Saudi Arabia: Update on American Bedu Documentary

Dear American Bedu Readers,

First, thanks for your continued loyal following during my period of ups and downs.  Additionally, I want to extend my deepest thanks, love and appreciation for some very special behind the scenes folks that have kept the blog up and going and made sure you were informed with ‘what was up … again … with Bedu!’


Thankfully, I’m a pretty tough nut and while I may get down sometime, it just makes me all the more determined to get back up and move forward.

Speaking of moving forward, work on the American Bedu Documentary is moving forward at an excellent pace.  I can not predict the exact date yet but you will soon be finding an updated and expanded trailer in place for your viewing enjoyment!  Production is exactly on track or even slightly ahead of schedule.

Creating this documentary is an important motivator for me.  I believe strongly in the need to build firm bridges among people, cultures, traditions, customs and faith in addition to the increasing importance of educational awareness and understanding for cancer patients AND their families.  I am using all that I have to combine these two key messages into the documentary including how my life and experiences as an undercover CIA officer made me into the person and fighter that I am today.

I believe this documentary will give readers drama, excitement, intrigue, challenge, love, courage and perseverance.  It may just give you a few more surprises about your resident Bedu too…. (cheeky smile)

Donations are still welcomed and accepted.  In addition to the mechanism already in place through wepay, one can also donate through paypal.

We have an AmerBedu PayPal account. The email address is, and they do serve Saudi Arabia. AmerBedu is what will appear on their credit card or bank statements.

Another area where assistance is sought is a need for hi-definition video from Saudi Arabia for use in the documentary.  If someone has this capability, please email me directly ( and I can provide the specifics set forth by Dr. Mary Beth Ross, producer extraordinaire.   I am not the techie she is but she has informed me that video can be taken and then uploaded through a mechanism called “Drop Box” which makes it easy to share and use video.

The footage we are seeking is about 6 – 15 minutes of Saudi footage for backdrop of the Saudi section of the film.  I am seeking shots of Riyadh, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Housing compound (where I lived with Abdullah), Thamama, King Abdullah Equestrian Centre, Makkah, Jeddah and perhaps Maida’n Saleh.  I’d be thrilled with what we can receive.  Whoever could assist would be given assistant producer credit for their contribution.

I must also mention that because this documentary has segments which discuss my former employment with the CIA the completed documentary must be approved before any public showing.  However, I am very confident there will be no delays in this regard.

Once the approval has been obtained, the documentary will be entered into select international film festivals.

So in sum, stay tuned.  Soon you’ll find a new trailer in place to tickle your curiousity!  And in the meantime, please continue to enjoy the original trailer…


2 Responses

  1. I love that cheeky smile! 😀

  2. thank you, susanne!

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