Saudi Arabia: Update on the Women Skills Bureau

For an expat woman in Riyadh, the Women Skills Bureau may be her best “all inclusive” resource right at her fingertips.  The WSB was established specifically for expat women and to make their transition to the Kingdom an easier experience.

The WSB is where an expat woman can go to find out about local jobs, services available and to market her own talents.  The WSB is also a good reference for “What’s On” and happening in Riyadh.

You can find their latest newsletter here.


One Response

  1. I remember some fine art expositions in Kuwait and Qatar.
    The “current” object of interest for most was Iraqui art, of which, to be blunt in Western terms, resembled a fifth grader’s work in the West.
    My wife declined such services that are now available in the KSA, preferring a more grass roots approach.
    Her art, freely given to those who gave superlative services to us, was gifted to multiple royal family members, upon admiration.
    For others, their mileage would vary greatly.
    Most would benefit by the agency. A few would not, such as my wife, as HER works take quite literally, MONTHS to come to fruit.
    However, or recipes are free to the requester. The requester only need comprehend that PERSONAL PREFERENCE IN TASTE is of import, as we have ZERO empirical recipes, we guide upon TO TASTE. 🙂
    Of course, we DO require a recipe, upon OUR terms above, for an exchange recipe/ 🙂
    But, that isn’t germane to the article. Only a SECOND alternative for someone seeking revenue.

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