, a tipple was the principal means by which worshippers achieved religious ecstasy :)-

  15. Here is part 2 and it is worth watching.

  16. Rosemary, I’ve watched films with MORE than primates indulging upon fermented fruits in Africa. To be honest, the Chimpanzees were hilarious in their drunken state, the Giraffes BEYOND hilarious. The Elephants, quite humorous as well.
    It was a fine lesson in moderation. That said, in THEIR environment, moderation would have lead to starvation.
    Then, there is the tendency toward acceptance for potentially addictive substances, be they opiates or alcohols, of note, in primates.

    Tempering that is my current age and damages from a rather eventful life, to which, opiates become rather desired at times (largely during significant high or low pressure weather environments). But, THAT would be a harmful filter to consider ALL upon.
    Hence, what I’ve suggested quite a few times, consideration of one’s CURRENT in time and place, mental filter to be applied to things NOT of one’s time and place.
    Indeed, tonight, we watched a 14 year old child getting his learners permit to drive, which is BEYOND illegal in MY state, which requires 16 as the age of junior permits.

  17. bigstick, you fail one one point: Saudi vs Arabia.
    The latter being a cultural viewpoint (though, somewhat variable, depending on region).
    As an example, Qatar and Saudi are BOTH Wahabi states. Well, officially. The former won’t let women drive, no pork, no alcohol, no fun, at absurdiem. The latter, licensing pork and alcohol (the former being rather new, but highly planned in operation). Women CAN drive, though my wife REFUSED to drive in that demolition derby that they call highways.
    Saudi REQUIRES an abaya. Qatar, not at all, though my wife adopted the abaya in order to trade at MUCH preferential rates, due to respect of the local custom AND because she wore a bikini under the thing, then dumped the abaya to jump into the pool when we got home.
    WHO was haram in that last paragraph?
    None. Who is at fault? None.
    Who is wrong?
    It’s THEIR nation. If YOU demand to tell THEM how to live, YOU must accept THEIR demand on how to live.
    Consider the Alaskan, who gets a demand to wear a thobe and sandals during winter.
    Consider the Arab, who gets a demand to wear heavy woolen coats all year round.

  18. hahaha… “the King, he lives that lavish life style, ’cause, you know what? he freakin’ deserves it!” LOL

    (sorry, I know my comment has no revelance what so ever, I just thought that was so funny.)

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