Saudi Arabia: Waiting for the Cartoons



Saudi Arabian Television Channel 2 is the English language channel.  It is also the same network for which I worked during my time in Saudi Arabia.  Like any network it is reminiscent to look back at earlier times and see the progress which has been made.


I remember when I was in Switzerland in the mid-80’s and at that time, spoke neither French or German.  I was trying to fight jet-lag and turned on the tv in the pension to keep me awake.  Little did I know it would try to put me sound asleep instead.


The only program that aired in the English language was all about the processing of cheese!  Yes; this was before the times of satellite tv and the large selection of channels.


Therefore, it is with fondness and memories of some of the shows and their lingos I have watched the various years of being abroad.


This youtube video has a young man re-composing the jingle which would be played repeatedly about 20 years ago while children and bored expatriates would wait for cartoon time on Saudi Channel 2.



2 Responses

  1. I remember those days sitting in my husband’s relative’s home bored and desperate to watch English TV ahhh those were the days….of watching reruns of Lassie , documentaries,and other censored programs from the 60s and 70s, and that was in 1984! Only other option was, Saudi Arabic channel 1 🙂
    Hearing that tune brings back memories!

  2. LOOOL that’s Omz, Half sudanese, half Irish…calls himself the white sudanese XD He’s a good comedian!

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