Saudi Arabia/ USA: American Bedu Survived After Falling in to the Rabbit Hole!

Dear Bedu Family,


I apologize for my lengthy absence.  I have just returned home after a week in the hospital.  It’s been quite a roller coaster ride but finally the roller coaster is starting to slow down a little bit.


I’ve been sharing my journey with cancer with American Bedu readers since the beginning back in 2008 and now providing you with the most recent update.


I had started a new regime of chemo last week (Haloven) which has the reputation of being a very mild chemo.  However, in my case, I ended up with side effects that were not even listed!  (smile)  So I started out in the hospital due to a high fever but then my white blood counts ultimately dropped to 0.3.


I received some strong antibiotics around the clock.  Next my blood pressure started spiking in danger zones and I was put on a telemetry monitor.  There were some tense hours then when I feared that I was having too much stress put on the body at one time and wondered exactly where my journey with cancer was going. Thankfully an excellent nurse, nurse aide, doctor on call and consultations with my oncologist I was stabilized.


The roller coaster slowed but did not stop yet.  Last but not least, I learned that I am a newly diagnosed diabetic.  The doctor believes that the multiple steroids I had to take during both SIR-Spheres and with chemo brought about the diabetes.  I am on insulin now and learned how to give myself injections.  


The chemotherapy is now on hold.  (mixed emotions)  That decision was made because I have my third and final SIR Spheres liver procedure on Thursday and need to be in the best health as possible.  My doctor is optimistic that I can resume with a reduced level of chemo a month or so out from SIR Spheres.


Me? I am so very happy to be back home and reunited with my cats!  There really is no place like home, especially after a lengthy hospital stay! Between now and Thursday I have some follow up doctor appointments and will be busy getting some things done before being out of commission again for the few days associated with SIR Spheres.


I can’t guarantee to you, American Bedu Readers, how long it will take before American Bedu is fully back.  Thankfully I have two moderators who look after the blog.  I also wish to thank Aafke who in addition to being one of the most loyal and loving of friends, is an excellent writer of her own accord.  She jumped right in to fill the gaps during my hospitalization when I could neither write posts nor access the internet.


Although I did not have the strength or focus to write during my hospitalization, I had hoped to at least keep apprised of comments and read emails!  HAH!  I guess God meant for me to have a mandated absence from computers!  My tech-savvy son learned that laptops with the Windows Vista O/S are not compatible with the majority of public (open) networks which included the one at the hospital.


Still fighting and wearing full (pink) armor!


American Bedu


26 Responses

  1. Keep up your great and amazing possitive way of approaching life!! I’m praying. I so enjoy your blog. You must be quite a remarkable woman. I must admit, I’d love to get to know you, maybe you’d rub off on me,lol. Thanks. Glad you’re home!!!

  2. Thanks for the update. I’ve been thinking of you a lot!

  3. I am always hoping and pulling for you AB. Take care, get some rest and know that I fully expect you to be back agreeing to disagree with me. I know there are a few others that fully intend for you to do the same for them as well.


    For now rest. Enjoy family and the cats.


  4. Hi, It’s me Andrea (on your facebook)…although I am taking a hiatus from Facebook, I am still reading your blog. Wow, you have been on a roller coaster…I really admire you — Keep up the good fighting attitude. I continue to pray for you!

  5. Carol, have your son contact me. I have learned some tricks in mitigating “foreign network” related issues with Vista and other OS’s.
    Network location awareness in Microsoft OS’s is a bit ticklish, but can be finessed without losing security.

    That said, you DO need your rest. But, I remember a few hospitalizations over the years, where I was bereft of current intelligence that interested me and how it drove me nuts…

  6. Hey Aunt Carol:)
    I am glad to hear you are feeling better! You are the strongest fighter I know and I will always be rooting for you! I love you very much and tell the cats I said hello!!!! Miss you and love you bunches!!! Praying for you!

  7. I wish you good recovery, health and happiness

  8. Keeping fingers crossed for you! Hopefully it’s almost over!

  9. wishing you a speedy recovery back to normal, get plenty of rest, love and time with your cats 🙂

  10. After all this, you get diabetes too?!? You really are a warrior who never gives in . I hope you make a speedy recovery.

  11. Always in my ‘sending good vibes’ thoughts, Carol. So sorry you’re having a rough ride.

  12. Miss you muchas Bedu mama! ❤

  13. Sending you thoughts and prayers from Al Khobar. I’ve learned so much, both you, and your temporary moderators. Thank you for all that you do. Hang in there, you are important to many of us! Peace be with you.

  14. Dear Bedu,
    I hope you feel better soon! I love your blog. You’re in my thoughts.

  15. Honestly, the support I receive from readers of this blog gives me continued strength and motivation to keep on going on!

    Yes; I do intend to be fully back soon so I can agree to disagree with Bigstick and others! (smile) Although there have been such excellent articles written in my absence you may not want just a plain old AB article again with musings and reminisces!

    It’s still a roller coaster ride. I’ve learned how to check and administer insulin to myself now. I’m making major changes in my lifestyle towards improving my health and a speedier recovery.

    I am on for the next liver procedure which is Thursday. I’ll probably be offline again for a few days but after bouncing back from the procedure, I expect a continued upward (as in positive) climb.

    My cats leave tomorrow for a brief vacation since I’ll be low level radioactive for a few days after the procedure. We are soaking up each other’s company in the meantime.

    In all sincerity and humbleness, Thanks for all the well wishes.

  16. We all want to red your musings and reminisces, that’s the main reason we are all here!
    Best of luck for your new treatment!

  17. Thank you!!!

    @StrangeOne – Muchas gracias chiquita! ana saeeda entee saeeda al an.(forgive my terrible English language transliteration)

  18. Thanks, Aafke. I’m a bit wimpy (read emotional) tonight.

  19. Hey:

    I think you have the right to be that and much more. You are not alone AB. You have people pulling for you. Even those who have never met you. Your roller coaster has become our roller coaster. Now go out have some fun or curl up with a book to relax (something upbeat).

    Big 😀

  20. Hey Carol:

    Just checking in with you. How are you doing? How do you feel?

  21. Carol is very sick right now and in hospital.
    She has no computer so cannot comment.

  22. Sorry to hear you are poorly Carol. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  23. Dear Moderator:

    What is the address of the hospital that we can send
    Carol cards/flowers to cheer her up? Thanks ….

    Mz Benazir
    Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
    71800, Bandar Baru Nilai
    Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

  24. To Moderator:

    Tell her we are pulling for her and that I expect her to come back to disagree with me with her full force and candor.

    Tell her I always keep her in my thoughts.


  25. Please send my best wishes, thoughts and prayers. I look forward to her coming back and disagreeing with Bigstick!

  26. Dear Carol,
    Though we do not know one another, I truly
    enjoy your blog. I have learned more about Saudi from you than I did all the years growing up there. I thank you. You must be an amazing woman! I look forward to more from you and the Kingdom. Praying for your speedy recovery!
    God Bless! Cindy

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