Saudi Arabia: Not Belgium Truffles but Still Pretty Good!


I remember when traveling throughout the Kingdom, no matter what city or town I would find myself in, I continued to be amazed by the number of specialty chocolate shops there were.  I’m just speculating but I’d venture to say there are at least 8 chocolate shops in Saudi to one shop in the United States.  Additionally, the displays of the chocolates in Saudi Arabia are a piece of art work unto themselves.  

Not surprisingly, chocolates are among the most popular gifts when visiting others within the Kingdom.

As this Arab News article illustrates, chocolate buyers and chocolate connoisseurs in Saudi are fortunate to have a very wide selection of delectable’s from which to choose.  In addition to the widely known Swiss and Belgium chocolates, there are also chocolates from the United Kingdom, United States, Germany (milka), Turkey, Egypt and even from places within the Far East.  Saudi chocolate production has also become a popular and lucrative business.

The variety of chocolates may be pre-packaged in attractive boxes or a customer might also have the option to pick and choose from individual bins of chocolates.  In my own home, I enjoyed offering my guests  baskets of chocolates which contained a variety of types of the differing chocolates available.

I can attest that with such a wide variety available for sampling, the differing types of chocolate are clearly distinguishable.  The chocolates from Switzerland and Belgium are much creamier and richer than the chocolates from Turkey or Egypt for example.  I also believed that the chocolates from the United States and United Kingdom had more of a sugary taste as compared to some of the others.  Chocolates from the Far East seemed to have a coarser feel and less sweetness.  Yet to most of the children, chocolate was simply chocolate.


5 Responses

  1. One can’t have too many chocolate shops…
    You are right, American/English chocolates have less cocoa and more sugar.
    I like good quality chocolate with a high cocoa content, and I don’t like truffels.
    Except Australian dreamers!
    We used to have shops here where you could pick out your own selection but they are all gone all of a sudden. Where am I going to get my dreamers now???? 😦

  2. I may not spell it right but my all time favorite chocolates are Spreglie which is based in Zurich.

  3. Haven’t tried those yet!
    What about a chocolate fondue with strawberries????

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