Jeddah, Red Sea Mall Calligraphy Graffiti Contest

People in Jeddah should visit the exhibition of Arabic calligraphy in the Red Sea Mall. This exhibition will be on view for 10 days. It is part of a contest in calligraphy and graffity. The theme is the 99 names of Allah. On July the 25th the winner will be announced.

Yasir Ahmed Madani, writing ”Al Majeed”

Artist Fatimah Baazeem’s group, “Affect and Be Affected,” was sponsored by Red Sea Mall to hold the Hosna 99 contest. The mall dedicated 1,500 meters of space for nearly 300 contestants.
“We had 99 participants and each participant chose one name. We started and planned the competition very early and for the past one month young artists called and registered.  We hope our hard efforts will bring excellent results.  We chose the 99 names of Allah for the competition because then the artists will learn not only the best Arabic calligraphy and graffiti but also the names as well.”
She added they also wanted to convey the beauty of the Arabic language and graffiti through this competition.
“The Arabic calligraphy starts or came from the Qur’an.  It’s our heritage and a way to show our talent. We should spread our talent and beauty of art throughout the world. Al Hosna 99 is another way of reminding young people of the beauty we have in our Islamic culture and how sailing into its beauty makes you appreciate its uniqueness more and more ”

One bystander who claimed to have visited the mall to watch the contestants five days in a row said, “I watched my way into a creative world that was thought to be beyond anyone’s reach, giving me hope that you just have to have an imagination and make it run wild.”

‎‏Children were encouraged to join the contest while shopping with parents and were the highlight of the contest. Red Sea Mall’s CEO, Mohammed Al Alawi, said the mall hosts such events out of its social responsibility toward the country’s youth and to help them to discover their hidden talents.
“We also have a social responsibility toward everyone’s taste in art which is why we try to elevate it by presenting different kinds of art all the while creating master pieces of the mall’s grounds”.  Workshops on the basics of Arabic calligraphy were conducted by calligrapher Ibrahim Al Arafy who was supervised by Tarik Gazzaz and Nahar Marzoogi.

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8 Responses

  1. I love it! Good news about Saudi Arabia

  2. this is definitely different form of art than i am used to. looks lovely, though!

    bet this art form can be auctioned off at christies or sothebys, as abstract art ala picasso, for a hefty sum of greenbacks. it is so complexing to the mind and at the same time so cool and refreshing to the eye ….

  3. How pretty!

  4. This is so awesome, would love to be there. Only one thing I could think of that would be moreso would be for there to be all the names of God Jehovah to be included. That would show such a desire of unity between religions. And who knows, maybe one day we will see such a thing come to pass!!!

  5. This site need to be shut with the sort of sponsors and mediators

    Your comments have been deleted and you are in moderation. If you manage to write any decent, constructive comments in the future they will be let through.

  6. Shut………………….

    Reza, you are in moderation. Trying to get back under another name won’t work. Please read the blogrules post. Ridiculously long comments are not allowed, paste and copy are not allowed, bad language is not allowed. I have never before seen such a ridiculous long piece of paste copy as you tried to get in here. Keep your comments on-topic, and terse.

  7. I love the piece of the second photo, Classic calligraphy in a modern style, very nice.

  8. Beautiful! I love to see art of any kind promoted.

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