Saudi Arabia: It’s Okay to be a Girl!


There are many world wide who talk about the women of Saudi Arabia saying they are oppressed and have no freedom.  There are also women both in and outside of Saudi Arabia who are pleased and satisfied with their life.  They feel cherished, loved and protected.

It’s not the responsibility of non-Saudis to apply pressure to Saudi women that they should change.  If Saudi women want some aspects of their life and culture changed, then THEY need to be the ones to initiate the change.

At least it IS okay to be a girl in Saudi Arabia.  Other places have it much much worse…


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  1. Oh, I saw this yesterday. Incredibly sad. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be born into a family who loves me even if I am a dang girl!

  2. I’d just love to see people who assume Saudi women have it so bad, to focus their so called humanitarium concerns on nations like this.

    BigStick, Aafke, and others who can’t stand they way Saudi women supposedly have it, Where are you for these nations? China and India need you, don’t they?

  3. “If Saudi women want some aspects of their life and culture changed, then THEY need to be the ones to initiate the change.”

    Agree, but one has to have a choice to live his or her life they way a person sees fit. Do Saudi women have choices or can they change their lifestyles, jobs, residential locations and travel arrangements among other things, without inuring endless humiliation, accusation and more isolation?

    The international community has a practical interest, not love, in the empowerment of Saudi women because that will lead to the weakening of the root causes of their subjugation: The imposition of autocratic and theocratic men’s policies of divide and conquer in the name of god, tradition and contrived purity.

    If it were not for global exposure of the institutionalized marginalization of Saudi women, things would remain the same. We have been asking Saudi and non-Saudi enlightened and visionary people to help us hire a full time woman to highlight the work of and rally global support for the courageous Saudi women and their noble agenda. Any taker?

  4. […] mad props to fellow blogger American Bedu for bringing attention to this […]

  5. Every place has issues, but all i cansay is
    ” don’t look at asomeone in a worse situationt han you are and say you are better off, look at someone in a much much better position than you are and see how far you ahve to go to catch up”

    Women should betreated the same as men since they are also human. nothing more nothing less and till we as a human race change we lead poor lives.

  6. Thanks and YES!!! I have my college degree and yet I became a stay at home mom. Hang on, I’m not one of those ‘you should all do it’ moms, I knew this was for me to do. I raised my kids, cared for family and others, and love it. My daughter married after she graduated with her bachelors in ’08, after her last semester in Egypt. Then she had her first child last this past May, and started medical school in August, while carrying a breast pump like standard medical school equipment. She juggles all this new stuff with grace, some crazy scheduling with her husband who has his own full time career, and yes-some tears, and mostly looking to God each step. She has more than a full plate. People ask her, though she didn’t ever have to ask me, how I feel about her not staying at home like I did….well, she knew my love for her was unconditional, she knew also…. to do what I taught her first and foremost….find out and follow the plan God has for you personally. He wants us all up to succeed, we just need to listen to Him for our individual life direction.
    So, yes, yes, YES!!!!…..Women all over this world can be loving their life, if they want different then they should seek out the way and go for it, and we should then embrace and assist them in their endeavors to achieve their dreams. We need to first make sure what their dream is, not force our own on them.

  7. I have seen many documentaries about women situation, and there is one I saw recently that was disturbing, and the abuser have not and will not be accountable.

    It seems that the practice shown in the video is common in the southern ares of the US. I just feel sorry for the kids who grow up there.

  8. SAL

    Yes, they do. However this site is about Saudi not China, India, Syria, Egypt, etc.

    Believe me I have blogged on those countries, Africa, several other countries and of course the USA as well.

    Just because Saudi women have it better than some they have it worse by far than most. Again, I remember talking with a woman who stated she would rather live in Sudan than in Saudi. She had lived in both places but felt happier and freer in Sudan even if it was a poorer country.

  9. Oh my God, i ve just watched this n its absolutely horrifying to see these ‘parents’ talking about murdering their own daughters.what’s wrong with these people!!??!

  10. Should outsiders pressure Saudi Arabia? Perhaps not. Outsiders should acknowledge that conditions within Saudi Arabia are far better than in some other Muslim countries. Still that doesn’t mean conditions are good. I am sure many women are satified with their lives.

    Conditions in Saudi Arabia are ridiculous for women, educated adult women cannot drive, there is no public transportation system. For wealthier families this is an incredible waste of money (money that gets set to foreign countries since most drivers are foreigners). For less wealthy families it is an inconvenience (just remember your own lives before you could drive), it must strain relationships between women and the men in their lives.

    One thing that must be mentioned is how these laws effect women who work in the country. Saudi Arabia imports many thousands of servants from other countries the restrictions on women are even more difficult for those workers who have no family members to rely on.

  11. Baby steps to improvement for women in KSA?

  12. I think Saudi Arabia is only one step removed from committing gendercide, and probably one of the reasons they haven’t sunken so low yet is the wish among some to have more than one wife, or a pedophile ”marriage to an immature child.

    China is already getting into trouble because there are so many more men than women and India will get there soon. Suddenly the value of girls will skyrocket, once people realize there is only one woman to thousands of men in the population.

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