Syria/World – Outrage and Injustice…

The following youtube video is footage from Syria which features family members of a dear friend of mine who have been captured for anti-government sentiments.  Please help spread the news of the plight of these individuals and pray for their safety and lives.


“This is a version with some English. They are stating that they have arrested these people because they want to overthrow the government. The family believes they are the Shabiha which are a pro-government militia. These people are not activists- they are not political in any way. A family member was allowed to see them and they reported being questioned about Majid’s activities speaking out against torture and violence against civilians.
  These people have done nothing wrong other than to be relatives of Majid.
  It is our hope that this will be recognized and they will be released.”

Names : Jawad Saadi, 17, cousin
Moyassar Saadi, 63, uncle





6 Responses

  1. I think people are afraid to leave comments on this post hahahhaaa

  2. I shudder to think what will happen to them. Very, very sad situation in Syria. The devil seemingly does exist.

  3. I have dear friends in Syria. It’s so sad what they are experiencing.

  4. P.S. I find it interesting that Saudi helps the Syrian resistance, but fought the Bahraini one. (The reverse for Iran.) Completely understandable knowing the Muslim divide, but still. What happened to the ummah?

  5. I’m anxious to get updated about my friends.

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