Saudi Arabia/USA: New York, New York, Here We Come…

Abdullah and his son aboard Amtrak.  New York, New York here we come!

American Bedu enroute to New York with her guys!

During our life in the United States Abdullah and I traveled at every available opportunity.  Due to the close proximity of New York City from Washington, DC and the ease of taking the Amtrak train directly into Manhattan, we made multiple trips to New York.

We enjoyed a weekend away of Broadway, fine dining and exploring the vast pockets and neighborhoods which made New York New York.

Abdullah and I took great pleasure in seeing Aida on Broadway.  When his son was visiting we made a trip and took him to see “Phantom of the Opera.”

New York is a favored tourist destination of Saudis to America.  My stepson was mesmerized by Times Square, Hyde Park, The Plaza hotel, the Empire State Building and so much more.

Exploring Manhattan…

We all enjoyed Little Italy and Chinatown.  We loved our trip around the Statue of Liberty and to Ellis Island where I explained to my husband that is where my own heritage in America began.

Times Square

My stepson described New York as the city which never fell asleep and a place every Saudi should visit.

More times square…

New York Public Library


7 Responses

  1. My hubby n i looove New York!hope to visit again soon with Baby G in tow.lovely pix u have there AB and your step son looked so excited on his NY trip:-)

  2. he sure was!

  3. I’ve only been there once, and would love to go back sometime.

  4. hi. i have never been to nyc, or for that matter, to the mainland. it is on my bucket list. my husband and i plan to visit the mainland next summer and nyc is #1 on our list. we would like to especially visit the 9/11 memorial which recently opened to pay our respects to our fallen countrymen.

  5. NYC is great. My trips are all during summer months. I have been told I should go during the fall and winter months as they provide the season change and Christmas/Winter Solstice.

  6. You all look so happy and carefree. Loved the pictures.

  7. aasifa,

    I think the most important beauty comes from what is inside a person.

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