Saudi Arabia/World: Marriage? Whatcha Think?


This illustration presents the top 8 ways to be traditionally married according to the Bible.


Agree or disagree?


33 Responses

  1. I disagree with it albeit it is a satire ….

    Oh let’s forget about all of that what is depicted. It’s all Old Testament stuff (junk science) and nobody except the jews and fundamental christians pays any attention to it since Jesus came along with his “New Covenant” deal.

    Whoever authored this satire really need to catch up with the end of times :)- Here is much better visualization of “traditional marriage to everyone else” …..

  2. Do you mean agree/disagree in that this is what the Bible presents? Or agree/disagree in that there is no way I’d ever put up with something like this for myself?

  3. Is this for real? Is this a joke?

    I have been a practicing catholic for thirtysomething years and never heard of such stuff. Hope this is just a joke :)-

  4. I don’t think it is a joke or it is unreal. I just couldn’t believe that Hallmark has actually wedding cards for bible-based marriages; under the category “Congrats on your forced engagement!” :)-

    Here are just a couple of examples:

    I’m sure that it was quite a blow
    When hubby passed away,
    Without a child or two, you know,
    To help you grieve that day.

    How lucky, then, that our Good Book
    Has just the thing for you:
    Another man for whom you’ll cook
    And clean and sew and screw.

    I know that you still miss your beau;
    That’s why you need another.
    And lucky you — what do you know!
    This next one is his brother!


    We wish you happy wedding bliss
    With your new lovely wife
    And the new oxen, kine and sheep
    She’s adding to your life.

    Although your other seven wives
    May feel a little jealous,
    It proves their man’s a richer bloke
    Than all the other fellows.

  5. Rosemary – that video was entertaining to say the least!

  6. In the ‘old days’ and even now in some areas there was/is a logical reason for a man to marry his deceased brother’s wife. It may be the only way she’ll get food and shelter. Apart from that it’s sad that people believe what is in the religious fictional books of history.

    My definition of a marriage is between two people who love each other and want to remain together and have the full legal aspects of legitimate spouses.

  7. Boy oh boy, that Old Testament. I actually never read past the first 6 books of the Old Testament too violent and generally horrible; however I do like it as a reality check when I start to think the world is falling apart. On these occasions, a bit of reading makes me realize the world has always been a mess, people struggle and suffer, and power, sex and money cause problems.

  8. Look around; the world is violent. Carol, thank you so much for posting this! How delightful. I have often thought, “what would I do if.(for instance, I had lived in the 14th century).” Thank God for the era He put me in!

  9. I agree with your perspective, Julia!

  10. Christians, these are some of the biblical marriages mentioned in the bible. I keep being amazed at religious people who never have really read their holy books.

    Well I suppose that’s why they are still religious. Because if you take a serious rational look at the magic books of any religion you’ll end up atheist.

    In this video, America’s Best Christian, explains Bible Based Marriage:

  11. If you saw how atheist lived qnd think,you ll end up being religious.

  12. Mrs. B:

    I believe I am an atheist? Aafke you are an atheist right?

    Do tell us atheist how we live, think and act that would throw us back to being religious.

    Please fill me in on the stuff that apparently a long term married with children atheist should act as I have missed out on something.

  13. Not on your life, Mrs. B. Not on your life.

  14. Bstick i suppose making sweeping generalization is exclusively for atheists only,just as how u assumed muslims live their lives killing,throwing acid,lynching etc.

    Wendy,not on your life,shall the religious all denounce their religion simply because some hardcore atheists wrote a book,not on your life.

  15. Mrs. B:

    No, however I dont’ need sweeping generalizations. I just turn on the news and then I read the religious hate text that provide evidence for Godly sanctioned slavery, mass murder, harams, deception, pedophilla, homophobia, imprisonment, etc.

    After all Mohammad was known to kill people and rape women even his 17 yoa wife of course let us not forget about thighing a 6yoa or less and give it to her at the age of 9 years old. Then there is the woman who was gutted for mocking him but hey that is okay or the elderly woman who was torn apart and the list continues. Just an upstanding moral day and life of a prophet. Oh, I can feel the blood lust.

  16. Taking history lesson fro u is probably the last thing i ll do after qll,u dont believe the prophet Muhammad existed.but I’m curiou on why u still talk about him since u dont believe he existed.n kindly gv historical evidence on the terrible accusations you gv to prophet Muhammad saw.

  17. Also i just need to read news n learn history to see the great injustice done by atheists,before n present. Would u like me to name tyem?

  18. Mrs. B:

    Oh why not after all you keep clumping in political ideology with atheism. As you fail to be able to understand the different concepts.

    Next your right I don’t believe in the fairy tale but if people are going to believe in the textual made up person then I will use their made up stance against them since it is a written book on the character of a made up mass murdering, rapist, lying, robbing, thieving, slavery inducing, torturer to which people follow but fail to see all this.

    It is like when people idolizes Jessie James however he was a murder. Same difference except one existed and the other not so much.

    Of course we still have people following Hitler as a saint or a person of great character. Again at least he was real the other still not so much.

    In hundred years maybe there will be a whole new person to worship: Harry Potter anyone.

  19. Most atheists I know are great people, sticking to the truth as they see it. Most also remain open to new possibilities and acknowledge that they are not entirely omniscient, and are respectful to those who think differently to themselves.

    Dawkins, however, often seems to have only contempt for the majority of human kind who, unlike him, do believe in the spiritual. His selective campaigning about political issues makes me wonder: is he really an objective seeker of truth, or is he someone who just hates and wants to undermine Judaeo-Christian principles?

    Dawkins has many times tried to say that Einstein was not spiritual in the way most people understand it. Yet Einstein said this:

    “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”

    Here is perhaps the most important scientist of all time, with an incredibly profound mind, but with the humility to acknowledge how feeble and frail the human mind really is. Our universe is far from explained and the more our scientific knowledge increases, the more mysterious our reality seems to be. It is untrue to say that the settled explanation of our universe is that it is a meaningless accident that functions solely on mechanistic principles.

    Richard Dawkins has become a sort of Messiah for some atheists. He is an evolutionary biologist. I’m not sure why he feels that expertise in such an arcane field gives him authority to pronounce on spiritual questions. But, if biologists hold the keys to heaven, people may wish to consider the thoughts of Nobel Prize winning microbiologist Werner Arber, or eminent geneticist, Francis S. Collins, who led the Human Genome Project. Both are believers in God, and both find evidence for the divine in science itself. The debate about the reality of the spiritual is fascinating and is of profound importance to human kind, but Dawkins increasingly only brings to it noise and hatred.

    Dawkins is right to be angry about the awful cover up of child abuse in the Catholic Church, but he seems to have a tendency himself to be very selective in the issues he shouts about, and those he remains silent about. In that sense, he can be seen to hush up the many horrendous crimes committed by atheist ideologues in the 20th century.

    Many earlier atheistic ideologies despised Jewish and Christian thinking, and were often obsessed by natural selection. The Nazi ideology, for example, was inspired in part by philosophers like Nietzsche who proclaimed that “God is dead” and that Christian morality was a “slave morality”, not befitting an “uebermench”. Atheistic communism, as manifested in the Soviet Union, hated religion, “the opium of the masses” and it brought about the murder of millions more in Gulags and purges.

    As recently as 1979, the Cambodian genocide killed 1.7 million people. These were murdered by communist atheists. War crimes tribunals are now being set up in Phnomh Penh. The Tibetan people continue to be persecuted by an atheistic tyranny. It is perfectly reasonable to be critical of the many bad things done in the name of religion, but I don’t see Dawkins loudly decrying the actions of atheists in Cambodia or Tibet. Why? Because his preference appears to be to emphasise religiously motivated barbarism over the many wrongs prompted by some atheistic ideologies.

    Many now see Dawkins as something of a narrow-minded fundamentalist himself, increasingly redolent of a man with no sense of smell going around shrieking to everyone that their sense of smell is a delusion.

    Perhaps Dawkins imagines that by promoting his grim personal philosophy as the ultimate truth, and by viciously attacking ancient moral systems upon which Western Civilization is founded, he will bring about some sort of atheist utopia. He seeks to magnify wrongs done by religions, and to breeze over the immense horrors brought about by some atheist belief systems. Yet we have seen what atheist utopias can look like.

    Atheism is not new: the ancient Greeks knew it well, and in the 1600s Bacon said “a little philosophy inclineth a man’s mind to atheism, But depth in philosophy bringeth men’s mind about to religion.” What is new about atheism’s current incarnation is its increasing virulence and disrespect for other ways of thinking.

    i ll gv the answer about my earlier comment later. But for now,enjoy the link i provided.

  20. you keep clumping in political ideology with atheism..the usual mantra of many atheists. I say,when the political ideology is based on the need to eradicate religion as the opium of the masses and that religion is evil,thats atheism for you.

  21. Mrs. B:

    I like how you lifted this information from the article. I could have easily read it and it is garbage. In addition we have covered the entire saga of nazism and its ties to christianity. Obviously you are not going to get the concept of atheism and political ideology.

    So back to the marriage portion and how morally immoral religious marriages are as they are for harams both on the earth as well as in the sky. God is limited to his thoughts of controlling vaginas to ensure that a sanction one penis visits the many lawfully taken, enslaved, and at times the unwilling vagina.

    God who is obsessed with sex and how to control it. The jealous and fearful one.

  22. My day:

    06.00 I get up, go to the loo, put my Atheist uniform on, make-up earrings, contact lenses,

    07.00 I have breakfast, usually a kitten. Walk my dog, also an atheist, who will get her own breakfast (also a kitten)

    08.00 I start work, at the moment I am illustrating the atheist manifesto: recipes for preparing kittens for breakfast, quotes of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, and a list of silly arguments by religionists and how to refute them, How to live an immoral life, while not following one of the popular immoral magic books. (takes a bit of imagination)

    12.00 Lunch, salad with grilled baby, and visit the gym (to be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse followed by Atheist World Domination)

    14.00 Welcoming visiting Mormons and Jehova’s witnesses and debunk their arguments

    15.00 read one of the Good Books, ”God is not Great” Christopher Hitchens, ”Letters to a Christian Nation” Sam Harris, ”The God Delusion” Richard Dawkins, ”The God who hates” Wafa Sultan, etc.
    A bit of internet surfing, explaining religionists where they get it it wrong.

    17.00 Make dinner in my evil witches cauldron, boil up babies for a nourishing soup

    19.00 to 22.00 fun time: walk around naked on the street, pop by one of the many atheist orgies which are organized every week, or try to catch more kittens for breakfast, or harass religionists by knocking on their door and trying to convince them to become atheists. leaving behind an empty piece of paper to explain what atheists believe.

    23.00 put the kittens in the fridge, shower and go to bed after a day well spent

  23. Mrs Bawazir, to be qualified to discuss religions you need a well developed, intelligent informed mind. Why shouldn’t an intelligent scientist who is well read in religious scriptures discuss religions?
    After all, you yourself used another scientist to bolster your own opinion of religion.

    You cannot come here, name drop a scientist and one small quote to bolster your own argument, and then dismiss the well thought out, well argued book of another scientist because he is ”merely a scientist and not competent to discuss religion”.

  24. Aafke,i ve said it before n i ll say it again, i actually dont care what ppl choose to believe.but it bugs me when my choice is judged n insulted. I realize The most judgemental n intolerant are surprisingly atheists here. U ppl keep imposing your version of “truth”.to me,its no more truthful than santa claus.i m simply playing the same blame game tht atheists love to do.although i prefer hving conversations based on commonalities.

  25. Actually I was only pointing out the hypocritical, in claiming a scientist fro your cause when he made a comment which supports you, and in the next sentence dismissing another scientist who wrote a well written book because he debunks your cause.

    In my personal opinion I think this incapabillity of logic thinking is one of the attributes which opens somebody for becoming religious.

    Now maybe having that pointed out to you hurts a bit, but it is no valid reason for feeling ”insulted”.
    Actually I am getting a bit tired of religionists being insulted at very turn. It’s a non sequitur, a way to get out of personal responsibility of gullibility and supporting immoral religions.

    It is part of the bullying tactics of the religious.

    So is pointing out the ”crimes of atheism” again we have been over the fact that Hitler claimed to be a catholic and enjoyed the full support of the pope and the catholic church, Putin today is using the orthodox church to support him.

    A-theist means a person who is not convinced there are gods hanging invisibly around in the sky. That is all. In essence it has nothing to do with morality. A-theists can be good or bad. But it is not an ideology/dogma, so you really cannot blame A-theism for anything. An A-theist has nothing to back him up if he commits a crime, unlike a theist, who can always point to his respective magic book which advocates genocide, genital mutilation of children, rape, enslavement etc.

    Our (and I mean everybody’s) morality has nothing to do with believing in a magic book or not. Your morality has nothing to do with Islam.
    You have written enough here to give me the impression that you are a very nice, ”good” human being. Your morality is much more advanced than the morality of your own holy books, and I bet you do a lot of cherry-picking and intellectual acrobatics to bend your prophet, his actions, and his magic books to fit your far superior sense of morality.

  26. Mrs. B

    I failed to address where I get the terrible accusations on the prophet.

    That would be the hadith and known history of muhammad, it pretty much tells the thinking the true nature of the prophet and it fits what I have stated.

    I am amazed by how people can readily dismiss his actions.

  27. Concerning the history of my prophet,i suggest u start by reading this bcoz u sound rather like Mr Wilders.

  28. Mrs. B:

    Read it. It is worthless. I have also read the hadith and sira. It just doesn’t bode well for muhammad.

  29. Please take the discussions which do not relate to the post topic to the debate page.

    -American Bedu

  30. The video is about hiding women from view, this is made out to be a religious requirement. Religion is used to make up this neurotic concept of hiding women from view, restricting them, dulling their senses, wiping out their personality, their voice and their face denying them sun and fresh air on their skin, and the health resulting from dressing in a normal manner.
    Religion is at the root of this evil, religion is used to perpetuate this evil, it is claimed Mohammed desired/ordered this evil. using his newly invented religion
    How do I feel about this? It is nauseating, offending, and insulting, and we are still perfectly on topic.

    And veiling women was originally a cultural habit of elite Jewish women. If Muslim women veil they are imitating the Kuffaar.

    And talking about culture: I am from a country with a long history and deeply rooted culture, and to us hiding your face is synonymous with dishonor, deceit and un-trustfulness.
    Figures of speech like: ”wearing the visor down” (as in medieval knights) or ”wearing the mask”, mean that somebody is deceitful, dishonest, untrustworthy.
    This may have something to do with the repulsion felt when seeing women in a shroud. But most of all it is a symbol of oppression and the loss of women’s rights.

    Again, there is no country/culture/religion which does not suppress women and denies women human rights. They are irrevocably linked, and a clear sign of oppression of women.

  31. Mrs Bawazir, You said you don’t care what other people believe or not believe, that is a commendable stance, but you are in the minority, the majority of religious people care very much what other people believe or not believe, and are happy to use any kind of force and violence to push their believes onto other people. because religionists will not leave other people in peace, will not allow them to live their lives according to their own ideas we need to fight religion.

    The hiding of women under layers of fabric is a very good example of this tendency towards oppression of freedom. In areas where the religious are in the majority they immediately start to force all women to cover. In Saudi Arabia all women are forced to wear the abaya.
    Jewish orthodox men go out of their way to waylay little girls going to school and spit on them for not being covered enough. This is happening all over the world.
    One commentator here at bedu said she could not wait for sharia to be worldwide, for us to be forced, by violence, into not drinking alcohol and us women to be covered in a fabric prison.
    And at the same time we women would loose our human rights.

    It is this willingness of the religious to use force and violence, even murder to impose their silly religious ideas based on imaginary gods, to take away our freedom and rights, which forces us to stand up and fight this evil.
    Islam is the last religion to respect other people’s religion, believes, and women’s rights and freedom, and wherever it gains the upper hand it makes it abundantly clear.
    And there’s nothing a few reasonable, nice, friendly Muslims like you can do about it.
    Or will do about it.
    One never sees Muslims standing up and complaining about the excesses of the Islamic faith, and the Islamic extremist, they may think differently, but they are all enablers and supporters of the fundamentalist, crazy minority.

    Seeing women hidden under fabric makes me sick, and makes it only clearer to me that we need to stop being so very tolerant. We need to stop giving respect to religions until it is earned. hiding women away does not deserve respect, it deserves our utmost disdain.

    And from the scientific point of view it is very unhealthy, vitamin D deficiency and all the diseases it causes, rickets in babies, what is god thinking?

    And yes, God is as made up as Santaclaus, and a lot less nice.

  32. That’s from the old testament. How does that even have relevance or comparison with the middle east?

    The old testament is only there to demonstrate the historical condition of the region pre-Jesus and the new testament demonstrates the changes and improvements that took place post-Jesus. Christians don’t abide by the old Testament. Neither do the Christian religion interfere into state affairs (thank god!) and the legal system.

  33. HMTCD, I don’t know where the old testament comes in, but if you read both the Bible and the Quran you will find out that the Quran is largely plagiarized from the bible. And the Bible is of course plagiarized from the Thorah.
    It’s the same book in essence. This book is the main cause for hatred in the world, and the subjugation of women as chattel. And as they are all three the same book, they all three command women to cover themselves as part of that subjugation.
    And that is why this video is sickening to any right minded human being.

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