Saudi Arabia: Check Out the Middle East Experience

A new web site has been launched and it is one well worth investigating and bookmarking.  It’s the Middle East Experience.  The Middle East is an open source forum dedicated to the voices of today’s Middle East and issues.  It is one stop shopping for latest news, links, videos, book review and blogs that pertain to the Middle East region.

The Middle East Experience is where one can check daily for the latest on the Modern Middle East; Israeli-Palestinian Issues; Muslim-Christian-Jewish Relations; Featured Bloggers From the Middle East; plus a series of articles from well-known contributing editors with vast experience and expertise of the Middle East.

I am also honored to advise that I was interviewed by the Middle East Experience asking to share my views and perceptions about life in Saudi Arabia.  You can read the interview here.


5 Responses

  1. Looking at your map. I cannot see the word Persian Gulf, where Persian Gulf is. Now, is it deliberate,which in that case, you are ignoring the very idea that you are trying to convey.

    Before lecturing the world, let’s get the basics right first.

    Hus Darbari

  2. Isn’t there a big move to change the name to the Arabian Gulf? I think it will be very sad if that is what happens.

  3. It is as much the Arabian Gulf as it is the Persian Gulf. Living in the Middle East is an amazing, eye opening experience.

  4. Not really. The name has been The Persian Gulf. Who decided to rename it????

  5. There has been a long standing conflict over the correct term for the body of water. Most Arab states refer to it as the Arabian Sea whereas to Iran it will always be the Persian Gulf. It’s not a battle or debate that will be won on this blog but it does make an interesting topic of discussion.

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