Saudi Arabia/ World: Capture the Spirit of Ramadan


The International Professional Ramadan Photography Competition showcases the skills and imagination of talented photographers from around the world as they share their techniques and personal anecdotes about cultural and religious traditions during Ramadan.

Ramadan is not only considered to be the most spiritual month in the Islamic calendar but is also a time for families and friends to reunite in peace, prayer and piety. Fasting from sunrise to sunset as a form of spiritual cleansing, self-discipline and empathy for the less fortunate, Muslims during Ramadan practice tolerance, forgiveness and perform good deeds. It is in this spirit that photographers are invited to share their best photography in a unique and unprecedented 30-day visual celebration that will educate and enlighten thousands of viewers around the world.

The competition is open to talented photographers around the world over the age of 18. Cash prizes will be awarded and winners will have their photos published. Participants are encouraged to photograph all things Ramadan: people in prayer, holy places, mosques, iftar and suhoor foods, family gatherings, and even inspiring natural beauty and landscapes taken during the month of Ramadan.


For more information and details, visit Capture the Spirit of Ramadan website.


American Bedu blog continues to wish all its Muslim readers a joyous Ramadan Kareem!


54 Responses

  1. Fasting is a killer as the scientific story below states.

    أضرار الصيام على الجسم

    ما رأيكم بكلية لا يدخلها الماء طوال نهار كامل وخوصاً في جو حار؟
    هذه بعض الأضرار ولا يمكن ذكرها كلها فهي كثيرة..
    1) عدم الاكل والشرب لنهار يؤدي الى تجمع كثير من البكتيريا في الفم وذلك لتوقف الدوره الطبيعيه فيه . بالاضافه الى رائحه الفم الكريهه بأعتراف المسلمين انفسهم .
    2) حركه المعده وافراز الاحماض عند الجوع يؤدي مع الوقت الى جروح في المعده .
    3) نقص الفيتامينات والمعادن الضروريه للجسم , قد يقول البعض ان الجسم يعوضها بعد الافطار لكن الحاجه لهذه المواد هي بوتيره ثابته وحتى انه من الخطر انخفاضها ثم ارتفاعها مباشره بشكل كبير .
    4) السمنه والتي لها اسبابها الخاصه في رمضان بالذات . ذلك ان الجسم الصائم عند الافطار يمتص كميات كبيره من السكريات والنشويات بأفتراس للتعويض ولا يتسنى له حرقها في الفتره بين وقت الافطار وبين وقت النوم ويخزنها على هيئه شحوم بعكس اليوم العادي الذي نتناول فيه مأكولات على فترات متباعده فيتسنى الجسم حرقها من وقت لآخر , بالاضافه الى السحور الذي يفرض عليك الاكل ثم النوم فلا يتم حرق السعرات الحراريه اثناء ذلك وتتحول الى شحوم وبلاوي زرقه .
    5) ضرر الصوم الخطير على عمل الكلى وخطر ترسب الحصوه , لنقص المياه
    6) الالتهابات في المسالك البوليه , فبسبب نقص الماء في الجهاز البولي يصبح تركيز الجراثيم والبكتيريا اعلى من المعدل , فيسبب الألتهابات الداخليه والخارجيه ايضا في تلك المنطقه .
    7) هشاشه العظام فبسبب نقص الاملاح والكلس خلال نهار الصوم , تتحول العظام الى ضعيفه نسبيا ويسهل عمليه انكسارها .
    الانخفاض في معدل الكريات الدم البيضاء خلال وقت الصوم وبالتالي سهوله الاصابه بالامراض لضعف دفاعيه الجسم .
    9) الانخفاض في ضغط الدم .
    وغيرها الكثير ………

  2. A more accurate view of fasting in Ramadan can be viewed here (note:this is a non Islamic site)

    In fact fasting could protect the brain from most damages by Alzheimer,to name a few benefits.

  3. Fasting actually has excellent benefits however, Ramadan is not true fasting as it allows for people to eat normally during the night. I have fasted and it has great benefits. I prefer juice fasting or water fasting. The longest fast was 21 days.

    However, Ramanda is the refrain during the day and glut during the night type which does actually have tremendous issues on the health.

    Just another problem with religion. In addition fasting should never include lack of water as that is unhealthy. Again, another problem with tthis religion. Of course, it is make believe anyway.

  4. Mrs. B, the article you posted really is not accurate. As Bigstick1 says, you are not fasting but altering your hours of eating and putting a great deal of stress on your system. Lack of water is always harmful.

    Ali’s article is very accurate. Wouldn’t it be lovely if people would wake up and take care of their bodies!

  5. @MB

    Thar she goes again! So “fasting” is a koranic miracle which could “protect brain from most damages by alzheimer”? Just like flies, honey, prefrontal brainic lobe, and thousands of other koranic scientific miracles. All this sounds like voodoo black magic and junk science to me.

    Bazillions are being spent on scientific research to find a cure for alzheimer and other diseases. So I think people should start fasting 365/7 to maximize their chances of getting rid of their alzheimers, cancers, etc.

    Why spend so much on scientific research while the answers have been glaring at us all this time from inside the miracle koran? I suggest that Allah/Mohammed be given a nobel prize in science/medicine for this belated discovery. :)-

    BTW, where did you get this piece of drivel? Another reference source from a non-izlamic yet izlamophilliac website. There is no difference … they are one and the same. Take care ….

  6. Real fasting is good for you. Like really not eating for two or three days, while drinking a lot of water, or a juice fast, when you drink only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables (organic) and lots of water, this kind of fasting cleanses your system.

    The ramadan kind of fasting; not eating and drinking in the daytime, and binging on unhealthy, rich and sugary foods at night, is really bad for your health.

    Being slightly underweight supposedly makes for longer life as well. But in the end your choice of food is also very important, refined sugar and refined flour are poison for your body. Any food that ”keeps” is really bad for your health. Additives, preservatives, chemicals, dyes, etc. are all bad for you.

  7. Ah, bigstick and Wendy said basically the same as I did.

  8. I don’t think anyone can claim Ramadan fasting is either good or bad in terms of health. It has way to many variables- just like regular eating habits do. It’s important to keep your life overall in balance, including eating and it will be fine.

  9. Sandy:

    I would agree to disagree with you as dehydration is a bad thing and hard on the body. All fasting never eliminates water anything that does is bad full stop.

  10. I can say that when I was able to fast, I always felt pretty good after the initial tiredness the first few days. However, I did not eat or drink to excess. When I broke my fast I started it out slow and easy so as not to overfill the stomach too quickly. I found that my stomach would generally shrink and I’d always lose weight each Ramadan.

  11. I”m generally better hydrated in Ramadan than any other time- because I’m very mindful of it’s importance. I wish I was so diligent always!

  12. Sandy, you need a camelbak! (outside of ramadan of course)

    Mrs Bawazir, how are you doing? Please be careful of your health!

  13. I am fine Aafke 😉 as Sandy advised, i alternate between fasting one day and not fasting the next. I just want to say that no one has died from fasting in ramadan yet in fact many has benefitted from it.

  14. One has to bear in mind that the purpose of fasting in Ramadan isn’t merely about refraining from eating or drinking but its a spiritual thing also.some here said refraining from drinking is bad and I absolutely agree but this is why we Muslims are given this test,to feel how the less fortunate feels and go through on a daily basis whether healthy or pregnant or breasrfeeding or even terminally ill.they do not have a choice to be in poverty so at least,while fasting,we get to feel the hardship they suffer and perhaps have some sympathy fr them and reflect on the blessings we have. I am fasting today, and went out with my husband and baby.we saw many needy families and can feel a fraction of their suffering. So, so what if I didnt eat pr drink for a few hours,how dare I complain of hunger or tiredness etc. What about that small girl I saw, she looked so scrawny.

    X,if you despise scientific study that supports some Islamic teaching, it’s not my problem!


    This is Ramadan, not merely hunger and dehydration. I actually do appreciate my life and what I have more after going through Ramadan. I look at the world with less hostility and actually love my rather fortunate life more due to experiencing Ramadan. And no, we (my family and I) don’t binge on food at night. We eat like usual and spend our nights worshipping God and later spending family time! Is that harmful? No!

  16. Mrs. B …
    Do you think about how the poor are coping with fasting? The ones who do not have access to air conditioning or shelter at all, good food or food at all for that matter? Yes, you and many others can sit in the comfort of your homes with lots to eat and “suffer” a little during the day (maybe even sleep most of the day) and then have lots of good food and drink between sundown and sunset if you want it. You can have major social events and prayers at night – kind of like a big celebration isn’t it? All that really happens during Ramadan is that for those who have all the creature comforts days and nights are just turned around. In many places that also includes work.

    Also you do not know if people die during Ramadan. Certainly there are some who will die at the time or months or years later from the harmful effects. You can be assured that in the Islamic world these stats will never be told.

  17. In the Islamic or religious world nothing is transparent. To the world they put up a false face of giving but behind the scenes they go on about the human atrocities, abuse, discrimination, hatred and backwardness. This includes facing the reality of what this type of fasting does to their health but the religious like living in make believe and keeping the lies up to the detriment of humanity.

  18. My husband fasts every ramadan and he loses wt . Always. That’s because we kep our regular schedule, regular meals and he just eats breakfast early, skips lunch and snack and eats inner later. Of course he loses quite a bit of muscle tone since he doesn’t exercise much given the lack of fluids. But it’s only or a month and again our food bills actually go down during Ramadan. Les milk, less juice less everythin.

  19. The main danger I could see in this sort of fasting is if someone is sick, pregnant, or breastfeeding. From what I am told by a lot of Muslims, the point is to remember the poor and what life is like for them. However, it shouldn’t be done at the expense of putting someone’s life in danger. That’s why if fasting is a hardship or dangerous to the person (seriously ill, pregnant, etc.), one doesn’t have to fast. Or at least this is what I thought I was told if I’m remembering correctly.

    I’ve never had to be without food (and I’m not Muslim), but I have been on a restricted diet due to income when I was younger. Because of these experiences in my past, I am now very thankful I can afford fresh fruits and vegetables. I am thankful year-round for this and I don’t need a holiday to remind me of how blessed I am. Also because of these same experiences, I am of the opinion that if fasting is truly about being reminded of those with less, then make sure to also give those with less water, food, etc. year-round (which I realize some do). I think this is just as important as fasting because you are actively helping make someone else’s life better by sharing with others.

  20. Logically the poor people should not fast because they have already experimented hunger.
    And we should eat less food during this holly month and share with the poor people.

  21. correction : experienced* hunger

  22. Nassima, if only the world was lovely your scenario would be the true one.

  23. Nassima, I wish your blog on Kant was in English. I truly adore him.

  24. There is really a problem with ” to experience the hunger during the Ramadan so to know how is the poor’s feeling ”

    all my neighbours sleep during almost all the day and we are, my family and I the only non-saudi of the building who are woken during day and sleeping during night.

    we feel depressed and so lonely during day without all those children playing with mines and those friendly women chatting with me. and when we go to sleep there is so much noise.

  25. @Wendy,

    I don’t write good in English. I “master” Arabic and French. I am sorry.

    I know my scenario is a fairy one.

  26. That’s okay. 🙂 Coming from bilingual Canada I should be able to speak French but I don’t.

  27. Nassima:

    There is no logic in religion.

  28. Salaam Naseema,

    I surfed through your website and it is awesome. Although I know just a little itsy bitsy french, with the help of “google translate”, I was able to peruse through most of your blog, and understand it.

    You are so full of intellect and wisdom. Keep up the good work and I will keep coming back to read more!

  29. Strangeome,yes exactly, there are people who are exempted from fasting as you stated due to health concerns. I am one of them but a healthy,fit Muslim should b able to fast according to our faith without much problems and this is the perfect time for them to reflect upon their lives and be less ungrateful. Like Radha’s husband, Muslims aroumd the world still continue their daily activities, instead of hibernating as some said here (there are quite a number of hibernators just as there are everywhere in other cultural background) and we go about working for our life without dying one by one. My father is still working eventhough he is pretty old (56) and he fasts as usual. Ramadan, for Muslims, is a blessed month truly! My observation anyway.

  30. Mrs. B:

    56 is not pretty old. I know many people in their 70’s and 80’s still working and a couple of 90 year olds. Heck I even know a 96 year old that still runs and is quite spry for his age.

  31. Strangeone, ” then make sure to also give those with less water, food, etc. year-round (which I realize some do). I think this is just as important as fasting because you are actively helping make someone else’s life better by sharing with others.” for Muslims, zakat and charity/donations serves that issue.

  32. I stand corrected B.

  33. @Honest Abe,

    thank you.

    It’s a two hand blog. both of us (my husband and I) elaborate the subjects which are the results of readings in family. We practise the homeschooling with our children. it’s particularly difficult in Saudi Arabia. due to the lack of cultural events, libraries…. happily there is the web.

  34. Also you do not know if people die during Ramadan. Certainly there are some who will die at the time or months or years later from the harmful effects. You can be assured that in the Islamic world these stats will never be told…

    Wendy,and I am assured if there were such cases,the Western media(or rather the Islam critics) would be the first to jump onto the news and report it all over the world as they have been rather keen to broadcast just about anything negative from half across the world instead of fixing their own mulitude of problems.

  35. Nassima, those who are already poor and hungry are often considered exempt from fasting, as their condition renders them effectively fasting all the time; however, many still refrain from eating during the day. Moreover, Ramadan is a month of giving charity and sharing meals to break the fast together.I think that is logical.

  36. Mrs Bawazir,
    I never heard that the poor people are exempted for fasting. old persons, pregnant women, ill persons are allowed to not fast , but poor people have to fast according to islamic religion.

    in saudi Arabia almost all saudis hibernate during Ramadan, it’s cultural. Muslims don’t do that in the other Islamic countries. they work less but continue to live their lives as usually.

  37. May U ask,are u Muslim Nassima?

  38. I mean may I ask,not U.

  39. Mrs. B, there is no way that media would know of deaths because of Ramadan and especially in Saudi Arabia!

  40. Naseema, like you put it so succinctly within the boundaries outlined in koran, poor people are NOT exempt from fasting. ONLY older persons, pregnant women, ill persons, etc are exempt from fasting but they have to make up for missed days later on.

    MrsB doesn’t know what the heck she is talking about sometimes. At times, I have felt that many non-muslims here on this blog know more about koran and hadith than she does; although she claims to be an authority on everything islam.

    Also, she has this bad habit of using prefrontal lobe of the brain, especially during this holy month (koran 96: Lies, aggression and hostility come from the pre-frontal lobe of the brain behind the forehead). Which btw was a major scientific discovery of its time mentioned in the koran1,400 years before Dr. Sigmund Freud was even a glimmer of hope in his dad’s eyes :)-

  41. Sorry, I forgot to give the proper verse of koran which outlines rules and regulations of fasting. According to koran 2:183-184:

    “O you who believe! Observing the fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become righteous. Observing fasts for a fixed number of days, but if any of you is ill or on a journey, the same number (should be made up) from other days.

    And as for those who can fast with difficulty, (e.g. an old person, etc.), they have a choice either to fast or to feed a poor person for every day. But whoever does good of his own accord, it is better for him. And that you fast, it is better for you if only you know.”

  42. Wendy,the media had and will always find ways to get a ‘sensational’ story.

  43. Nassima, the opinion about the poor being exempted wasn’t my opinion but of several scholars. I ll try look them up for you but i apolagize for not providing a source earlier.

  44. Mrs. B:

    The fact is that in many muslim countries it is highly censored and culturally unaccepted to actually draw attention to human autrocities or the make believe that is the Islamic religion. As this will often times get you killed or imprisoned. Heck in Saudi you can’t even tweet about to a make believe fairy tale prophet in a minor way without getting extradited and thrown in jail.

    Your own country just threw a man in jail for tweeting that God doesn’t exist (Atheist).

    Let us not forget the scholar who was thrown through the window in Egypt who made a statement contrary to the popular belief of the student body.

    I could keep on going as usual. Of course let us not forget the acid in the face, legs blown off, harassment, rape, intimidation etc, etc, etc and so on but OH NO there is little violence in muslim countries. This is just the tip of the iceburg. If this is going on that can be told what the heck do you think they are hiding on what can’t be told.

    Good luck on convincing people of sensationalism as many know what happens if you go against the oppressive violent followers of make believe.

  45. Bigstik,what does your comment hv to do with Ramadan? Does every topic hv to be about religion bad,atheist good?

  46. You dont need to bid me good luck as we know how the media in the West works. Bias, distorted and censored news are not exclusive to the East or Islamic world as you for the rest of your comment, again, please dont lump me and other Muslims with the stupid extremists! Killing torture etc are done by criminals, no matter how they make it out to be!

  47. Mrs. B, there is very little news going public out of Saudi Arabia and besides that if someone did die of dehydration or something that could directly be related to Ramadan fasting you can be absolutely sure that unless the event occurred in a non-Muslim country it would be attributed to something else.

  48. Mrs. B:

    Ramadan is all about religion. Yes religion is delusional and there is a mountain of information that undercuts religion. I can’t help it if people like their delusions but I will not support them nor will I be silent on the subject as it just encourages their belief in things like easter bunnies, tooth fairies and such. At some point grow up and face reality. Quite frankly if you are a grown up talking to a imaginery bunny or fairy you would be receive a mental evaluation but put the word God on it and add in backward discriminatory murderous hate doctrines then it is okay. I see a problem but religious don’t but they like their delusions and mental acrobats.

    The problem you have is that you don’t like facing the reality that the religion is too weak to support itself that people must often times censor information or intimidate scholars, people, etc to keep them in subjugation, slavery (form of), and defeated.

    This would included the practice of Ramadan and the many problems it creates to a human body.

    Here is an interesting bit of information. You can leave out the last portion as that is just another religious commerical trying to get you to buy their brand of God product.

  49. Agree to disagree ok, Bigstick?!?

  50. Just to touch the news coverage issue, the media in the West particularly in USA isnt without bias especially when it comes to Islam.

    Since there is no news of Ramadan related death, why make such hefty accusations? Obesity related death-proven, aneroxia related death proven. Innocent till proven guilty?? On the other hand studies of Ramadan fasting benefits are numerous.

  51. BigStick, hey thanks for posting the link to “Ramadan & Its Roots”. I found it fascinating!

    It’s amazing to note how each and every religion evolved from each other. And yet each claims bragging rights that theirs is the ONLY way to salvation. Like you’ve said many times before, they are all fairy tales.

    And each has fought wars with each other and within themselves, for millenniums, to prove that they are the only RIGHT ONES.
    Fascinating Indeed!

  52. Please keep to the topic of Ramadan.
    Bigstick and Honest Abe, if I see one more comment where you are baiting mrs Bawazir for no good reason I will put you into moderation.


  53. Mrs. B:

    As usual we agree to disagree. I believe you like baiting me as much as I do you as can be read by our many post to one another. In addition, I believe you came to the site to make sure you ensured that you would have even more words with me as I recall. I have always enjoyed them; even if we will always agreed to disagree.


    You have a habit of being too heavy handed and stiffling the free dialogues between bloggers. There is a reason why Carol’s blog is well liked and it isn’t due to mirco-managing. I truly believe you would fit well into saudi society for censorship issues and be a real stick in the mud.

    🙂 –

    I am addressing you since you identified me. Therefore in the spirit of free speech I feel it is best to do so but given your history of suppression and dictation I am sure I will end up in moderation.

  54. Moderator:

    PS: Generally Carol just says go to the debate page.

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