Saudi Arabia/USA: What’s Up With American Bedu?

For those who have been following American Bedu for awhile are already aware that I have been battling cancer since 2008.  I’ve taken readers step by step through the highs and lows of my journey.  I shared how my cancer was initially discovered and treated while living in Riyadh with my Saudi husband.  I’ve talked about the loss of my own husband to this dreaded disease.  I’ve written comparisons about distinctions in cancer care between Saudi Arabia and the USA.

For the last few months I have been undergoing a phase I clinical trial particularly because the cancer decided to spread from my bones to the liver. While the clinical trial would have some side effects, I actually had never felt so good and able to so active since my initial treatment.  I felt like I was living a “nearly normal” life again.  I could work out at the local Y, eat the foods I enjoyed without ill effects and had a good head of hair again!

Last week I went to the local hospital to receive scans which would indicate the present status of my cancer.  Feeling so well I was very optimistic that the scans would indicate the cancer had either gone away or that the tumors had shrunk substantially.  Therefore it was quite a shock when I regrouped with my oncologist to learn that in actuality the cancer in the liver had grown and spread substantially.  It had gone from five (cancerous) lesions to more than 40!

As a result I am no longer in the clinical trial.  I am going to see a radiologist oncologist who specializes in treatment of the liver for an assessment to determine if I’d be a suitable candidate.  Then next Monday I regroup with my regular oncologist for the new plan of battle.

I’m okay.  Yes; I had my two day pity party when I learned the initial news.  Since then I’ve regrouped and started researching and gathering information.  I have a list of questions prepared for my oncologist and I am ready mentally, spiritually and physically for this next phase of my own  personal War Against Cancer.




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  1. It saddens me to hear this terrible news, but hopefully you’ll make it through this and eventually beat this. I sincerely hope the best for you.

  2. Carol:

    There are no words that I can provide to help. However I will keep hoping, heck I will even pray for you. Unfortunately, it is all I can offer. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    Bigstick 😦

  3. Oh, Carol. Very hard. It’s courageous you’ve kept blogging so positively too! Take time to regroup your strength and to rest from time to time. We’re still here to read your stuff!

    (My father’s cancer has spread, but I think he’s in denial abit. Which actually means he is still cheerful. I plan to visit my folks …a couple thousand km. away. Canada is a vast country.)

  4. Are you aware of how anti-inflammatory medicine can strengthen your immune system to battle the cancer and help reverse it?

  5. and more information about anti-inflammatory nutrition (not medicine, sorry about that) and cancer:

    For more details, the latest book by Dr. Barry Sears [ ] is recommended reading:

    Allah ya selmik.

  6. Zone Physicians in America:

  7. I love your attitude! Keep fighting! 🙂

  8. As my father used to tell me, “God has a plan.” Keep up that positive attitude dearest Carol. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  9. Thank you ALL for the comments of support and encouragement.

  10. The attitude you have shown is inspiring. Please update us with the improvement.

  11. Thinking of you from Khobar.

  12. You are AMAZING! Godspeed, Carol, Godspeed.

  13. another resource for you to eat your way back to health!, insha’Allah:

    A Doctor’s Kitchen by Dr. Deborah Chud:

  14. You will be in my prayers. And please keep us aprised of your treatment and wellness. Best wishes. Gwendolyn

  15. May God give you fast recovery, inshaAllah. You do hv such strong patience,just stay optimistic bcoz as God said,there is a cure for every illness except death.

  16. Keep fighting Bedu, we are all rooting for you. Inshallah you will pull through.

  17. Don’t give up Miss Carol! What pity party? Most of us wouldn’t keep a blog had we been in your shoes.

  18. @Miss caroll
    May Allah give you fast recovery. You will be in my prayers always. Keep us uprised of your treatment

  19. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Carol. Don’t give up!

  20. Carol, Since it is in your liver and Avastin was working can you go back on the drug even if it seems not to work for breast cancer. What about Cancer Treatment Centers who knows they may have something there. I know how hard it is to keep positive but you will. I do know how you feel Carol and I wish you the best. Good news is coming. Dolores

  21. Love the picture Carol. Warrior always because this is a war against this horrid disease .

  22. Keep positive carol, enjoy and have fun, Leave the worrying to your doctors, you will come thru fine, Me and F send our best wised and lots of love and any and all help you need .

  23. Ahhhh #@$#@! Bedu. I am so very sorry to hear this.

    Okay deep collective breath. Please keep fighting,

  24. Carol, May The Supreme Architect Of The Universe Bless You With Good Health & Long Life! Please keep the HOPE alive ….

  25. Dear Carol, may you recover fast! Please keep fighting!

  26. As Deepak Chopra would say “believe the diagnosis but don’t believe the prognosis”. I guess he means that where there is determination there is life. Sorry to hear of this latest battle, Carol.

  27. I don’t think it’s a pitty party when you have such genuinely bad news. I am glad though- that you’ve been feeling good. And I must say I admire your atittude and approach so much. I wouldn’t be able to do it- you are an example to us all. I hope all your future consults go well and you can put together a program of treatment which will bring true and lasting results.

  28. Sandy took the thoughts right out of my head. Thank you for bringing us all together through your blog. It really feels like a communtiy on American Bedu.

  29. لابئس.. طهور انشاالله

  30. I have so admired your ability to remain so very positive throughout these steps in life none of us are prepared for. My best wishes to you during this courageous battle against this invasive and insidious disease. If Lance Armstrong can do it, so can you! God Bless!

  31. I’ve been reading your articles for more than a two years now. Though this comment won’t have many words but my sincerest empathies and wishes for your well being can’t be conveyed in volumes of books.

    – Talal Deliyum

  32. You are an amazing woman, Carol! I am wishing for you all the strength to fight this battle…and you are going to overcome this, God willing. Keep positive, keep smiling and keep on living! You have a wonderful outlook on life and a great attitude. It is an honor to know you through your blog.

  33. God has given you a heavy burden, I don’t know how you find the strength to go on the battle just seems to continue. Sending prayers for your health.

  34. Carol, these comments are great. I often come on your blog just to read what others have said. Your blog is powerful!

  35. I have enjoyed your blog for years now and always find myself referring people to it (who are moving or thinking of moving to KSA). You have prayers coming from all corners of the world!!!

  36. shukran aleki, Fatima. That means a lot to me.

    I’m still under going some consultations for next steps/options and will have another update forthcoming soon.

  37. I truly admire your courage, and not giving up!!!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  38. Thank you, Bri!

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