Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Bedu and His Venture into the Sandal Industry

American Bedu received a series of emails from a young man anxious to make his mark on the world as an entrepreneur.  He’s chosen to start his path of business with marketing what he knows best, the Saudi Sandal.


American Bedu commends Amaan for his initiative at the young age of seventeen.  I hope that American Bedu readers will enjoy his story.  I can certainly attest to how much my late husband always enjoyed the Saudi Sandal.  In fact, it became the most requested gift for my husband to bring back from trips to Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Bedu, a firm selling handmade, traditional , funky sandals from Saudi Arabia has recently started up in the UK. Its driving force, Amaan Sadiq aged only 17 has just moved to the UK after spending the majority of his seventeen years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He  has mingled with people across many platforms from Royalty, wealthy businessmen to ordinary people. A common characteristic they all shared was their love for their sandals they would wear on a daily basis, the ‘Madas Sharqi’, or what Amaan calls, the ‘Saudi Sandal’.

Amaan has travelled a lot during his 17 years and whilst in the USA, he received many compliments whilst wearing them , especially in New York.  Riyadh was a place full of colour and the Saudi Culture is very warm and comforting. Amaan wanted to connect the warm , colourful image of Riyadh and connect them to the Western World. What better way than the ‘Saudi Sandal’!

The ‘Saudi Sandal’ is made of leather and the design is very unique. This distinct footwear originated in the east central region of Saudi Arabia. They differ from regular sandals with a ring of leather that wraps around the large toe and the leather shield that covers the outer side of the foot. This shield is often adorned with specific embroidered patterns that vary by region.

His current collection encompasses deep colours from strong reds to bright yellows. The handmade stitches on the front and sole of the sandal along with the comfortable leather make this a truly unique sandal.  Amaan is in the process of launching a website and he currently sells online on eBay. He has a promotional website under where you can view his limited edition collection and the links to the eBay are on site. To follow Saudi Bedu’s journey please follow him on Twitter @saudibedu or drop him an email with comments or orders;


8 Responses

  1. They are so comfortable on it because of the hot weather!

  2. Them saudi sandals are so lovely and awesome! After looking at the pics posted here, I had to go through the pics that I had taken while in Pakistan a few months ago. There is so much similarity between “saudi sandals” and “multan koosa shoes”. So colorful!

    My notes show that Multan is a city in Punjab where these shoes are made by hand, one koosa shoe at a time. It is a skill and trade that has been passed on for centuries, from one generation to the next. Being an impulsive shopper, I almost bought a pair. But then sanity took hold of me and I thought to myself, “would I really wear them and look like a geek back home”. :)-

    Since I don’t know how to post pics/images here, here are pics of multan koosa shoes, gleaned from google images:

  3. trust me…once wearing these sandals you won’t care what anyone may think. In fact, the more my husband and friends wore them in the US, the more people asked about them and wanted them.

  4. How wide and tall are the sandals (as in what height of instep and foot width would they work for)? Do they come in different widths? Does he ship internationally?

    BTW, I LOVE!! the sandals! 🙂

  5. Oh, and is there a woman’s equivalent? The sizes right now seemed to be limited to 8 and 9 UK (men’s)…will more sizes be available in the future?

  6. Strange One, I suggest that you contact him. There is a woman’s equivalent in Saudi and it came in a variety of funky and blingy styles!

  7. I will be expanding my range to include more sizes but please note they are unisex. I do ship internationally and accept payment by paypal.

    If you would like to order any please drop me an email at:

  8. I will post the measurements tomorrow with a picture to give you an indication of the size. Sandals unlike shoes dont need to fit exactly.

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