Saudi Arabia: Bears DO NOT Belong in Jeddah


American Bedu received the following email and information from a reader in Jeddah.  First I want to thank this reader for bringing the plight of the bear to my attention and second, I’d like to encourage American Bedu readers to sign the e-petition which will help get the bear placed into a better environment.

Please could I now ask you to help promote a petition that has been launched as part of a campaign to rescue a bear from a horrible pet shop in Jeddah. Activists have secured a new home for him in the UK at a wonderful centre, but the pet shop owner and CITES are not responding to requests to get the process moving. The bear has been held in the pet shop for many years and is fed a very poor diet of bread and kept in a concrete prison cell. People visit the shop and allow children to throw things at him and abuse him. The staff don’t have any training in how to care for animals – let alone a rare creature like this one. It is a terrible situation, which goes against all the teachings of the Koran as well as international animal welfare rules.

Many people will think that petitions don’t work – but a couple of years ago we used one as part of a SUCCESSFUL campaign to free a lynx from captivitiy in a pet shop.

So, please ask all your readers to spare 2 minutes to sign the petition:

The link can be copied and pasted into a web browser. The above link also contains more information and details of other ways that people can help.

Here is a video that a young student has put together about the bear:

Anyone in Jeddah – please visit the bear and take him some fresh fruit!

Sign and share!!

(An American Bedu Reader)


Interested in animal welfare groups in KSA? Check these out:

People in Riyadh can contact OPEN PAWS also on Facebook

People in Jeddah should check out P.I.N. (Pets in Need) on Facebook:

Eastern Province: SAUDI PAWS

SPCA Madina (Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in Madina)

Tabuk Paws – Voluntary Animal Welfare Network in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia:

Note to all Brits: the quarantine laws in the UK have now been relaxed (from 1 Jan 2012), so you can now adopt a pet and take it home very easily! See for more details.


8 Responses

  1. Many dwellers of South Jeddah don’t get any better treatment or attention than this defenseless bear.

  2. Every human being deserves assistance.

    I draw the attention of everyone in saudi arabia to give cats some water because it is very hot . And they don’t have where to go to drink.

  3. I signed the petition.

  4. me too of course and I am tying to share with my family and my friends.
    I was in Jeddah last week. at Sawary mall ( ned, or nad street) there is a pet shop at the first floor. they sold mainly cats and small dogs.pets were so unhappy. the dog wanted to come with us. my kids were so sad to see those pets jailed in a so small boxes. why Haia don’t shut definitely those shops it’s haram in islam to treat animals in this way.

  5. The haia are too busy looking at women and shutting women up in small boxes.

  6. Looks like Feyfa is the culprit, again! Am I right?:-/

  7. Most of them people working in the Haia, men as well as women, are former criminals that could find a job or weren’t accepted for one elsewhere.
    Most of the are hypocrites and don’t deserve too represent Islam in any case. Animals couldn’t concern them in the slightest.

  8. Signed. Gonna past the link on face book and have all I know sign it as well.

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