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American Bedu wishes all Muslims around the world Ramadan Kareem!  May the holy month of Ramadan answer the prayers of all Muslims and allow all Muslims to experience and feel the joy, spirit and beauty of Ramadan.

No matter where you  may be in the world, please remember to drive carefully if you may find yourself out and enroute to an iftar.  Stay safe and Blessed.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder Bedu.

    Blessing to all thisRamadan.

  2. Hope y’all have a good month!

  3. Raanan Kareem carol

  4. No matter where you may be in the world, please remember to drive carefully if you may find yourself out and enroute to an iftar. Stay safe,
    Really very good advice , Most often they are in great hurry and think that if a second is lost from the exact sunset , the rozah is gone Makrooh . The real Islamic order is from wal lail to Lail , that is it starts from night and ends in the night , but wahabis have a different Islam , the Jewish-Zionist so called Islam .

  5. Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims on this blog.

  6. thank you Carol.
    Ramadan kareem to all muslims around the world.

  7. For most Saudis, Ramadan has become a factory of gaining weight, total absence of productivity and intense focus on Islam and Muslims’ supremacy above all other beliefs and their adherence. It also emphasizes total submission to authority (king, mufti and the like) and de-emphasize self-worth.

  8. Talk about wet blanket,ali alyami,not every subject has to be dealt with such animosity n negativity.

    This Ramadan is the first one with our baby girl! Although still breastfeeding, i shall inshallah attempt to fast the whole month. Ramadan kareem to all the Muslim readers,Allah ease our undertakings inshallah!

  9. I would like to wish all the muslims here thirty nights of orgy of food fests, each suhoor and each iftar. Hope this 30-day ritual of starvation bring you all the health and economic blessings of the “holy month”!

    Hope you piously practice economic belt-tightening, self-struggle, and self-purification that Allah and Prophet has taught you — in order to be economical and also to starve for 30-days in order to realize the painful condition of the hungry and starving people. Hope you devoutly work towards reducing economic expenditures or pressures, as well as practicing self-restraint by reducing indulgence in personal luxuries, lusts, or comforts, etc.

    It is my earnest “atheist prayer” that you will refrain from practicing a total orgy of eating and drinking and sugary delicacies, albeit during night instead of daytime. At iftar and suhoor, it is my fervent wish that you not consume double the amount of most nourishing, delicious and luxurious food items compared to your normal eating habits. Hope your monthly expenditures don’t duly double or triple, as compared to monthly expenditures during rest of the year. That means, during ramadan, please do not engage in greater spending spree than any other months of the year. Please do by all means sacrifice self-comfort and self-interest and luxuries instead of indulging in the sinful gorgeous month-long celebration of vigorous spending and eating orgies.

    Oh, finally here’s another reminder of an eye-opener about the “holy” month of ramadan:

    In a recent survey by the Cairòs Institute of Social Sciences of the Arab World, it was found that during ramadan: Business Productivity drops by 78% (fewer work hours, absenteeism, sick leave, etc); Cholesterol & Diabetes cases go up by 28% (overeating, excessive sugar consumption, etc); Blood Crimes and Theft increase 1.5% and 3.5% respectively (abstinence from cigarette smoking/sheesha/hookas, etc).

    Anyways, A Very Merry Berry Ramadan T’ya All!

  10. Thats strange since ramadan here didnt change any economic or work productivity.thankfully our non muslim communities here are more open and welcoming than a few ppl here. My Saudi husband n i dont embark on a food orgy during this holy month.a few sambosas,soup n dates is all n later a moment if worships,spending family time n watching our baby grow.much like other muslim families whether Saudi or others.


    Productivity increased due to spirituality boost in ramadan.

    Ramadan increases the economic.

    Last but not least a website for muslims to guide themselves towards a more proactive month

  12. Mrs Bawazir, I am worried about you fasting while still breastfeeding. Breastfeeding takes out a lot from a woman, and I think it’s the wrong time to fast. You should eat extra and super nutritious food when you are breastfeeding. I think it’s better you postpone the fasting and make up later.
    I am also worried about your baby, a baby needs regular feeding, and when you do not eat healthily your milk, so the food you give to your baby, will be less nutricious, and your baby would suffer.
    I find this really worrying.

  13. My understanding is that breast feeding women should NOT fast.

  14. Aafke,that is very kind and thoughtful of u.yes i agree on the breastfeeding-fasting dilemma.last ramadan i didnt fast due to pregnancy,didnt want to take away my baby’s need.i assure u that any small signs of my baby or my health being jeopardize and i shall discontinue fasting till next time.

    By the way,have u ever tried fasting?not for religious purposes of course but just health-wise?

  15. happy holidays and merry ramadan to all of you!

  16. Mrs Bawazir, yes, I did Ramadan three years ago I think, as a stand-in for Carol, who was too ill.
    I got ill, and I got my moon-time twice, until then I thought it was quite fun and the days were shorter then now because it was later in the year.
    I did eat normally btw, no binging in the evening.

  17. Ramadan Kareem to all.
    And I must say the “graciousness” some of you show here on this thread has me overwhelmed.

  18. Ramadan Mobarak To All! Don’t have any more nor any less fun than a “human” is allowed to have :)-

  19. Aafke,

    You were AND are as always, awesome.

  20. Ramadan Raheem Everyone!!! We intend to invite our muslim friends over for Iftar, as we have done in ramadans past ….

  21. Carol, I know… Think of all that hassanat I earned… and it all goes to you….
    I suppose my reward was that I didn’t loose any weight…
    Zut …. 😦

  22. Call me jaded but after experiencing ramadan among arabs for over 23 years…I have no hesitation in saying that it ceased being a month of spirituality a very long time ago…now it’s more or less a month of eating to the point of filling up the ER every night with stomach problems…a month of bad tempers during the day and no holds barred fun at night. A month of hypocrisy that outshines the other 11 months of the year hands down.

    Like I said…jaded…me.

  23. Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!

  24. Thank you very much. All the best to everyone.

  25. However, go to the other side of the globe, and fasting will be very easy 😈

  26. I Arctic Canada a time zone further south is picked to follow for Ramadan.

    Coolred, I think that for many Muslims you are quite right but certainly not all.

  27. Thanks Carol & all the best to you!
    My experience with fasting is that no matter how much you intend to make up for all the food you missed out on during the day once you breakfast you simply can’t each at all. Don’t understand all this talk about bing eating.

  28. Here’s an interesting article about “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Ramadan: Geopolitics Of The World’s “Other” Biggest Holiday”. This article is from the June 2010 archives, by Vali Nasr.

    Ramadan is the holy month, when hundreds of millions of Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. For the faithful, that also means no daytime arguing, cursing, or sex.

    But it’s not all about pious asceticism. Ramadan is a world-moving force in its own right — an unpredictable time of rampant consumerism, surprising conflict, and political skulduggery.

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