Saudi Arabia/World: Yes…WE Need You!


I pray that this post finds all Muslims having a joyful Ramadan filling one completely with the true spirit of the occasion.


21 Responses

  1. Ameen ya Rabbi !

  2. Another commercial song selling a religious product and subliminal messages such as women are a sex organ cover up and believe in my fairy tale wrapped up in a hollow message of love served in subjugation, hate, gender apartheid, slavery, racisim, etc.

    Other than that nice song. 🙂

  3. You are really horrible Bigstick, can’t you let Muslims be happy just a little bit, with a simple lovely song without repeating your dreadful same ol bigotry? AB specifically dedicated that video for Muslims. There is nothing terrorist-like in that video! Damn, when will you stop repeating the bigoted mistakes of those who came before you. You would think , that in this day and time, where you have plenty examples to look back on, like the mistreatment of Native Americans, racism against African Americans, Mistreatment of Japanese Americans. You would think people would be smart enough to not repeat the same bigoted and racist attitude again.

  4. And Yes a resounding Yes we need you, Allah!

  5. Mrs. B

    I cannot counter you as the moderator will put me in moderation (you are a protected teacher’s pet) plus I wasn’t speaking to you since that might be perceived as coming after you or something.

    Believe me though you show your tendency and lack of knowledge on slavery.

    I also didn’t single out Islam or muslims you did that.

  6. Oh please bstick,stop talking like a child who is sulking because he was reprimanded! And believe me you certainly show your lack of even a minuscule amount of tolerant for Muslims simply because of a peaceful song. I have heard stories about ppl like you who go ballistic or on a random anti-religious tirade simply because someone wishes them Merry Christmas or so.

  7. No. I wish them a Merry Christmas as it is deemed by me to be a marketing product of Santa and the 12 reindeer. My kids love Santa.

    But I should say no more to you lest I be thrown in censorship.

  8. Oh here is another greeting for that time of year in response to Merry Christmas. Happy winter solstice.

  9. I for one don’t see what the fuss is all about. My only beef-other than the music itself is not great- is that I didn’t see any posters in French LOL! It’s all about the message though!
    Bigstik1, maybe you need to lighten up a tad bit. Let others enjoy what they believe in. We do get it that your are an ATHEIST & anti-religion, believe me, we all know! I don’t think you’ll get anybody here to change. You do come across as someone who is aggressive. What about freedom of choice?

  10. @Bigstick – I think because your responses have become so typical that you have lost a lot of credence with your comments. After all, it is predictable that you are known to turn around any topic pertaining to Muslims and Islam (or Christianity) into an atheist crusade or tirade.

    While the song was written for the intent of Muslims, I think the words and signs displayed can apply to any believers.

  11. Lovely song Bedu. I understand music is a bit controversial for Muslims however I would like to find some songs sung in Gulf Arabic. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    And I’d have to agree with Bedu, Bigstick. You have become a bit predictable just . . . er . . . a tiny bit. I have met some pretty hard core Christian Evangelists however you could certainly match them stride for stride as an Atheist Evangelist ;- ). (Or anyhow anti religious evangelist.)

  12. AB:

    Yes I stated religion.

    Again it is about religion and the religious like ensuring there laws are adhered to in the forms of oppression, hate, gender apartheid, and commericialism.

    I write about it. Let just take a look at it shall we.

    Saudi Arabia forces women into being children, won’t let them drive, forces everyone to pray to a make believe entity, won’t allow other religions, and muslims everywhere go to a rock to pray (idol anyone) and then ensures that the Saudi government will benefit from tourist dollars thus ensuring the cycle of religious abuse.

    Next: The United States government provides taxpaper dollars to religious entities all the while they practice gender discrimination, racism, homophobia, abuse children and spouses, and rape kids all on a make believe text which if used in the manner that many use it leaves psychological issues for life due these textbooks. Check out the many hospitals that are Catholic and what they will not help with and are allow to do so.

    However, I somehow loose credence since I point out the issues with religion. Not only pointing out today but across time which is all documented to show the atrocities to which religion has been responsible for that by the way includes political fall outs due to religious abuses even those that many want to call atheism which they are not, they are mostly due to religious people.

    Don’t worry though your being politcal correct is helpful at least to governments like Saudi Arabia. Enjoy.

    By the way is that AB comment from Carol or the censorship apologist?

  13. Bigstick, you might like this site: It looks like it has some good discussions about Islam and probably other religions.

    And to the rest of you: I really would like some suggestions on Gulf Arabic songs if there is such a thing. I’m trying to learn Gulf Arabic and songs with lyrics have helped me with learn other languages.


  14. Annie:

    See debate page.

  15. Yeah Bigstick! That would be a great place to put most of your posts! You could still refer to AB’s blog entry. You still might try the one I suggested; it looked right up your alley!

    Irk Bedu, Im sorry if I’m responding inappropriately to troll like behavior.

  16. Bigstick – I believe it is clear that my moderator and I have our own distinct writing styles but we are always on the same page. You are most welcome to take any comments not related to specific posts to the debate page. I know we will likely never see eye-to-eye on religious topics so I have no desire to enter into a debate. I need to conserve my energy and resources for other issues.

  17. Annie:

    I don’t think telling the truth is troll behavior. I left a youtube on the debate page for you that might help on your arabic.


    Yes we agree to disagree often.

  18. Ameen.

  19. Ignoring all of the tug of war above, and going to American Bedu’s wish, I thank you American Bedu. Thinking of you too! May God bless and keep you well, ever buoyant, ever healing, and to all who believe in Him, Ameen.

  20. Annie, try Abdul Majed Abdullah. One of the best, in my opinion.

  21. Thanks Mrs. B.

    And sorry all for taking part in the tug of war.

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