Saudi Arabia: Typical Living While in America

This is the home we had while we were in the USA in Broadlands, Virginia

Many Bedu readers over the years have asked me what kind of life Abdullah and I had while we were living in the United States.  I must begin by saying it was a comfortable life and also an active life.

Abdullah in Annapolis exploring one of the ships open to public tours

Both of us always enjoyed exploring and socializing.  It was not unusual for us to take a weekend and go off on a short jaunt to someplace new.  Annapolis, Maryland was not that far away so sometime we’d go and receive a tour of whatever ship was in port or simply stroll around the scenic streets.

Me, with my hair windblown, after we had finished our ship tour

Other times we would entertain at home.  We enjoyed hosting our version of “Arabian Nights” functions where we’d invite guests from local embassies, neighborhood and among our friends to learn and share the Arab culture.

A lot of time would also be spent just the two of us at home.  We liked to watch tv together and read the papers together.  Every Sunday we’d have a variety of papers that we’d share and read and then discuss.

Abdullah and Max.  Abdullah loved my cats and my cats loved him.

We were not that different from any average couple.  We’d have our household chores and responsibilities but would also take time out for fun too.

Abdullah and I watching our guests enjoying themselves at one of our “Arabian Nights” them parties

Most of the time while we were in the States both of us always wore Western dress but sometimes just lounging around or for a special occasion, we’d wear Eastern dress.

My Desert Boy…He always prepared the best BBQ dishes!


7 Responses

  1. Great photos! Thanks for letting us peek into your lives this way. 🙂

  2. Carol, thank you for sharing a slice of life with your “dessert boy”. As I read your this and other posts/photographs, it reminded me of the ballad of Romeo & Juliette. Seriously!

    Yes, DC/Maryland/Virginia greater metro area is chock full of our history and museums and monuments. My fiance and I visited the area about a year ago. We took a whole month off since it takes at least that much time to take in all the sights and sounds; especially when both of us are US history /civil war buffs.

    Where else in all the world can you visit with a 19-foot President Lincoln, read the original U.S. Constitution, see Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and soak in internationally acclaimed art? The attractions in DC offer world-class fun and iconic sightseeing — from awe-inspiring monuments and memorials like the Washington Monument and the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial to family-friendly, interactive experiences at places like the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum, the International Spy Museum and the National Holocaust Museum (, etc etc.

    Powerful memories, especially one considers that I first met my fiance at the Holocaust Museum!

    Our most memorable part of the vacation was taking the driving tour of the entire civil war trails in Maryland. Lots of neat small-scale museums, interpretive centers, and historical markers dot the entire civil war trail. One cannot help but close the eyes and visualize, especially the Antietam and the Gettysburg battles where hundred of thousands of our countrymen died, brother against brother. At least the Union was saved and these united states kept intact!

  3. Did u and Abdullah have Kida?.

  4. I meant did u and Abdulah have kids?

  5. Yes, a visit to the holocaust museum can be extremely powerful and mind shattering. It sends shivers down one’s spine.

    It’s overwhelming. It’s nauseating. The lump in your throat ascends all the way up your eyes. It makes you hang your neck in shame. It makes you question your sanity as to how and why a human being can do such pre-meditated horrific atrocities and genocide to other fellow innocent human beings on a mass scale.

  6. we have never visited the mainland. looks like it is full of history of our country. now that our kids are all grown, we have made plans to take a couple of weeks off next summer and visit the east coast. it’s one thing to learn about it in history and civics classes, it’s another thing to touch, feel and see it!

  7. It’s so pathetic that some 70 yrs after the holocaust took place, there still are imbeciles out there who deny that holocaust ever took place. Probably it’s the same crowd as the Moon Landing Denial Gang who to this day are claiming that man’s moon landing was staged/televised from the mojave dessert in california.

    Imbecile-in-Chief, Mohammedinjad of Iran, even held an International Holocaust Denial Conference last year, where different papers were read and discussed. Of course, as always, there were a few useful idiots from the west sleeping with our enemy to avail of this “all-expenses paid” trip!

    I bet if these holocaust deniers ever visited the holocaust museum just once, their thinking will be transformed forever and forever more …..

    Here is a brief documentary on Auschwitz and it’s gas chambers:

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