Saudi Arabia: Let’s Have Some Fun


Work on the American Bedu Documentary is moving along well.  During the documentary you will be meeting some people very important into my life.  You will either see them or you will hear about them.  I’m going to introduce a few of the key players to give you some background about them and their contribution.

   Abdullah Othman Al-Ajroush – this is my most charming and beloved late husband.  You will hear testimonies from others who share their most special moments and times with him and about him.

Carol Fleming Al-Ajroush – your own American Bedu in living technolocolor during multiple phases of her journey with cancer.

Richard – a dear friend from the old days of working within the CIA.  A strong man who one knew had their back.

Alison – She is my dear nurse who also went and spent time with Abdullah in Texas prior to her death.  She is one of the rare few who knew both Abdullah and myself during our battles with cancer.

Mama Moudy – this movie could never have been produced without the existence of Mama Moudy, Abdullah’s precious mother.  You will learn more about this fascinating movie and how she shaped the great man who became my late husband.

    Dr. John Powderly – Charlotte’s cutting edge research scientist oncologist with the deepest heart and compassion for eradicating cancer from this world.


There are others who will be seen in the documentary and you will get to know them too.  They are people who have made significant differences in bridge building, cultural awareness and of course, the fight against life’s most insidious battle – cancer.

For now, I’d like you to think of the individuals who are mentioned and have some fun. Let’s pretent that the documentary may make a transformation one day like “Charlie Wilson’s War” from a documentary to an all cast movie.  Who would you wish for American Bedu to star?

I would love to see Abdullah portrayed as George Clooney.  Once I can find them I can even post earlier pictures of Abdullah where friends thought they were actual pictures of Clooney instead.

For myself, I can envision Michelle Pfeiffer.

Richard…he’s a tough one that I have to think about for he has that natural talent to blend in so well.

Alison must be a woman who glows with passion, determination and love.

Mama Moudy I think will be the hardest to place and I would prefer to see her placed by a non-American and preferably by a strong woman of Arab heritage.  She can be played but not replaced.

As for Dr. Powderly, I’d simply love to see him as himself.


Your turn?


10 Responses

  1. Carol, when I first met you and you were telling me part of your story, you told me that Abdullah looked like George Clooney. I think Mr. Clooney would be proud to play the role.

  2. For Mama Moudy, I suggest Soad Abdullah or Hayat Al Fahad (Kuwaiti actresses) since for me, they are strong yet motherly, and talented actresses. However, I am certain no one can replace the original…For you,
    i’d suggest Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts or Meryl Streep. For your husband, I cannot think of any, don’t want to do him injustice. For your friend Richard, how about Robert De Niro?

  3. I picture Patricia Clarkson in your role. She immediately came to mind.

  4. Enjoying the photos of your Abdullah, what a handsome man!

  5. Thank you, Frankie! I’ll have to share some of these pics with you when we see each other.

  6. I have to look up the female actresses you recommend Mrs. B. Good choices for the female but I can still see Michele Pfeiffer.

    Robert de Niro could be a possibility. I was also thinking maybe Denzel Washington….

  7. I am not sure of who Patricia Clarkson is. I’ll have to investiage!

  8. Abdullah, from life to death, was always an incredible handsome man both inside and out.

  9. Salaam alaikhoum again. With regard to the documentary changing into a film and actresses to play Mama Moudy. From your blog comments she was obviously a women ahead of the time regarding accepting you as a daughter-in-law, even though you are not saudi. As a resident of england may I suggest someone from here. The Swahalla sisters spring to mind, although one of them hardly appears now. Although they live in england, as the family name suggests there background is from abroard – Jordan to be exact – so you have an arabic heritage as well!! I do not know if you have heard of the recent british tv. period drama “Lark Rise to Candleford”, but if you have and you can gain access to it, the “active” Swahalla sister plays the postmistress in it, a role which is ahead of its time for that era, as women of the period did not normally have “positions of responsibility” then. Additionly, when she appeared as one of the “well-known” people tracing their ancestory in the series “Who do you think you are”, when they got the family tree back to Jordan, the grandmother (or great grandmother) – I cannot remember which; was herself ahead of her time!! Another possibility would be Leila Rouass, as she has a Moroccan background. Maasalaama, Amelia

  10. thanks for the info, Amelia.

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