Saudi Arabia/Charlotte: The DNC in Charlotte

When Abdullah and I first arrived in Riyadh from Washington, DC there was a major event in the works.  It was the first Riyadh Summitt to be held in Riyadh for so many years.  I’ll never forget all the advance plans and activities that started ahead in time.  Abdullah had also been newly assigned to the Arab League Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  During that entire period, I saw more of him on tv than I did beside me in my own bed.  It was such an exciting time with all the pre-events, plans and coordinations.  I knew my husband had a critical role and helped to formulate some of the policies and wrote several of the resolutions himself.

I felt like time fast forwarded with the recent Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week.  The entire ‘Queen City’ of Charlotte had been transformed to showcase the natural beauty of Carolina.  The entire region was involved in the excitement and festivity.

Overall the conference was well planned.  In some ways, those who seemed most overwhelmed were the local media and their coverage of the event.  I was surprised by the heavy emphasis placed on the reaction of having the conference in Charlotte perhaps more so than the substance on who was speaking and why.  However, this could have been primarily the local perspective.  I chose to keep my station local rather than be glued to larger network coverage.

I learned something more about myself during conference coverage.  For most of my adult life I would have characterized myself as a Republican but it was actually during the Republican National Conference in Tampa that I felt my views split and transpose to those more in align with the Democratic party.

I feel there is more hope for the United States of America and its future global and international interests with the Democratic rather than the Republic party.  In my view the Republican party had presentations made of half truths, innuendos which were so full of holes that could not full the American people.  The Republicans did not seem to have the same connection and understanding to the real people.

The race is not sealed by any means yet.  Both parties will have much campaigning and fighting to do.  Carolina can remain a swing state.  It is not a ‘slam dunk’ for either Obama or Romney.  Thankfully though, Carolina did not have any empty chairs on the dias waiting to take up still air.


I’d like to hear the views from the world on the perception of Charlotte as the hosting city.  If you were a visitor to the Queen City, what was your perception?  How were you surprised by seeing Charlotte as the host of the Bell?


15 Responses

  1. I didn’t watch the DNC. Didn’t watch the RNC either. Frankly, the conventions are BS fests for the contributors more than anything else.
    Indeed, I would be pleasantly surprised if the democratic campaign starts to match some of the republican lies and distortions toward the end of the campaign.

    I was a republican for 30 years, until I redeployed after the last election. That is courtesy of the tea party and their worst part, their seditious threats of taking “second amendment remedial action” should the election not go their way.
    Add to that the ultra hard right doing their level best to turn the US into a theocracy and a copy of the Taliban Afghanistan on the one hand and outright announcements to dismantle social security that my father survives off of with his pension added to that by a little and blatant corporate hijacking of the party, I had to part ways with the republican party.

    As for Charlotte, I was in the city many years ago. Quite a beautiful city and the people are quite nice. If my family weren’t in Pennsylvania, I’d move there. 🙂

  2. wzrd – what part of pa are you from? you know i’m a pennsylvania girl!

    i came to be in the charlotte area due to my family relocating here. i’m very pleased and happy to be part of the charlotte community. it’s a great, diverse, cultural and international city with a lot going on and something for everyone.

    i can understand your views particularily in conjunction with a deployment such as you experienced.

  3. I’m in Delaware County, about two miles south of PHL.
    I recall your originating from Pennsylvania, I’m drawing a blank now on what part of the commonwealth though.
    Throughout the majority of the south, if one walks down the street in the morning and greets someone with, “Good morning”, one gets a “good morning” in return.
    Do that up north, far too often, one gets a dirty look. Essentially saying, “Don’t tell ME what kind of day to have!” 😉

    I had soldier after soldier come to me wondering if they’d have a home to redeploy to or redeploy home to combat in our streets.
    For one who has an excellent command of our language, the disgust goes far beyond any words in any language I know.

  4. i am an original bedu from crawford county pennsylvania located in the northwest triangle where pa, ohio and new york meet. i was born and raised in espyville where pymatuning lake is located and known to be the place where the ducks walk on the fish…and coincidence or not, where oil was (crawford county) first discovered in the modern world…remember pennzoil! it was a great place to live and still pretty much the same today as yesteryear.

    i encountered similar comments made when i was in iraq my friend.

  5. I was in Austria and Germany during the RNC and just didn’t bother with the DNC even though it was in my state. I did read some online and, of course, several Facebook posts kept me in the loop somewhat.

    I think some people were wondering how it would go since NC is a right-to-work state and had just soundly approved an amendment supporting marriage between one man and one woman when the Democratic party is made up of a lot of union folks and its platform – I think – now contains a provision for gay marriage. But I guess it worked out well enough.

    I know NC went slightly blue in the last election. First time in quite awhile!

  6. Wow, Espyville is so far west, you’re nearly an Ohioan.
    Nice country up that way, though lake effect snow is a PIA.
    I kind of chuckled when I was snowed in here in ’96, with 28 inches of snow and the governor didn’t quite understand what the problem was, as he came from close to Lake Erie. 😉
    The wise city of Philadelphia ended up creating an ice dam in the Schuylkill river, dumping much of the city snow there, then realizing that was a bad idea.
    After, they dumped it into the Delaware river. They couldn’t ice dam THAT, though they rather tried. 🙂
    I know the history of oil in Pennsylvania. As I recall, the Commonwealth lost a mountain to a dynamite explosion from dynamite that overheated that was used to fracture the well bottoms when the wells started to taper off (OK, not the ENTIRE mountain, but a nice chunk of it). Think that was a ways southeast of your neck of the woods.
    That region doesn’t change much at all. The people tend to be the same and the only real changes are modern conveniences enhancing their lives.

  7. […] Abdullah and I first arrived in Riyadh from Washington, DC there was a major event in the workssource This entry was posted in middle_east by poster. Bookmark the […]

  8. i enjoy hearing of where people are raised and how the area has impacted tthem. must confess, i do not miss the lake effect snow though! the new trailer of the documentary should give folks some good views of espyville.

    back to charlotte, i liked the vivality that was in the air leading up to, during and beyond the DNC.

  9. Few in their right minds miss lake effect snow! 😉
    Around here, where I grew up, we have a state park, one nature preserve, plenty of municipal parks and county parks. Of course, being near the Delaware river and Darby creek, there was plenty of wetlands to play in.
    One area eventually became a superfund site, was cleaned up and how has a Radisson hotel surrounded by a moat on it. The brilliance of that notion was proved when a hurricane came up the east coast and cut off the access to the hotel.
    The National Guard came in and evacuated the hotel, with our local media discussing some “new rescue technology called a deuce and a half”.
    No, I’m not kidding. An ancient, WWII vintage truck was considered new to our wise and industriously researching news media.

    Every community puts on their best and brightens up when guests come to visit. You should’ve saw Philadelphia back in 1976!

    One thing I miss in my retirement from the DoD is traveling to different places, meeting people from other cultures and learning far more than anyone could teach about their culture. Not to mention learning all manner of new recipes for excellent food! 😀
    One thing all people have in common, we all eat and we all enjoy a tasty meal.
    Perhaps, some day, we’ll come to our senses and resolve conflicts by having a grand cook-off, rather than resort to force of arms and dirty tricks.
    Territorial concessions in exchange for a recipe? 😉

  10. yes…i like the idea of culinary diplomacy and could go for that!

  11. All of the Carolinas, and Virginia as well, are about as nice and one can get, at least in a landscape without real mountains. Will be in NC for a kid’s wedding next year.

    I don’t care much for either the DNC or the RNC. Didn’t watch either. Their leaders and politicians care only about themselves.

    In any case, this will be the last competitive US election. What we see is the Californication of the US, in which the welfare-compassion lobby (my words) plus demographics will make the Republicans irrelevant. It is all about big government now and the USA’s (as we knew it) days are numbered. RIP.

    At least WZRD will be happy. Those horrible tea party folks will have no voice in the new USA. Oh yes, just think of all those terrible threats and violence they do, or want to do, at least if you read the reliable, neutral, informed, unbiased media.. I say this because I have an aunt in the tea party and anyone that insinuates that she is anything but sweet is going to get it. What we need is a community organizer from Chicago, to fix the country and world’s problems like he did back home (or that other utopia, Philly). Yep that was mean, but justified.

  12. nice and one can get = nice as… Grrrr!

  13. Jay,

    I will be most disappointed if you do not look me up when you are in NC!

  14. I left the Gop many years ago. The kind of politicians I voted for in the early 1970’s in NJ simply would not succeed in the party today. The Northeast republican party was moderate to liberal social and business oriented but not finatically anti tax either. The God and War party of today disgusting. I don’t like a lot of the democratic party either but its what left so I vote for them.

  15. Jay, I only know what I read and heard in the media, including Al Jazeera and the BBC during the election, I *WAS* deployed and not easily able to contact people very often.
    The closest was via e-mail and message boards, where some tea party types began their threats as well.
    Until we compared firearms collections. Then, they were as sweet as pie. No idea why, I never even HINTED at a threat. My firearms are used for hunting, competition shooting and two home defense weapons. As I hunt in different areas (brush congested or hope terrain), different types of rifles are used).
    I don’t mind a minority having a voice. I mind when a minority uses threats of violence and insurrection. That is a felony called sedition.
    As for your aunt, never met her, no idea what she’s like, so I’ll take your word on the subject. I only know of the most vocal ones that DID make seditious threats, though I DO believe they are a minority of the tea party.
    The non-threatening and non-denouncing ones I’ve heard from use all manner of Libertarian arguments to support their views. Libertarianism was proved by history to not work, that’s WHY we have a USDA, FDA, EPA, FAA, etc. Abuses occurred and the populace at large was endangered, hence the creation of administrative agencies to support regulations on the area of the agency’s charter.

    Jerry M, I see we tend to agree. I’ve always been middle of the road, overall. Not hard right or hard left on very much.
    Honestly the most laughable are the far right who denounce everything as socialist, yet are unable to DEFINE socialism. Meanwhile, they gleefully drive on their socialist state and federal highway systems. 😉

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