Saudi Arabia: Waiting for Iftar

This short music video can sum up for some the feeling of the final hours before iftar when one can break the daily fast of Ramadan.


21 Responses

  1. That seemed more like it was making fun of Muslims than being a light-hearted parody. Wearing an actual TOWEL on his head? Magic markered beard??

  2. I like some of his other ones better.

  3. Okie homestay I have a Saudi student in my home at the moment who looks just like the character in the “skit”. The other two Saudi students take it all seriously as they should, but the towel head and then spiked hair and ADHD is a little hard to take.They exist believe me. Our Iftar meals have been fabulous but the towel one wanted Maccas last night at about 10.00pm. The clock is ticking……..!!

  4. Call me dull but this isn’t funny and seems kind of racist (towel head, marker beard). Makes me remember the campaign by students of Ohio University in 2011.

    Unfortunately, racism and mockery of cultural/religious backgrounds will continue to be a problem. Just skim through comments on this website to see.
    At least some younger generation (as can be seen by this STAR campaign) can be seen to show more decency than the ones we have here.

  5. I like what the author of this site wrote “My first priority is respecting fellow humans”

  6. I honestly don’t think the people who made the video put that much thought into whether or not it’s politically correct; I think they just wanted to have fun and be silly. But then, that’s just my opinion and I don’t know the people involved.

    Sometimes, the best way to deal with unpleasantness, whether that is something as simple as being hungry or something else entirely, is to joke about it. Of course, I’m that girl that’ll be joking as I’m crying, so maybe I’m not the best person to ask.

  7. Kinda funny, kinda sad. We featured your post in today’s blog roundup

    Please don’t spam. Making meaningless comments and adding a link to each of them is spam. If you want people to visit your blog you can make more interesting comments, which will attract people, and they will click the link on your name.

  8. Unlike the “funny” video, I saw a more serious photo slideshow in an online e-mag: Hungry Days Festive Nights … Images of Ramadan From Around The World:

    “The Islamic holy month of Ramadan is a time for spiritual introspection and quietude — but it is also a time of excess and revelry. Celebrated every year during the lunar month in which the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, Ramadan brings with it a change of pace in the Muslim world.

    During the daylight hours, restaurants are shuttered and work grinds to a halt, but at night whole cities come alive. Iftar, the traditional breaking of the fast, is perhaps the most recognizable Ramadan ritual. Often held on sidewalks and neighborhood thoroughfares, iftars are known for their colorful decorations, lavish dinner dishes, and candied sweets”.

  9. @ all
    Please do not believe it. It is fake

  10. I thought this was adorable. I can’t believe people don’t take it in the spirit it was intended: lighthearted. I watched this and realized it was the first time I ever saw an Arab man make a joke. On American TV, the Arab sense of humor is not exactly what is showcased. Indeed, the networks are busy convincing us you don’t have one!

  11. If you want to see real Arab sense of humor, watch Tash Ma Tash or WiFi.

  12. A scene from WiFi (a Gulf comedy serial)

    The video above was a parody based on this video below depicting a famous singer Ahlam on Arab Idol. You can see the gecko…

  13. Karen and Strangeone are right on! Sometimes humor, even if self-deprecating, is good medicine for body/mind/soul. It sensitizes and makes other people aware of their racism and bigotry, etc. etc. in a funnily way … a perfect teachable moment. So, folks get a life!

  14. Hilarious!
    An the sexy background singer….

    Sheesh I get so tired of people without a sense of humor 🙄
    It actually says ”parody”.
    Lighten up!

  15. KAren, There are Arabs with humor, although you may not meet them here on bedu…

  16. Never found out if this Saudi group did well, or if they are still around, but I think they’re very funny.

  17. Rosemary,thanks for the link. I love all the photos and I especially love the comment by Tim Upham about getting out of your paranoid shell and get to know people because they are not all murderimg lunatics out to get you. Of course amongst those commet there had to be one idiotic racist who just cannot resist to take a jab ever so randomly at Muslims with his random analysis of price hike,obesity,insomnia as if they ONLY exist among Muslims.

  18. It all depends on one’s point of view, naturally. On the contrary, the one commenter (Ms. Terry) that you called “one idiotic racist” is the one that I especially loved the comment of. Tim Upham (comment that you “especially” loved), came across as a true blue izlamophilliac … someone who goes overboard and bends over backwards to jump and rationalize all and everything izlam, without putting the thinking caps on. Like I said, it all depends on one’s point of view.

    Before someone calls me an Izlamophobe, I am an IzlamoReal!

  19. Mr Upham made an effort to mingle and embrace his multi-cultured community by merely attending a feast and he becomes ” someone who goes overboard and bends over backwards to jump and rationalize all and everything izlam, without putting the thinking caps on. “? You must have had your “thinking” cap screwed on too tight to come to this logic!

    I wouldn’t merely call you Islamophobe (spelled with an S but hate has made your “thinking” cap on too tight as usual) but probably another Ergun Caner or student of hate-monger Ali Sina.

  20. And why on earth would you mention Ms Terry as the idiotic racist? She wasn’t the one I spoke of, she didn’t sound anything close to a racist. Read my comment properly before jumping the gun, note I mentioned “random analysis of price hike,obesity,insomnia as if they ONLY exist among Muslims.” And then go and read back who said that.

  21. Aafke, one of the youth (Fahad Al Butairi) in your first video has made it big in the media in Saudi through his La Yekthar show.

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