Saudi Arabia and Witchcraft

While today movies about zombies and vampires seem to be the rage, in Saudi Arabia witchcraft remains a serious issue.  So serious that if an individual is found guilty of witchcraft or practicing sorcery, the punishment is death by beheading.

Just last week, Saudi national Mareeh bin Ali bin Issa al-Asiri was found guilty of witchcraft.  According to an official statement, he was found in possession of books and talismans from which he learned to harm God’s followers.  There was no further information on what kinds of books or talismans or what kind of harm he intended to inflict (or had inflicted).  But what we do know is that he was executed in Saudi’s Najran province.

In all seriousness though, how deeply does Saudi Arabia believe in witchcraft and sorcery?  I’m sure to many this sounds so dark ages and something you expect from fairy tales.  Well, let me assure you, the charge of witchcraft is taken so seriously that the religious police (aka Muttawa or Hai’a) even have an Anti Witchcraft Unit and sorcery hotline.  The unit was established in 2009 and responsible for apprehending sorcerers and reversing the detrimental effects of their spells.    

The Anti-Witchcraft Unit was created in order to educate the public about the danger of sorcerers and “combat manifestations of polytheism and reliance on other Gods,” the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.   

The belief in sorcery is so widespread in Saudi Arabia, that it is even used as a defense in criminal court cases. In October 2010, a judge accused of receiving bribes in a real-estate project told a court in Madinah that he had been bewitched and is undergoing treatment by Quranic incantations, known as ruqiyah, a common remedy for the evil eye.

There is no legal definition for witchcraft (Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a penal code) or specific body of evidence that has probative value in witchcraft trials. Instead, judges have wide latitude in interpreting Sharia law and sentencing suspected criminals.

According to well known Saudi lawyer and human rights activist, Waleed Abu Al-Khair, “The punishment is always beheading for anyone found guilty of witchcraft.”

Foreigners in particular are often the targets of sorcery accusations because of their traditional practices or, occasionally, because Saudi men facing charges of sexual harassment by domestic workers want to discredit their accusers.

The most prominent witchcraft case came in 2008, when a Saudi court slapped a death sentence on Ali Sabat, a Lebanese television personality on a religious pilgrimage to Medina, for making psychic predictions on a Lebanon-based satellite channel. Sabat’s lawyer told NPR that the Saudi religious police arrested Sabat after recognizing him from television and pressured him to confess to violating Islam if he hoped to return to Lebanon (his confession landed him a beheading instead, though the Saudi Supreme Court eventually freed Sabat after ruling that his actions hadn’t harmed anyone).


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  1. This is humanity (typically a caring lot, understands empathy, will help out, curious, what’s to know how things work, etc) , this is humanity on religion (kill, maim, discriminate, belief in witches/supernatural thin air, don’t get educated as you might learn something beyond the poorly written schizophrenic manmade holy text, etc), see the difference.

    For whatever little good that can be found in religion it can never make up for the evil and destruction it has caused. One good doesn’t negate the plethora of evil and hate that goes with it.

  2. Yes Saudi Arabia believe so much in witchcraft and all these things. But, they also believe about this is from the devil and against God. So for Saudi Arabia, when somebody practice magic or witchcraft or anything like this, …that’s mean he left Islam and he’s no more muslim. The punishment for leaving Islam is death.

  3. Only people who are sick and have weak will go to sorcerers. A true man only believes in god’s will and takes the necessary means to solve his issue.

  4. @ Dana Islam
    I totally agree with you. lolskater is correct too.

    I do not understand bigatick1 ” What he is refering to “poorly written schizophrenic manmade holy script”. he is probably refering to BIBLE.

  5. “an Anti Witchcraft Unit and sorcery hotline. ” – wow!

  6. Yikes!

    It looks like an Arab needs to write their own version of “The Crucible”.

    I don’t think the Bible mentions witchcraft but there were/are certainly Christians who believed/believe in it. Is witchcraft specifically mentioned in the Koran?

  7. Anyone can believe anything, but killing a person just because you fear witchcraft is unacceptable, so far i have never heard of any concrete proof that these witches or whomever ever caused harm.
    I can be residing next to someone to whom bad things happen – i mean how can one person be responsible for the bad luck/ bad circumstances of another? and to kill for it is beyond unimaginable.

    To take a life is a great crime , because you can never give it back. the loss to that family is beyong comprehension, and as eveolved human beings we don’t need books or laws to tell us that – plain old common sense and civility ( the kind that distuinguishes us from wild animals ) should be enough.

    I wonder how a human being, a judge and a learned person ( supposedly) can loosely interpret something an dsend another human being to die.. how does he sleep at night!!!

  8. @ Annie:

    Re-read the bible because it is in there.


    Apparently you need to read the koran. Also refer you to the above link. Yes it is wikipedia, however they still get it right in their referencing.

  9. Bigstick, I have only read the gospels and the new testament. I only made it through the first 6 or so books of the old testament – too much sex and violence. I’m working up to reading the gospels again. I like those. I would like to read the Koran. Thanks for the link.

    Radha, I agree with “so far i have never heard of any concrete proof that these witches or whomever ever caused harm.” And to take your point a bit further: the harm caused by people who believed that there were witches and acted against these so-called-witches is pretty well documented at least in Christianity.

  10. From what little I know about this, the belief in possession by jinn, witchcraft, and the effects of the “evil eye” are mainstream islamic beliefs, supported by authentic hadith. Mohammad believed himself to have been affected by the evil eye and the witchcraft of a either a jew or a jewess (not sure). Consequently, the evil eye is considered a fact that is responsible for the deaths of many muslims; second only to the will of mohammed/allah.

    Today, the motif of the “hand of fatima” d/o mohammad is used everywhere in north africa, especially in jewelry and in door knockers, because it “keeps away the evil eye”. But, surprisingly, according to islamic scholars and many islamic regimes, witches must be executed without hesitation. Go figure!

  11. It is incredible that in this day and age there are still countries, governments, and wicked clerics who denounce and execute people for their own superstitious believes.
    What we need is proper education and the eradication of these evil wicked criminal immoral religions.
    Religion poisons everything!

  12. Saudi Arabia and many of its islamic satellite countries are still living in the Dark Ages of the 7th century. That’s what happens when you let religion …. any religion … rule a country.

    Executed for trying to predict the future?? Hmm. Consider the implications for stockbrokers, political pundits, pollsters, and so on under sharia law in the United States of Islam.

    Ok, maybe those are bad examples. It’s like a worldwide competition to see which religious freaks can be the most deranged and kookiest. I could see the United States of Christians/Jews doing just about the same. :)-

    On a lighter note and for entertainment purposes only, here are a couple of simple self-help guides for dummies on islamic exorcism, and how to destroy and banish the effects of black magic, demonic possessions, jinns and evil eye the easy islamic way:

  13. Saudi Arabia and many of its islamic satellite countries are still living in the Dark Ages of the 7th century. That’s what happens when you let religion …. any religion … rule a country.

    Executed for trying to predict the future?? Hmm. Consider the implications for stockbrokers, political pundits, pollsters, and so on under sharia law in the United States of Islam.

    Ok, maybe those are bad examples. It’s like a worldwide competition to see which religious freaks can be the most deranged and kookiest. I could see the United States of Christians/Jews doing just about the same. :)-

    On a lighter note and for entertainment purposes only, here are a couple of simple self-help guides for dummies on islamic exorcism, and how to destroy and banish the effects of black magic, demonic possessions, jinns and evil eye the easy islamic way …

  14. Do we humans get into trouble when we see evil as existing separate and outside of ourselves?

    I like: “The line between good and evil goes right down the center of everyone of us.”. This may have originated in AA 12 step programs.

  15. I think we get into trouble when primitive minded people see evil in other people and start killing them.

    I think we get into trouble when we have immoral religions like the Abrahamic religion and let them have too much power and let simple minded people like Dana Islam, who don’t have a strong morality in themselves support the killing of people because they left some bronze age religion and be fine with that.

    I’m just flabbergasted how easily Dana Islam and Sami can stand happily by while innocent people are being cruelly murdered.

    To get good people to do evil things you need religion

  16. Hello Aafke-Art
    Have you been poisoned by the religion? Have taken some spiritual pill for cure? God bless for quick recovery.

  17. Hello Aafke-Art. Have you been poisoned by the religion? Have taken some Spiritual pills for cure? Good Luck.

  18. Witchcraft does exist, and I know peoples who practices it and claim that it is white magic and is only ment to get what they want.

    But I have to agree that people here in Saudi Arabia are all too quick to dismiss something as magic or the result of the evil eye. Especially among the less educated of them. :-/

  19. Witchcraft is a reality and they are those practising it. Sharia law is about protecting society and its citizens, what is more normal than punishing the sorcerers? Judges are well qualified to recognise such case and rule accordingly.

  20. kareem:

    Witchcraft doesn’t exist. People who claim they are practicing witchcraft only practice suggestive techniques and use potions that anyone can make as it is with stuff anyone can get ahold of. Quite frankly someone who understands the medicinal qualities of herbs gets call a white witch. Is it really, NO. It is just knowledge of how to use the existing information and human suggestive techniques against easily duped people.

  21. @Bigstick:
    Witchcraft isn’t about using potions and stuff like that. That’s only in Harry Potter movies.

  22. I keep being amazed at what people dare to put down here in the comments, the heartlessness, the primitive superstitions… I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t read it for myself!

  23. Kareem:

    So why don’t you tell me about what witchcraft is about then? I can’t wait to hear this.

    🙂 Anytime.

  24. Wonderfood:

    You got to be kidding me. Okay I want to hear how someone qualifies to judge a witch. Love to hear this one as well. (Sarcasm intended).

    Convince me someone.

  25. Forget about witches, how to recognize one and all that superstitious bull***t, What really upsets me is what you see happening here, how religious belief poisons peoples hearts and minds. We have three people here whose heart and emphatic feelings has been made cold and insensitive towards other people’s suffering and murder.
    This is not the first time either, we’ve seen this time and time again.
    People who are made heartless and emotionally crippled by religious belief.

  26. Dana Islam, Sami and Wonderfood:
    This is really a problem with morality.
    Or the absence of morality.
    Here you are, three human beings, Sami, Dana islam and wonderfood, who have no morals at all. You are happy to condemn other people to death. Murder for superstition. The ultimate in immorality and evil.

    You have exposed yourselves here as the dregs of humanity, you have shown yourselves as evil, disgusting beings without morals, honor or humanity.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  27. @bigstick

    I’m sure that you are aware that real magic involves the assistance of devils. You’re a smart guy, so I’m sure you you did your research on what Muslims, Christians and Jews believe about magic.
    And yes, I know you don’t believe in devils, just as you don’t believe in a creator. But you can’t prove they don’t exist either, can you?
    There are a lot of unexplained phenomenon that science just can’t explain. Mainly because scientists themselves refuses to believe in other possibilities.

  28. It’s amazing people actually believe all this. It really is. The dark ages haven’t past, they are still here!

  29. @kareen – it is not a question of belief, it’s a question of taking a life. is it right to take a life just because you believe that someone caused you harm?
    so is it ok for me to move into a house next to yours and since we are 2 diff individuals who do things differently complainthat you are doing weird stuff and is performing black magic on me and i can complain convincingly enough. is is ok for them to believe me? people may or may not perform magic, but killing someone for it is wrong.
    that’s all we are trying to say.

    we are all diff people we beleive, think and act in diff ways, no way is better than the other, your belief in magic cannot impinge on the rights of someone else to perform magic. that in itself cannot be the reason to kill someone.

    now say if i were to stab someone then yes i deserve punishment for causing harm, how can somehting i do in my house something you have no understanding about cause you harm and how can a judge or anyone know and understand what i did enough to proclaim i’m guilty…

    i can simply say youare a witch and performed something that caused my family harm and if i do so convincingly then they will behead you!!!! seriously ? is that the kind of justice you want???

  30. Kareem, you must try to understand that for somebody outside your religion, and not indoctrinated from birth into the myths and superstitions of your religion the imagined devils all around looks like ancient superstition.
    There is a reason why religions make up these rules towards witchcraft, and that is because they are competition.
    Religions don’t like competition.
    Therefore if people imagine they can do magic stuff within the religion, like reading the Quran over a sick person and then spitting on them, is ok. But as soon as the imaginary magic is done outside of the religion then it should be punished by death.

    Of course you cannot do magic in reality anyway. Reading the Quran and spitting has never cured a sick person, it is doctors and medicines who cure sick persons. Or their own system has vanquished the complaint. But ”magic” really does not happen.
    Not in Harry Potter, not by ”witches” and not by religiously approved magicians.

    The real problem lies in the fact that people who belief in this magic stuff, can so easily set aside their humanity and morals and call for the murder of somebody who may, or may not, have been doing some mumbo-jumbo, which isn’t real anyway.
    This is very very evil.

  31. I never understood why muslims believe in such things. If god is the only creator, the only one able to harm or help you by his leave, then it is god that “allows” witchcraft to be practiced and cause harm…so to speak. Therefore…why blame the person that does it…blame god. Without god’s leave..the witchcraft could not harm anyone. Also, why is it places like Saudi, Africa etc that have such deep superstitions that result in the death of those that are suspected of it…and not in places like the US or Britian etc? If witchcraft were real you think it would have universal appeal and show up everywhere and that people would be arrested and prosecuted for harming others with such “skills”.

  32. Coolred, the history of witchcraft in Europe is very interesting. And actually, they did have a hysterical witch hunt in America early on.
    In Europe there were some male magisters who were consulted by highranking peopel, of course they never got persecuted. The catholic church was however guilty of the torture and murder of millions (numbers vary) of suspected witches.
    This did not happen overnight though, they had been torturing and burning witches for a long time until the real craze started. most people took witchcraft with a grain of salt. (Most European witchcraft was a remnant of the earlier religions btw, so it’s competition again), But the church was very keen on getting witch hunts going, and as they killed people here and there they got slowly got the fear going. And they tortured people in the most horrible manner possible, crushing every bone so there was only a bloody jelly left of a human being. Almost everybody cracked and agreed to the stories that were made up for them and named more ”witches”. Those few who did not crack were burned as witches because no normal human being could withstand such torture unless they had help of the devil.

    Interesting story, when the witch hunts were in full force in France the witch hnters had killed off an entire fisherman’s village, only the men fished far away on the seas and did not come home until three months. wgen they did, and found every female they loved, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, tortured and slaughtered, and they were not under the terror because they had been away,they started a revolt which nearly toppled the French king.

    Witch hunts are also a political weapon, to keep people under submission. Which is also the goal of the religious leaders.
    It is all so fake, so evil. And there are still people in the 21st century who believe this crap.

    And btw, they never got a foothold in my country, they dod burn two women as witches and then the authorities stepped in and forbade it. near Utrecht there is an old market city where they had official weighing scales, (very important for a market town) and many people from abroad went there to have themselves weighed, and get a certificate which stated that their weight was correct for their posture. They never mentioned witches or anything, but owning that certificate was your release from certain death if anybody denounced you as a witch.
    The scales are still there, you can still go there and get a certificate.

  33. And of course witch hunts only happened in the dark ages, before the time of enlightenment. In the time when religion held full sway. Freedom from religion equals justice, and release from such wicked insanity as killing ”witches”.

  34. @Aafke:

    If you really wanted to know whether demons existed or not, you could. You just need to find the right people. Just because it’s beyond your comprehension doesn’t mean that it’s just a fallacy. Science still struggles to explain the pyramids in Egypt. So we can’t expect it to explain the supernatural.

    @radha: If a practitioner of witchcraft uses it to cause harm to others, the deserve to be put to death.

  35. Kareem:

    They are getting closer to the understanding of the ancient pyamids such as they were build to conduct electricity. Tesla invented or rather re-invented this as well. Now as far as the level of movement of stones they are working on the theory that the earth had some harmonic resonant frequencies that the ancients understood with the earth and the within the universe that might have assisted in moving the stones. In addition there is some study currently going on regarding sound and its ability to move objects. This is another aspect that the ancients understood far better than ourselves. In other words our distant relatives understood the earth and the universe probable far better than ourselves but lost the knowledge by some type castastrophy. Then what was once a machine became an item of worship or mystery due to this lost knowledge and for some morphed into superstituion and magic.

    The ancient pyramids once had a limestone covering which acted as a type of containment and amplication system. The pyramids are thought to have generated light and conducted energy from one point ot another. Now If you look at where some ancient pyramids are located you will find they run along certain active resonants lines and they are found across the world which means humanity understood the land mass far better in the past than it did up until recently.

    Now you have to ask yourself if they understood this and were capable of such feats what else did they understand they we have yet to grasp due to our superstitutions and belief in magic verses natural and universal laws?

  36. Kareem: if harming others is a pre-requisite to deserving death…than I dare suggest anyone that practices a religion that causes harm to someone somewhere deserves death? btw that is all 3 Abrahamic religions…

    Science cannot explain something that does not have emperical evidence to support it. These saudi clerics that claim witchcraft caused harm…what proof did they use to make this claim other than their own say so and the claim of the one that was “harmed”? Those sound like accusations without support or evidence…so people are being put to death on mere assumptions that they are causing harm to someone based only on religious superstitions. It takes belief in god to come to this sort of fatal conclusion.

  37. @Kareem:

    Here is an excellent site that informs you on some new thoughts on the pyramids. I think you will find it both educational as well as fasinating.

    Let me know if you cannot open it and I will find another site.

  38. Kareem:

    Here is an excellent documentary on it as well.

  39. @colored: I did say that the haia and Arabs in general tend to be all too quick to accuse others of doing magic. Heck, they women here accuse other women of doing magic when they fail to understand a strong sense of loves between a man and his wife. Especially iffy the wife beings accused is a second wife.

    @Bigstick: Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out now.

  40. @Bigstick: By them way, I wasn’t in anyway insinuating that the ancient Egyptians used magic to construct the pyramids. I was just pointing out that science doesn’texplain everything all the time.

  41. Wahabism and Witchcraft is so synonimous with each other . Alllah save the humanity from the clutches of the saudis .

  42. Kareem:

    As of yet we have not figured everything within universe out. I am kind of glad about that as it leaves a lot to explore and ponder. However, to assign the unknown to magic is a cop out and mental laziness. In addtiion men should never believe in children’s story’s of make believe on this level as it is damaging. The religious standard of well………… cannot prove it doesn’t exist is ridicules.

    Can you prove Harry Potter doesn’t exist? Can you prove that Thor doesn’t exist? Can you prove that the Purple People Eater doesn’t exist? We have books on them so they must have existed, right? Harry Potter has the sitting of England so that we have artifacts of today and the place does exist therefore it is historically rooted and the artifacts do exist so it must be true. So now all we have to do is find Hogwarts the mystical cities. Now when we find the books of the Potter. We find that no words have been changed and that they are all the same.

    Hope you see where I am going with this.

  43. Kareem, until you have scientific proof for the existence of demons I consider them a figment of the imagination.
    I like a good horror film with demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, walking mummies, ghosts, zombies etc. as well as the next person, but they are all made up, non-existent figments of the imagination.

    Show me one and I will be convinced, but until you do, you cannot commit murder based on such silly nonsense.
    If you do you, or if you condone such murders, you are backwards, primitive, immoral, insane, uneducated and totally evil.

  44. Hi Kareem.
    Science is confused about Pyramids of Egypt BUT Quran has explained what these are made of.
    People do not read Quran or research. Sorry Mr.Kareem I am not addressng you but the scientists.

  45. There’s nothing mysterious about the pyramids of Egypt, the ancient Egyptians were very good at mathematics, and they did a lot of hard work.
    I have never read anything in the Quran which ”explains” the building of the Pyramids, and what it does explain is the science of it’s time, complete with all the mistakes and lack of knowlege.
    It’s a big mistake to claim that these old magic books explain modern science because that is where you immediately loose the debate. It’s much wiser to keep it at the spiritual level.

  46. Aafke-Art
    You are looking for scientific proof that demons are present or not.
    i think you have no mirror in your house. They usually like mirrors.

  47. @Aafke-Art
    Please consult Learned. Quran does say about the stuff these Pyramids are made off.

  48. Great discussion all.

  49. I have lots of mirrors all over the house, I’ve only seen myself in them, this does not constitute proof of demons, only of angels.

    And if I were to see demons in mirrors that would not constitute scientific proof of demons, only a strong indication that I am in need of some serious counselling and medication.

  50. How about individuals who are possessed and need to have an exorcism performed? I know they are generally viewed as being possessed by a demon.

  51. AB:

    Often times people blame children behavior on the devil or demon. People also blame such conditions as mental disorders as well as epilepsy on demons as well. All of which can be explained and none of it has to do with a demon.

  52. I agree with what you have said Bigstick but I think I am more open minded that some people can truly be possessed.

  53. AB:

    I can’t agree with that and I think even an open mind should always believe it to be a human condition not an unknown supernatural event.

    When viewing this video also think of HIV, HEP. C, Staff infections, and other possible disease. Then think of the forms of other abuse that can be applied mental or physical.

  54. We’ll just have to agree to disagree as we’ve done before on other issues! (smile)

  55. AB:

    This is true and I hope to spend many many years agreeing to disagree with you varies subject manner.


  56. I have a question for te atheists,not out of disrespect but simply curiosity,what is your position on the human soul?does it exist?if No,ok.if yes,how does it fit in the science perspective?

    witchcraft,for me as a Muslim,does exist along with evil eye and other supernatural.I’d like to share an incident tht happened last month. My late grandma’s huge home houses 3 families now,my uncle and aunts n their kids.well,they were robbed last month.the strange thing about this robbery was prior to the robbery occuring(during late afternoon),my aunty told us tht suddenly she felt this overwhelming desire to if a spell ws cast.incidently,the whole members of that household (3families) too told us they suddenly all became drousy n fell asleep.coincidence?once they all woke up,they found out they were robbed,money and gold were gone.thank God they weren’t harmed but traumatized definitely.They told us this story so if they ALL lied,then forgive me.but they did report to the police. For me and my families,we believe some sort of witchcraft was in question.

  57. Mrs. B:

    No, no soul just a energy force which probably gets broken down and further distributed into many other aspects of the universe.

    I think you assign a superstitution to an event that could be explained. In addition, people like assigning things to supernatural entities as a way to distance the event to a normal event as most generally people tend to blame themselves with what if games if it was a human event but ………if supernatural then there just wasn’t anything they could do.

    In addition, when people get together they often times talk about the issues and make enough suggestive or direct information that is then picked up by others and they sometimes without realizing it come to consensus of events. This is why officers often times seperate victims or keep people for sharing events until after they have spoken with everyone so that another victim won’t take on too much of another victims cues or stories. It isn’t that people are lying it just happens to be a human trait that many do particular if not conditions to see things in a critical and human manner. Limited exposure to critical thinking skills and life events often times creates events of this nature.

  58. Thanks Bigstick,for your honest answer about the soul. Of course i disagree as I believe humans are made up of Ruh(soul) as well as the physical entity.

    About the robbery incident,how do you explain the sudden immense sleepy state of my mentioned relatives? I doubt they were all drugged at the same time.all i can say is,thankfully they weren’t harmed physically,materials n wealth can be replaced.

  59. This is an old trick, they do it when they want to rob people sleeping on the highway in their campers, they introduce a gas which sends everybody deep into sleep and then break open the camper and ransack it safely. Happened to friends of mine, in Spain, the police said this tactic was being used all the time.
    The problem with all these stories about demons and possessed people is that there is always a scientific explanation for it.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I think it would be great if one could bewitch somebody, and exciting if there were real vampires around, but they are really a figment of the imagination, or mass hysteria.

    And this is where the power of religiously deluded people should be entirely curtailed; we can’t have people of ”faith’ (ea people who are willing to believe anything on no evidence at all) going around murdering innocent people all over the place .

    This is where secularism protects the innocent from the insane.

  60. That could be possible but judging on the circumstances explained by my relatives,i am more inclined to believe some sort of witchery took place,based on my beliefs too. I agree on one thing with u though,that murdering innocent ppl without evidence should be curtailed.

  61. I would hv to elaborate about disagreeing the gas theory since a camper and an enormous three floor bungalow are very different in size and nature.they would require a huge amount of gas to reach the whole member of that house. Some were upstairs,some were in the living room,others were in the kitchen.

  62. Mrs. B:

    They went to sleep got rob and the robbers came in while they were asleep. Happens a alot and doen’t take long if you are a professional. It is a very quite procedure as well. Still not witchcraft.

    Good robbers are in and out under 3 minutes.

  63. Bigstick,ppl don’t sleep in the kitchen. I will be stubborn on this one and agree to disagree.

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