Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Nayef – May He Rest in Peace


It is with sadness that American Bedu informs readers that His Royal Highness Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz passed away on 16 June 2012 while abroad for medical treatment.

Crown Prince Nayef, among his many titles and accomplishments was also next in line for the throne.



The SUSRIS News and Information organization provides an excellent special report about the Crown Prince, his history and achievements:


Official Biography

Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz (1934-2012)

His Royal Highness Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz was designated Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and appointed Deputy Prime Minister, by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz on October 27, 2011, upon the death of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz. Crown Prince Nayef also serves as Minister of Interior.

Prince Nayef was born in Taif in 1354H (1934), and, along with his brothers, received his early education in religion, modern culture and diplomacy at the royal court. He was appointed Deputy Governor of Riyadh in 1951 and Governor of Riyadh in 1953. In 1970, King Faisal appointed Prince Nayef the Deputy Minister of Interior and in 1975, King Khaled named him Minister of Interior. King Abdullah appointed him Second Deputy Prime Minister in 2009.

Prince Nayef has been instrumental in international counterterrorism efforts. As Minister of Interior, he has safeguarded the Kingdom, effectively leading counterterrorism initiatives to root out Al-Qaeda.

During his early years in government, Prince Nayef contributed greatly to the Kingdom’s development, helping to formulate the Kingdom’s domestic and foreign policy.. In 1992, King Fahd appointed Prince Nayef head of a committee charged with laying down the basic system of government, the Majlis Al-Shura (Consultative Council) System and the Provincial System.

Prince Nayef has chaired, or currently chairs, various committees, including the Higher Hajj Committee, the Higher Civil Defense Council, the Council of Governors, the Board of Directors at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, the Higher Industrial Security Commission, the Higher Information Council, supervisor of the Authority of Investigation and Public Prosecution, the Manpower Council, the Board of the Human Resources Development Fund, and Chief of the Supreme Commission for Tourism.

Prince Nayef is also the General Supervisor for Relief and Humanitarian Committees and Campaigns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Honorary President of the Saudi Charitable Society for the Welfare of Saudi Families Abroad and Chairman of the Board of the Human Resources Development Fund.  Prince Nayef regularly conducts official visits to nations around the world, meeting with heads-of-state and officials. He has been the honorary president of the Arab Interior Ministers since 1983.

Prince Nayef has been awarded many medals and decorations, including the military Order of the Cloud and Banner by Taiwan (1977), the Legion of Honor by France (1977), the Order of the Liberator by Venezuela (1977), the Al-Kawkab Decoration by Jordan (1977), the Order of National Security by Republic of South Korea (1980), and the National Order of the Cedar by Lebanon (2009). He also was awarded the King Abdulaziz Medal – First Class. He is a recipient of several honorary degrees, including an Honorary Doctorate of Law from Cheng Shiu University in Taiwan, an Honorary Doctorate of Law from South Korea, Honorary Doctorate of Political Science from the Lebanese University, Honorary Doctorate of Islamic Politics from Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and an Honorary Doctorate from the National Ribat University in Sudan.


His passing already raises speculation on who will succeed him and be next in line for the throne.

American Bedu sends deepest condolences to the Family members and people of Saudi Arabia on the loss of Crown Prince Nayef.

22 Responses

  1. So what if one of the 25,000 is no more . 24999 are still left eating away 30,000 $ every month and the poor population has difficulty in having a square meal a day .A couple of young movie makers made a documentary based on the interviews with the general public and they
    were behind the bars for exposing truth . This is the truth of the Wahabi Zionist who have demolished the holiest of the holy heritage of Islam and are exploiting riches of the Arab oil wealth and holy sacred tourism .

  2. Shame on you, Zaheer Husain Khan. A person is a person and one should always be respectful when a person has passed and remember how those who are still behind are in grief. This is not about politics but simple humanity.

  3. My deepest condolences to the family, the saudi people, to the arabs, and the moslems every where. from what i hear from my saudi friends, he was a good and a passionate man, and of good moral character to all those who came to know him on a personal basis. may Lord ‘s blessings be with him and his family.

  4. It is always a little sad when someone dies.
    As for who will be next in line … his passing perhaps made way for someone who will take away some of the heavy restrictions that Prince Nayef refused to lift.

  5. I agree “one should always be respectful when a person has passed away”. That comment by khan was in poor taste and below the belt.

    Seems like though that the last two #2/crown prince positions have had a very poor record of longevity. It seems like that, right now, the “crown prince” is a “bad luck” position to be in.

    I personally don’t believe in sorcery or witchcraft or evil eye. I think that’s all pure bs. However, there is an urban legend going around in the arab world, gleaned from a hadith written more than a thousand years ago. And it goes like this:

    When a king who’s name is like one of an animal dies (Fahed means puma or cheetah) then his brother Abdallah will take power. When this one dies, any king who will come after him will not stay longer than 6 months until the Imam Al-Mahdi appears and himself takes control.

    FWIW …..

  6. Honest Abe. Honestly I agree one should always be respectful when an honest person passes away .
    American Bedu , my comments were only humanitarian, if you can understand what humanity is.

  7. It is sad when someone dies. but that is life i guess and he lived long and hopefully ot the full extent and did everything that he wanted to do.

    @wendy – they all seem to be in their 70’s with failing health even when they get appointed, i wonder how old the next prince is???

    hopefully he’s someone atleast in his 60″s so he’ll be able to get a grip on things and stay a while..especially since the king is past 80.

  8. The new crown Prince Salman is 76.

  9. So a little more moderation but probably no change. 😦

  10. Khan:

    I fully understand what your point is. I am sure there are people that cared about him but the question is would his leadership been good for humanity. Ask yourself about Hitler. I am sure there are people who cared for him but was he good for humanity?

    The death of anyone can be dreadful but it might ushering in a time that has less brutuality, hate, discrimination, murder etc., based upon that death and in that it might be a death that is best for humanity.


    I have no idea about his character he could have been exceptionally immoral during his lifetime when a hit on a princess was performed, was he part of this? He could have been hypocrit for all I know as often is the case by many of the royal family.

  11. Prince Nayef Has said 9/11 is the work of the Zionists jews.

  12. So this Salman guy is 76, eh? So he ain’t no spring chicken, fer sure. Just look at his pic. I loved the shoe polish dye job. You think with all that money he could buy some Just for Men. :)- I like the fact that he’s a hawk on Iran and a liberal on reform. Just wish he were 20 years younger.

    Bottom line is that all the saudi kings and royals are nothing but violent scumbags. And almost every saudi prince has had sex with a high price vegas whore, or has had some porn star jetted to saudi arabia for sex. Lots of articles over the decades about such stuff.

    Yeah but Saudi oil is nice and cheap and so we can turn a blind eye to the “Royal Family” using the Saudi treasury as their personal ATM, financing fanaticism/madrassas in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Bosnia, Chechnya, UK, USA, on and on on. As long as its not in their back yard thank you, and subjugating women, murdering and oppressing their Shia minority etc etc etc. Not just in saudi but in Bahrain.

    Then they have the audacity of preaching piety, all the while enjoying booze and women in the foreign capitals of the world and throwing money like drunken sailors around anyone who disagrees with them while they are incapable of defending themselves. The biggest joke of all is them acting holier than thou about Syria. They are no better. The difference is that their methods are slightly more palatable, that’s all.


  14. sorry for the loss to KSA

  15. Rest In Peace ….

  16. […] posted here: Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Nayef – May He Rest in Peace … Posts Related to Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Nayef – May He Rest in Peace … Saudi Arabia's […]

  17. I was first and my remarks may have hurt some but it has open a pandora box of information and views .
    My grouse is and it is not political , which takes us back to one hundred years when our holiest of holy heritage , the graves and mausoliums of the Kiths and Kins of the Prophet of Islam, his relations and sahabis were criminally brought to ground, demolished and the entire population of the muslim world went in to grief and mourning , both Sunnies and Shias of the entire world .There is no loss more unbearable for all us muslims .

  18. @sandy – oh he’s 76!!! lovely .. how come they never learn? or are there no youngsters ( as in 60ish) princes who are capable of this job?

  19. I am working on another post which does focus more on succession and future of Saudi Arabia. I’ve no doubt it will give us a lot to discuss.

  20. May Allah bless his soul

  21. that would be great AM, i’ve always wondered why being a monarchy, the throne doesn’t go from father to son… why brother to brother..
    IMO if we must endure a monarchy then atleats bring in fresh bllod periodically.. but hey maybe they have some inbuilt wisdom… it will be fascinating to read your analysis.

  22. My condolences to the family on their loss. I, of course, valued and respected Prince Naif to the same degree that he valued and respected women.

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