Saudi Arabia/USA: From the Mouths of Babes (No. 9)

American Bedu continues on with its series ‘From the Mouths of Babes’ with this 9th interview in the series from six year old Sophie.  I love the imagination of children and their understanding of what a word may mean to them based more or less upon its sound.

What is your name?



Where do you live?

In North Carolina



What is your nationality?

Italian, English



How old are you?




Who is the leader of Saudi Arabia?

I do not know and I will not answer this question.



What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

I don’t know.



Who is the leader of the United States of America?




What is the capital of the United States of America?

I don’t know.



How many hours does it take to go from America to Saudi Arabia?

About 40 hrs



What is the best thing to do in Saudi Arabia?

Go to the beach.



What is the best thing to do in the United States?

Play with my friends.



Why do women wear black in Saudi Arabia?

Because they’re weird.



What is a muttawa?

It’s a kind lasagna.



What is the adhan?

It’s a kind of car.



Are there muttawa in the United States?




What is a Muslim?

They have brown hair.



What is a Christian?

Someone that believes in God.



Do Muslims and Christians like each other?  Why or why not?

No. Because Muslims don’t believe in God.



What do Saudis like to eat the most?




What do Americans like to eat the most?

Spaghetti & Meatballs




What would you like to say to other children around the world?

I love you.



11 Responses

  1. the Saudis like to eat the muttawa? She sounds like an adorable little thing! 🙂

  2. I can say she is!

    Stay tuned…I have more interviews in the queue that I think readers will enjoy.

  3. good! I love these!

  4. Children are influenced by elders, surroundings.. he is speaking what he learnt and taught

  5. I find the child’s lack of knowledge distressing! IN THE EXTREME!
    The lack of knowledge about her OWN CAPITOL at that age is highly distressing! I’d forgive, at that tender age, the lack of knowledge of Saudi or Islam, indeed, I’d be concerned over knowledge, save under sever interests.
    Indeed, my only worry was her notions of national leadership of the US!
    That age group cannot comprehend religious differences, unless VERY special education is delivered. In the REAL world, that ignorance is understandable.
    Even the difference in attire is understandable.
    The notion about our government and “national religion” is of grave concern.
    As we’ve HAD religious wars in our own streets, we MUST pay closer attention to the education of both our peers AND children.
    Lest we have a war marked by class III weapons PLUS.
    JUST to enforce the frigging constitution.

  6. I’m trying to remember how much national stuff I learned in kindergarten or first grade or from my parents. It seems it was more about phonics and learning to read and “George Washington was the first President,” but that’s been many, many years ago. Of course there are plenty of things I was taught that I promptly forgot as they didn’t seem very important to me at the time. Who wants to recall Washington, D.C. when there are other interesting things for a six year old to discover?

    Actually now I am curious how much 6 year olds know and whether Sophie is an anomaly. When I next see my toddler nephew I’m going to start telling him these things so he will be able to answer these questions and know the answers by age 3! I don’t want him to go to a restaurant planning to order muttawa. The child does like cheese and tomato sauce. 🙂

  7. I remember when I was 6, along with my phonics was some basic geopolitical education regarding our nation and even state. I knew that my state capitol was Harrisburg, our national capitol was Washington (wasn’t up on the D.C. part or that there was a state of Washington yet). I knew there were other religions, but only barely. I most certainly did not consider Jesus our nation’s leader! I learned about other religions, as we were in a “German Jew neighborhood” and our close family friend was our physician, who was a Jew. I was acquainted with that before they came to dinner, so I wouldn’t bring embarrassment with awkward questions over changes in diet for the evening.
    I knew who the president was when I was 2! I remember that, as I was sat in front of the television one day while my mother was pulling the curtains down for cleaning, watching the president (he’s important) visit Dallas, Texas. I remember watching him get shot in the head and my mother crying quite well.
    I knew who President Johnson was. I knew who President Nixon was.
    But, I was a walking question factory as a child.

  8. Wow, that’s great. You remember a lot!

  9. I had to go back and read Michael’s answers (he was child # 3) and almost 9 when I interviewed him. I enjoy the children’s interviews.

  10. All children are different. Yet in many ways they are the same. I think subsequent interviews will illustrate this.

    I don’t think it’s our place to be judgmental on the minds and thoughts of innocent children but instead appreciate their perspectives on life.

  11. […] illustrates to us that her thoughts and views are not all that different from Sophie.  They are both the same age, however one has been raised in the United States and the other in […]

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