Saudi Arabia: Aura Distinct Furnishings and Style

Just like there can be an emphasis in America to ‘buy American,’ there are also places in Saudi Arabia where one can acquire goods made specifically for the Saudi market. Aura Furnishings, located in Riyadh’s Panoroma Mall, offers distinguished home furnishings and accessories for the home where one wants a distinctive Saudi feel.  

Aura is an independent home fashion retailer based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  which was developed by the owners (who are Saudi) to create an independent, free-standing Saudi brand for Saudi customers. As I’m sure you know – the majority of furniture and accessory brands in KSA are franchises and brands – which leaves little opportunity for individual items or creativity.

Aura sells affordable aura-branded furniture and home accessories to individuals looking for a distinct style that blends the best of the West and the Middle East which are sourced by the small, passionate local team.   


Aura offers a 3 seasonal style collections are displayed as inspirational rooms that offer complete design solutions whilst simultaneously showcasing the flexibility of aura’s mix and match philosophy, all while being the ultimate in inexpensive home fashion. One of their 4 ranges is the iconic range – a collection of traditional Middle Eastern items such as dellahs and medkhanas, recreated in new colours and textures, bringing modernity to traditional items.















2 Responses

  1. My own home is very sleek and modern but I will admit that I like the middle eastern/Arab look. I really like Moroccan style. I love the last picture with the turquoise sofa and mirrored table. Very art-deco! Also like the dining set with purple chairs. Do you have a website for them, Carol? I’m sure one of my SIL’s would be on the next train to Riyadh if she found out about the store. LOL!!!

  2. What would the furnishings in a more average home look like?

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