Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Breaking News – Demonstration at Sahara Mall


A few hours ago a demonstration took place inside of the Sahara Mall in Riyadh. The protestors were demanding the release of political prisoners.  These prisoners are individuals who have been held in prison without formal charges and without  a trial.

The majority of the protestors are related to the political prisoners.

Police have now surrounded Sahara Mall and there is concern that the protestors may find themselves apprehended and taken off to jail.

Here are videos which were taken by individuals in the mall during the presentation:



Has the Arab Spring now turned into Riyadh’s Arab Summer?


21 Responses

  1. It was expected.

  2. Saudis finally showing some guts??!!

  3. Its so sad they have to go these extents as no one listens no one cares they are humans they have rights

  4. A few hours ago? What time was this posted?

  5. I believe I posted around 3pm EST Wednesday (today). I keep my computer set to Saudi time so that is a best guestimate.

    Saudi Jeans has also reported about this protest on his blog too.

  6. Hope Arab Spring has now turned into Saudi Summer! Also, hope that it spreads like wildfire throughout the kingdom.

    Reminds me of the 80’s bestseller song: We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel

    We didn’t start the fire
    It was always burning
    Since the world’s been turning
    We didn’t start the fire
    No we didn’t light it
    But we tried to fight it

  7. Abe and Carol, ONE demonstration in ONE mall, by a rather smallish group does not make ANY Arab season, other than winter.
    ALL of the “Arab Spring” groups stared as small, but RAPIDLY escalated in numbers, of which are not currently present.
    THEN, consider the ENTIRE marble prison FILLED with such “suspects” that caught fire, a few years back…
    THEN, consider that one way helicopter trip to the empty quarter…
    Sorry, folks. It’s currently remaining a flash in the pan. Great flash, no projectile.
    But, hope remains eternal!

  8. A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step!!!

  9. Not holding out too much hope for an arab summer for Saudi, they don’t appear to want it bad enough and like their cages, manmade religion, along with discriminatory destructive hate philosophies otherwise they would have not tolerated many of the outlandish things and stupidity that they have to endure such as statements of loss of virginity due to driving. They seem to think outsiders will help them and they can sit back and let someone else fight their battles. It is the same that expats for the most part do the work and they are left not having to actually do much.

  10. This demonstration illustrates actions planned and taken by Saudis without any external help or expectations.

  11. Finally…it’s about time.

  12. AB:

    It isn’t much it a small mall protest not much and not impressive. If they take some real initiative I will be surprised as they are currently being held at bay by royal handouts. In fact I think in the US and across the world there are more impressive stances on flash mobs.

  13. @Bigstick, we will agree to not see this issue eye-to-eye. You have not lived in Saudi Arabia. Although I will say that yes, flash mobs, have been bigger but those folks were also not taking the risk of persecution.

  14. AB:

    This is true I have never lived in Saudi but I remember not too long ago 20 plus years when women took to driving and look at where they are today. A protest that lead to not much but more of the same if not even stricter. Then they persecuted the women by firing them, humilating them, imprisioning them, etc.

    I don;t see much happen for a least another 10 years or so in the form of real changes/protests/revolutions. That is about the time this next generation will be up and going at full strength and tired of it and more westernized (in the terms of questioning authority when human violations and dignity exists) .

    However I will not diminish the bravery nor the efforts it took to gather this small force as they know that they will problem be put in prison for the effort.

    So yes we will agree to disagree as I do not see much coming out of this other than more persecution and restrictions sanctioned by a pay off from the royal family to some of the more unhappy factions.

  15. Bigstick, consider Tunisia, where it all escalated, but didn’t QUITE start at.
    ONE person or a small group CAN occasionally move the nation.
    Or you utterly reject the ENTIRE history of our OWN nation! Where, a mere 0.5% rejected the British Empire!
    Do I consider the same as a potential for Saudi, not quite yet.
    Not ENOUGH of the populace is dissatisfied to accomplish significant change, not that THAT change would meet your espoused wishes or any other westerner’s…

    Carol, you do, regrettably, move toward bias view, not reality. As you were an analyst, I expect better, even WITH your illness. I suspect your love of your husband colors your view a bit in the blinder fashion. Not to be cruel, but to be honest. Your WISH is not reality’s DEMAND.
    Or to be blunt, wish in one hand, shit in the other, we ALL know which hand will get filled first.
    People are people. They’ll go with what was working until it is an extreme burden, then seek the alternate.
    Saudi isn’t currently burdened enough to seek that alternate, though they’re getting close.
    Thanks to EDUCATION.

  16. Wzrd1:

    Yes it is true that other places had a catalyst but the enviroment was ripe for change in those cases. Not so much at this point with
    Saudi. In addition, the people in both times and places did more for themselves and expect more for themselves than do the current crop of Saudis.

    My opinion of course. Remember I am not assessing another country only Saudi. So please don’t bring up past events of different environments as we all know that they exist when a small number made a difference. It will be a while before this becomes a reality in Saudi they just don’t want it bad enough, they are spoiled and they still believe in superstitution such as witches (still hang em even).

  17. Honest Abe

    This is excellent Demo; This is all singing and dancing video showing the world around us is changing. Changes will be there; better or worse is another matter.

    In today’s world you cannot compare Japan, Russia, China, USA, Europe Canada, Australia Brazil …. etc with what they use to be 50 years ago.

    Change seemed to be inevitable however, a gradual change and slow transition model (like China) is non destructive but the sudden change like Egypt may have teething problems. A good understanding of the subject matter seemed to be crucial too.

  18. This is a big step – am very happy and proud they are speaking up for their values … and hope all protesters and their families remain well.

  19. this is great news. all revolutions start with small sparks and then are continuously stoked to make mega bonfires.

    from what i have read here and elsewhere, looks like clerics control the kingdom. king is just happy to be a nominal kinghead as long he and his 10,000 princes/princesses get their lavish monthly paychecks with most of them living in morocco, italy, uk, usa, etc.

    how many times have we heard the king issuing royal decrees to allow women to drive, to vote, to go to olympics etc only to be forced by the clerics to take it all back. i can well understand saudi frustrations with promises made promises broken.

    good luck and blessings to all the saudis!

  20. Every avalanche starts with that one ‘extra’ snowflake that takes it over the edge. If these folks can start the ball rolling in Riyadh, never mind Saudi, well that’s something I’ve been waiting 12 years to see!!

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