From the Mouth of a Child (No. 11) Saud

American Bedu’s series of questions and responses from children continue.  This time we hear the thoughts and views of nine year old Saud from Saudi Arabia.  It’s clear that he is a bright young boy.  I’m sure that there are many who probably agree with his view that the U.S. capital should be in California too!


What is your name?


Where do you live?

Saudi Arabia

What is your nationality?


How old are you?


Who is the leader of Saudi Arabia?

King 3adallah

What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?


Who is the leader of the United States of America?


What is the capital of the United States of America?


How many hours does it take to go from America to Saudi Arabia?


What is the best thing to do in Saudi Arabia?

Sunbathe cause there’s lots of sun

What is the best thing to do in the United States?

Swim cause the weather is nice

Why do women wear black in Saudi Arabia?

Because it’s not good to show their hair

What is a muttawa?

I don’t know

What is the adhan?

A call to prayer

Are there muttawa in the United States?


What is a Muslim?

A person who believes there’s only 1 God and prays the 5 prayers

What is a Christian?

A person who doesn’t have many prayers who thinks there’s more than one god

Do Muslims and Christians like each other?  Why or why not?

Yes. Because they both have lots of things in common and We get a long well

What do Saudis like to eat the most?


What do Americans like to eat the most?


What would you like to say to other children around the world?

Please get a long with us.


10 Responses

  1. “Sunbathe cause there’s lots of sun” — I think I’d burn quickly!

  2. 🙂 i doubt if anyone sunbathes in KSA! Quite amusing!

  3. So smart for a 9 year old mashallah! Except for the sunbath part or he could be making a joke just like my nephew..sunbathing in 50 degrees,hhahaha 🙂

  4. Very smart boy! Loved his food comparisons! LOL!!!

  5. Yes, he is intelligent but the indoctrination is there.

  6. indoctrination, like when ladies at walmart tell their kids not to go near me because I cover and I’m “scary” or “not nice”?
    it happens everywhere. we all teach our kids what we believe in an effort to protect them.

  7. NeverEver:

    Well it doesn’t help that you sport a custume that is similar to the grim reapper and for many women in the US it holds the same symbolism as the KKK attire to blacks. I actually see the dresswear as repulsive as it is a hate symbol to women and has opened the door to psychological impact on a healthy gender relationships which is cemented in a belief system (fairytale) which belittles both women and men.

    I actually educate my children that religions sets up psychology issues and will continue to educate them in the dysfunction of both gender relations and sexual dysfunctionalsim that it creates not to mention the pychological scarring it creates on a healthy persona of humans.

    Now you have the right to wear it but no one has to agree or go out of their way to respect what you wear or what it represents.

  8. I am on the debate page if you want to discuss any further.

  9. exactly, you “indoctrinate” your children with your own biases about what covering means, and Saud’s parents “indoctrinate” him with what they believe as well.

    I wasn’t making a comment on what people think of me because of the way I dress because I dress that way for myself and for God. I was drawing a comparison that all children are “indoctrinated” by their family/community in some way or another because the parents/community are trying to protect them to the best of their ability, the same as what you are doing when you “educate” your children about religion and psychology issues. It is a different name for the same process.

    I don’t have any desire to have a debate about hijab or modesty, but thank you! I didn’t want to just leave you hanging on the debate board.

  10. Kebsa! Ha..just snorted water laughing. So true.

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