Saudi Arabia: Islam – A Closer Look

I wish to commend a woman from Saudi Arabia married to a Saudi and who has taken the initiative to help promote a new web site oriented to help dispel the fear of Islamophobia.

The site is: Islam – A Closer Look and has been produced by the group, Young Muslims Canada.

The international phobia of Islam and Muslims has assumed deadly proportions. This irrational fear is a worldwide scourge that is ruining people’s lives and livelihoods and causing normally decent people to develop fear and loathing of “the other.”  Study after study has shown that people with the highest levels of Islamophobia are those who know the least about Islam and have had the least interaction with Muslims. is a project with a specific focus – to succinctly and creatively dispel common myths that are fueling Islamophobia.  Our objective is to break the cycle of fear.

A fully completed website would feature 25 videos addressing widespread misconceptions as well as 50 articles and various online and print resources for further study. The content would also be fully accessible through social networking sites such as FaceBook and YouTube.

Key sections of the web site are:  What is Sharia; Islam and Terrorism; What is Hijab; Muslims Good Citizens?; Honor Killing; Women in Islam; Who is Muhammad?; Islam and Muslims; Islamic Civilization; Islam and Jesus; Who is Allah?; and What is the Quran?

As the Holy Month of Ramadan draws closer it’s a good time for non-Muslims to review this web site and help dispel many of the fears and misperceptions of Muslims and Islam.


23 Responses

  1. What do non-Muslims, enlightened Muslims and ex-Muslims say about Islam that is incorrect? This is the question Islam’s defenders should be debating based on fact.

  2. I think it doesn’t matter what Islam says or doesn’t say in terms of Islamaphobia. As long as there are Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” and blowing things up and killing people- others will be scared and/or wary.

  3. For the first time on this forum, I agree with Sandy for a change!!!

  4. It doesnt’ matter how people frame religion. It is a backwards system to which we should be outgrowing as it encourages murder, hate, discrimination, bigotry, homophobia, genderphobia, child abuse, sexual part mutaliation, domestic violence, stereotypes, etc., narrowed educational opportunities primarily based upon make believe texts that have nothing to do with any higher power or god only political control and hate.

    No matter what good you can find in the text it will never outweigh the bad or the evil and damage religion has and always will produce and have caused.

  5. The video about Islam and terrorism is simply a lie, a big fat lie. Islam has never condemned the killing of innocent people in Israel. In fact Muslim leaders celebrate it. I assume Muslims will say people in Israel are not innocent but I wonder how they justify the killing of children (just think children slaughtered by Palestinian freedom fighters and ask what sins they committed). I am sure the few Muslims I have known (one was a good friend of my Jewish boss) were appalled by many of the killings of Jews, but the average Muslim in the Muslim world applauds this kind of terrorism (sorry it is freedom fighting so it is really really good).

  6. Dr Aliyami makes an excellent point! Just the facts please, no hyperbole.

    Having gone thru the website and a few videos, the site comes across more of a recruitment/conversion tool than a tool for fighting so-called “Islamophobia”. The website is full of deceptions, lies, and half-truths.

    Just for starters, the assertion that muslims discovered America centuries before Columbus and that sharia was blooming here in the 14th century. That is laughable. Do they really think that someone in their right mind would believe such make-believe stuff? I think they are hardening the hearts and minds of islamophobes and creating more new ones, by making such idiotic statements and wishful thinking.

    They gloss over honor killings by making light of it …. that they are cultural and are widespread around the world in other cultures and religions also. In other words, they do it and so do we! Again, they are being quite deceptive.

    According to one of many articles, Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings by Phyllis Chesler, (Middle East Quarterly Forum/SPRING 2010 VOLUME XVII: NUMBER 2, pp. 3-11), over 90% of the worldwide honor killings are done by muslims. So it is not cultural at all. Also, it is no accident or coincidence that a manual of islamic law (Reliance of Traveler) certified as a reliable guide to muslim orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority on Islam, says that “someone who kills his child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law'”.

    Now about the dreaded sharia. They make it look so serene and beautiful, like it is a gift of allah to the world. They call it the “path”. Actually, the literal meaning is a running stream of fresh water. BTW, koran is the only book in the world which is read by muslims without understanding it. Ironically, it is also the most widely read book in the world besides bible.

    These “young muslims canada” should simply forget about their long and glossy explanations of sharia! The sharia is nothing but a huge iceberg of laws devised by islamic pseudo-jurists more than a thousand years ago, which has no iota of applicability in the 21st century.

    Here in the west, we are pretty much used to these smooth and slick lies from deceptive islamic supremacists: “there’s really no such thing as just one sharia, it’s not one monolithic continuum ….. “. But in saudi arabia, egypt, iran, afghanistan, pakistan and other muslim countries, everyone seems to know exactly what sharia is and what it involves: stonings, amputations, honor killings, fgm, death penalty for apostasy, apartheid/subjugation of women, oppression of non-muslims, church burnings, and the list goes on.

    Many muslims secretly take solace in the fact that “lying for Allah’s sake is acceptable”. According to the eminent muslim jurist, Imam Gazali, who has opined: “when it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie for the sake of allah, if attaining the goal is permissible”. He does not say this lightly or without knowledge. He is basing his fatwa on the words and examples of prophet himself.

    Regardless of the nitty gritty i explained above, the bottom line remains “… it doesn’t matter what Islam says or doesn’t say in terms of Islamaphobia. As long as there are Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” and blowing things up and killing people- others will be scared and/or wary”. Perceptions sometimes turn into realities!” (Sandy).

  7. I wish people I know could meet some of the wonderful Muslims I’ve met. Unfortunately most of them get their ideas from the Muslims who make the news.

  8. I think everyone has made valid points and raise excellent questions. I also think it is important to showcase differing perspectives and views on this blog such as featuring the Middle East Connection site and then following up with a site undertaken by young Canadian Muslims.

    I believe there is a middle ground in Islam that can be comfortable to all but it gets buried in the sand thanks to Wahabism, extremism and fundamentalism….same could be applied to Christianity too when wanting to share or provide understanding to non-Christians.

    As I write this comment, I have a question based on my own words…. how do YOU define the distinction or difference between extremism and fundamentalism….or are they one and the same?

  9. A doctor’s degree proves to be a great accomplishment, but many atheists are doctor’s as well. And if you don’t believe in Allah you believe in something else.

    I think that you all are oblivious or are cowardice by failing to mention what is currently the greatest challenges the world must overcome. Believe it or not, it isn’t Islam!!! To name a few (i.e. challenges):the media, most corporations, and most politicians play a significant role resulting to a minority number of the world’s population controlling and directing the world’s resources. Consequently a minority number of individuals acquire the wealth by then selling those resources This imbalance of wealth is what’s leading most of the world into blaming something like Islam as the problem. Islam is the answer!!! And if it isn’t the answer for you then it is a right given from Allah for anyone else to freely practice.

  10. Sandy, on June 30, 2012 at 7:32 pm said: I think it doesn’t matter what Islam says or doesn’t say in terms of Islamaphobia. As long as there are Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” and blowing things up and killing people- others will be scared and/or wary.

    Yup, Sandy nailed it!!!

  11. The idea that Muslim have that somehow people have the wrong idea of Islam is simply incorrect. Peoples view of Islam come from seeing Islam in action or simply reading the Koran (it is a long rant about Jews and Christian in a voice that sounds like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz).

  12. I’ve said it a million times before. The best “outreach” Muslims can conduct is to be great neighbors, great parents, involved dads, caring moms, successful businessmen and great people to have around. Once this is accomplished, it will remove the need for semantic acrobatics displayed in writings like “Yes, it’s really not that bad to be wife #3”. “Burkini: Enjoy freedom from leg-shaving” etc.

  13. I would love to read some semantic acrobatics like ”It’s really not so bad to be husband #3”……

  14. Aafke-Art:

    Here is a website that defines some of the words used in Islam.

    I would like you to go to Nikah and see it’s meaning. I think it sums up the marriage arrangement in the strictest sense within Islam particular for women.

  15. Big stick, I know what Nikah means, I have commented often enough on it.

  16. Aafke-Art, I must have missed it. 🙂 It definitely sums it up though.

  17. I think if everyone keeps religion private, between themselves and god then we wil all get along better. I really don’t care if someone marries 4 wives or even 14 as long as the wives don’t come to me and complain abuse, as long as i don’t get any wife in my care and find out abuse or depression aor unhappiness. I know that’s an extremly selfish view of the world but as i repeat so often after many decades ont his earth i just want to be left alone in peace 🙂

    I had a patient come to me for an infection and i noticed signs of depression and possibly abuse . so in performing my job i called floor 4 for a consult, later was accosted by her irate husband and his even more irate first wife for some offense i was not even aware i commited. and no they were not muslims… soon we had a full blown argument , they took the lady out of treatment and i reported it. not because i want ot break up their family or i resent their choices or their religion but because i have to do my job.

    likewise i think the only way to be rid of islamophobia is by example, be exemplery citizens, parents, neighbours and show people by example. keep you rreligion to yourself, no need to proclaim it from the rooftops. most people don’t care what you are as long as you are a good human being.

    most people don’t pick friends based ontheir religion, and mixing of diff cultures and religions is actually a good thing ..or so i believe.

  18. radha, I couldn’t agree more. If all religious people would keep their religion to themselves we would have no problems. But they don’t. They can’t because many religions force their followers to make new converts, or even kill all those who choose some different belief. or God beware! No belief at all!
    And what about the children? I agree with the Germans that parents have no right to mutilate the genitals of their children, who are too young to make an informed decision.
    But religions force this on the parents as a religious duty, and I think our (rational people) humanity forces us to intervene and save the children.
    I say let the children decide when they are 18, or 20, whether they want parts of their genitals cut off or not.

  19. hi folks !! I’ve read many perspectives and opinions about the Islamic religion about many different posts or topic which is written by Mrs Fleming !!!

    after that i figured out the !! that all comments about religion posts are completely philosophical or logical !!! but i didn’t read any discussions about documented information !!! or critical comments about quotation from the documented books which talk about Islam !!!

    the problem is that you people !! usually you do not search or read from the origin documented resources ( not about religion only but about anything as well !! ) before writing a comment or your opinions !!! you only depend on what a friend have told you or what you have heard from the media !!! this is not the problem some of the members in Americabedu !!! it’s a problem of billions of people around the world
    if they heard in the news that the Muslims are terrorist they will say the same !!! if a friend told them that Iphone is a waste of money and blackberry is better they will choose blackberry !!! all of that and more without taking a minute for thinking or reading or even asing about any of those things !!!

    that problem is the biggest reason for the Islamophobia !!! and because of that we generated and kind of phobia !!! >>> Googlephobia , Iphonephobia , chickenphobia !!! >> note : I’m not joking here !!
    but that what will really happen if we still thinking like this !!!

    in conclusion I apologize for two things !!
    1- my English language ( i know it’s not perfect ) i’m still learning but after all i believe that you can understand .
    2- the long comment >>> I’m a bit talkative <<< sorry lol

  20. EA Books and links to other websites, books, studies, etc are given here all the time.
    Keep on reading.

    Islamophobia is a stupid term anyway. Awareness of dogmatic aggressive religions is a better one.

  21. Islam is the best and nothing is better than.

  22. Just Islam

  23. Islam is the religion of peace and a perfect way of life demonstrated by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him).

    Fortunately, most people have begun to disregard false projections about Islam arising from disallowed actions attributed to this religion of peace.

    Islamophobia could soon be a thing of the past!

    Read more about Islam on “Marhaban Bikum” (follow this link):

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