The yearly reminder of American Bedu blog rules

We seem to have quite a lot new contributers on Bedu, so I think it’s time for the yearly blog rules post. Please comment if you think we need to add or change the rules, and why and how this would improve the blog

American Bedu originated in a desire to share perspectives, observations and views of  life in Saudi Arabia. Over the years this blog has become a focus for discussion of many different topics with the focal point Saudi Arabia. I am sure we can all agree that meaningful discussion enriches our views and knowledge. The discussions on American Bedu enrich my blog. One of the joys of modern communication technology is that we now have the possibility to discuss and learn with and from people all over the planet. I hope this leads to greater understanding and mutual appreciation.

I sincerely hope that all my esteemed readers and commentators will abide by these rules:

  • Make sure you know what the blog and the post is all about before you start commenting.
  • If you want to ask a question, put it in the right post, if it does not pertain to the post, take it to the ”Dear Bedu” page or the Debate Page.
  • When commenting, try not to go off-topic!
  • Do not yell! (using caps continuously through one comment is like YELLING)
  • Be polite both in your comments, and in responding to the blog-owner, or other visitors.
  • Don’t be a “blog hog” and make too many comments. Leave some space for other visitors.
  • Do not paste copy large parts of texts; keep your comments short! If you do feel the need that a large body of text should be read refer to it with a link.
  • A visitor who is rude, abusive, or is trying to rile people up and make them upset, is called a ”troll”, the best way of dealing with a troll is to ignore them!
  • Do not repeat what other visitors have said before you: if somebody has made the remark you wanted to make, and they were there earlier, leave it.  Rather than repeat their words, acknowledge that you agree with them.
  • Do not make your comments too long: try to make your point in a few sentences. Longwinded comments tend to get skimmed over by other readers.
  • If you are a blogger yourself, your own blog can be accessed by clicking on your name, there is no need advertise your own blog by adding a link to your comments, this is considered ”spamming” in the blogworld.
  • Repeating the same comment multiple times is also considered spamming.
  • Some visitors may feel they are ‘invisible’ when posting to the blogosphere.  However attacking individuals and or characters will NOT be tolerated.  It is okay to disagree with what another visitor has commented upon but do so in a respectful manner.
  • No proselytising for any sort of religion

I want people to speak their minds freely here, and everybody is entitled to freedom of speech and their own opinions and convictions. This is an open forum, I welcome everybody here.

But, I want to make it clear that some actions are absolutely not acceptable. Unfortunately I have been forced to put some visitors in moderation or ban them. Unacceptable are:

  • Personal attacks on other commentators, bad language, cursing, rude gibberish
  • Attacks on children (now that I have interviews with children).  Attacks on children will never be tolerated and visitors who do so will be banned immediately
  • Shadow accounts. Unless there is a good reason and it has been approved by me in advance I do not allow shadow accounts. (a shadow account is when one person uses multiple persona’s to comment)
  • Disclosure of personal information of third parties. Some people who comment know each other in the real world, or have read personal stuff on their own blogs. It is unacceptable to disclose sensitive personal information to which you are privy and thereby injure another blogger’s privacy.

Some more information: New commentators always have to go through moderation the first time. Sometimes a comment ends up in spam, for reasons unknown. If the comment contains more than one link it goes to moderation automatically. I am not able to check moderation and spam on an hourly basis, it can take a while for a comment to be posted I have two moderators who know my rules and wishes and apply them when I am unable to visit my blog. They do not comment or discuss, they only apply my rules.


27 Responses

  1. Are these rules for everyone or are they some exceptions?
    Please clarify?

  2. rules look very reasonable. thank you. blessings

  3. Yes…definitely exceptions are made.

  4. I would like to propose one addition to the blog rules. All INFIDELS who comment here should be required to show due respect and honor for muslims’ Skydaddy aka Allah, his alter-ego Mohammed and his wives/concubines and his companions. :)-

    Here is an illustration on how to do it:

    Allah SWT: Glory to Him the Exalted;

    Prophet Mohammed SAWS, PBUH: May Allah’s blessings & peace be with him or upon him; and

    Prophet’s Wives/Concubines/His Companions RA: May Allah be pleased with him/her/them.

    Thank You :)-

  5. Some of these rules do not apply to certain readers/writers who will call names, insult groups of people or individuals and get away with it with not a word. (I believe such readers/writers are modertors themselves hence the leniency. I think that the blog rules should be fair and apply to all or not applied to anyone.

  6. X-Moozlum:
    Great proposition… But a question, if you really Mortad(ex-muslim)_in light of your alias?

  7. X-Mooxlum is taking the Mickey out of this all already!

  8. What does that mean? ”if you really Mortad”???
    What is ”mortad”?

  9. x – i find your last email posting here disgusting. it is one thing to criticize something and it is another thing to intentionally hurt your fellow human beings feelings. either you have forgotten the good manners that your parents taught you or you are being stubbornly rebellious going against what your parents taught you. to give you benefit of the doubt, i would like to think of the latter.

    x, i have always enjoyed your other past postings because you bring a different perspective from others since you have been there and done that. you present such simple and well reasoned arguments that i have wondered sometimes if you are an attorney. are ya?

    i will pray for you, even if you are an ex, that you will behave better next time …..

  10. My two cents: I don’t find anything incendiary about what ex-muslim posted. Couple of people have raised the issue of “exceptions” in the implementation of blog rules. Personally, I haven’t seen any. It will be helpful if they can cite specific examples. Otherwise it is merely idle talk and not fair to Carol and moderators.

  11. Abe, you haven’t seen what? Exceptions to the rules or censorship of those exceptions?

    Most probably you mean who are the ones who have broken the rules and they were excused. Well – it does not take a rocket scientist to figure who those people are. They are those who foul-mouth groups of people, bash KSA, its people and its religion, who use bad words against them or whom they don’t like, who are biased in their opinions and comments, who do not care if they hurt the sentiments of people belonging to other religions and insult their beliefs through and through. And yet these same people are allowed to continue doing those things and are not censored while others who do much less than them are warned and censored.

    It is not difficult to understand that if one is hurt, they will defend themselves and retaliate and for this they are censored.

    If the blog owner is fair to her readers as she expects her readers be to her, then she must treat all equally. She must feel the hurt too – because these people are going against her late beloved husband’s religion and land and it is disrespecting if she allows this without even as much as a warning.

    I understand that the one of those people is her moderator (wasta rules) and she feels she must ignore such bashing but hey, where is the fairness then?

    Thanks for asking.

  12. Sarah, on July 9, 2012 at 7:47 pm said: ” …. They are those who foul-mouth groups of people, bash KSA, its people and its religion, who use bad words against them or whom they don’t like, who are biased in their opinions and comments, who do not care if they hurt the sentiments of people belonging to other religions and insult their beliefs through and through …

    Hi Sarah,

    Another way of looking at is from the perspective of freedom of speech and expression. I don’t have a clue as to where you live. Here in the US (or west in general), we have complete freedom of speech. Folks critique other religions, their holy books, and their prophets w/o any fear or recrimination. You have to realize, Sarah, that what you may consider blasphemous or attack/on your religion is what we cherish here in the west as our providence-given rights.

    I haven’t been able to figure out why muslims have a fit and go bonkers when someone critiques their religion or holy book or prophet. I mean they go on a spree of burn and slash and killing fields. I know sharia is different where you are not allowed to question koran or hadith or your prophet or your imams. Guess what you are trying to do is to make this forum sharia compliant :)-

  13. Lol! Abe, I learnt from this blog through someone about the so called freedom of speech. It is there as long as it does not hurt anyone.

    There is a limit to this freedom. There is something called respect to fellow humans, some decency in the manner of talking. Trash talk just shows the character of the person.

    If you want to critique, go ahead do it but in a proper, professional, clean, decent way, showing respect.

    A little of that goes a long way and brings positivity – which is good thing.

  14. sarah – i liked your post. i know it will be helpful to me (maybe to others) if you can define and give examples of “limits to freedom”, “showing respect to fellow humans”, “decency in manner of talking”, “trash talk”, etc. Also do’s and dont’s of a back and forth conversation here on this forum. blessings ….

  15. Lois,

    I am sorry the way you feel. But I wasn’t being rude. Just expressing myself. I think you are imagining things :)-

  16. Sarah:

    Do you live in a western country? Are you really aware of freedom of speech particular within the US as I can give you the test case that must be meet and it is extremely high to mean actual immediate bodily harm not ……………………… got your feelings hurt or you feel you got disrespected. In addition, there are belief systems in place that many find disrespectful, torturous and harmful to humanity such as the Abrahamic religions.

    So now since I find the entire practice of religion to be inhuman, murderous, torturous, backwards, barbaric to which practices and accepts murder, rape, slavery, discrimination, child abuse, spousal abuse, etc. which is taught to infants and children so that the cycle of delusional and insane religious acts and fairy tale books continue in human atrocities and abuse.

    So how about this ………… stop mentioning or practicing the offensive behavior such as religion in public and forcing the religious immorality upon those of us who disagree with it then maybe we will stop talking to you about the insanity, delusion and inhumanity of it…………so long as you allow your children the right to leave said insanity and don’t religiously abuse them. 🙂


    I believe this was quite respectful, professional and an expression my opinion. You don’t have to agree but that is freedom of speech.



  17. Louise, with all due respect, I don’t think I have to give examples of showing respect as I believe you are old enough to know what good manners are. As for do’s and don’t in this forum, it would be nice if everyone could contribute to the topic under discussion in a constructive, polite, decent way so that we can exchange information and get educated in different cultures. This way we get to know each other and build up good relationships across the globe.

    All this bickering and accusing each other, using bad words …etc, does nothing to develop oneself in a positive way. Hope you get what I mean.

    I appreciate your asking.

  18. Bigstick1, I did not know that freedom of speech allows for one to be rude and disrespectful. Thanks for sharing that. I understand now why some people disrespect their parents or teachers and vice versa.

    It is up to you to think what religion is all about. To me it is discipline which this blog readers need. If your understanding is such as you describe, maybe because of too much “freedom”, then no one can do anything about it. I don’t see it that way, though.

    And I was not talking about religion, but about the general conduct of people.

    Nice to know your views. Have a good day.

  19. Seems any occasion is good for getting @ each other’s throat! This is my opinion: people should be mature enough to know what is expected of them. I mean this blog gets so many commentators that it would be tedious job monitoring every single comment. Might need to hire somebody just for that? Masalama

  20. Sarah:

    Respect is allowing someone to point out issues, to disagree, to state your are wrong anything else is a platitude and lies which leads to destruction by hidden offenses.

  21. bigstick1, I did not really understand what your statement. Are you saying that it is respectable to allow someone to point out issues and disagree? Well it does not make sense to me. Yes it may be respectable to do so but that is not the issue, is it. The issue is HOW one does thew pointing and disagreeing.

    One needs to be mature enough as Rahma said above. And my point is even if no one is polite, then all shld be allowed to be rude and bash each other or no one shld be doing that. There shld not be exceptions to the rule. That is my point.

  22. Sarah:

    Define rudeness and bashing?

    Next just because you become offended doesn’t mean that the person is wrong, nor rude or bashing in the statement. You just felt it was rude because someone address the situation or provided the many fallacies of the position to which you disliked then deemed it rude or bashing.

  23. I will be the first to come forward and say as the blog creator, I am very liberal because I think with too much emphasis on how or what someone says, then further barriers crop up rather than building bridges. It is simply a fact that everyone on this blog will have different perspectives on fairness or moderation and there will be widely opposing views.

    I do not like and try to withhold myself from using words viewed as a personal attack against an individual. With so many words available from which to choose, I think one can hopefully express their view without resorting to demeaning.

    That being said, there are those who feel strongly about certain faiths and no faith. In that case, they can go to the “free for all” debate page to have their direct dialogues…not only on faith but any subject.

  24. Bedu:
    ” I think one can hopefully express their view without resorting to demeaning.”

    Thank you! 🙂 That is what I am trying to say here. But the moderators, Bedu, should be fair in these rules. If she herself is demeaning, then what is to be done? Is this abusing power, so to speak?

    And one more question – the debate page – free for all, does it mean that one can be rude and bash each other here?

    Peace and good health to you.

    One need not define rudeness or bashing, bigstick1. It is understood.

  25. I have trust in my moderator(s) completely and I’m so fortunate to have great moderators, especially during these periods when I am off the blog.

    There are always going to be individuals who share opposite views and will express them.

    The debate page was created as the free for all.

  26. Thanks, Carol, for your response. Hope you get well soon.

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