Saudi Arabia/World – YOUR Turn to Ask!

I enjoy from time to time turning over the blog to YOU and your questions.  I’m not a mind reader and do want to meet the needs of the American Bedu viewing audience.  This is your chance to ask your queries whether they may be related to Saudi Arabia, America or perhaps even personally to me.  I enjoy opening myself and my blog up to those who are kind enough to follow American Bedu.

Where should American Bedu go?  Should I try to get a better established index to make searching and following the blog easier?  Do some subjects get too much attention while others do not get enough?  Am I giving enough coverage to the critical issues of cancer, poverty, freedoms?

I would also welcome hearing what draws you back to American Bedu.  What posts catch your interest and why?

Do YOU think enough time and interest is allocated to Saudi/American relations and experiences?  Why is this topic of such high interest?

Do you find it interesting if I cite a news article then add my own view and analysis?  Is this useful?

And, does your Bedu still have a valid role to play in the Saudi blogosphere?

Mama Bedu looks forward to hearing from you.


13 Responses

  1. Hi there, as a recent arrival in teh Kingdoma nd fellow blogger, I enjoy your blog and also those of other writers here in Saudi, I particularly like to hear your views on Women’s issues here in the Kingdom and that delictae balance between progress for a more established place in society for women versus teh traditional place and sensitivities of women in the Kingdom, keep up the good work – Noel

  2. Considering we have just passed the 4 million hits mark, and the million milestones are passing by in ever shorter time periods, I’d dsay AB is at least quite popular, and has readers.

  3. Mama Bedu

    I hope that you are feeling well. I am wondering if we will ever have a 5 day working week???


    John Andari

  4. Dear John,

    I do believe the 5 day working week is coming. It may just take a little more time than in other places but for so many feasible and logical reasons, it is necessary. Of course there will be certain positions which will continue to apply themselves to longer days.

    On the same topic, I believe greater emphasis continues to be placed on Saudiazation so changes to expatriate jobs and regulations is going to continue.

  5. I keep finding blogs that state the only things to do are eat and shop…

    So my question is what are some must-see-places (museums, historical sites, nature hikes, etc.), the things outside of malls that you recommend to someone to visit when traveling to Saudi?

    I am so excited for your documentary!

  6. I’d like an artical on your viewpoint of the current 10-hour work days that many Saudi’s have with only a half hour for lunch for the 5-day week. Is this the change that Saudis want if they also go from a 6 to
    a 5-day work schedule?

  7. Some people afraid to post their questions here asked me to see what you thought about the sponsorship program. One has a foreign son who grew up in Saudi but now must leave. I told her this possibly had to do more with Saudiazation and the blooming Saudi baby boomers that will need to have all future available jobs as one possible reason. Do you agree? She felt that since he was born here he should get Saudi status.

    What are the numbers of Saudis marrying foreigners like these days? Increasing or decreasing?

    At one point, I remember reading that they were thinking of building churches here. I don’t feel that will really happen, do you?

  8. In Najran, there is a place called Okdood where it is said that thousands of Christians were burried. Only bits of bone are left and people visiting the site are walking all over this area. Shouldn’t it be contained with some type of fence where people can view the area more respectfully? Who would we need to contact about that? What do you feel would be appropriate for there?

  9. Personally I think the number of foreigners marrying Saudis are decreasing even though there may be more cases of “relationships.” Saudi is just not a friendly or easy place for a bicultural couple to make a life together. I don’t mean to sound harsh but believe I am being practical and realistic. It will take a very special couple with lots of determination and communication to make it in Saudi.

    I do not foresee non-Saudis who have been born in Saudi as having a chance towards citizenship either. I can see your friend’s point of view but find it hard to imagine the government becoming more lax in its approach and regulations.

    Thank you for the thought provoking questions.

  10. You’re welcome. I hope you are well. It has been a long time since I visited your site, but when I heard about the film, I had to come back for a quick visit. Very exciting news.

  11. I missed you “Life” and glad to see you are back. I can still be reached on the old email and FB too.


  12. Sallaam alaikhoum. I would like to see more “holiday” pictures of Saudi Arabia, as it is so difficult to enter the country, even if you are muslim, as I am. After all, even if you do get a hajj or umrah visa,all you can do is go to mecca,medina and jeddah airport! I would also like to see more about the workings of the country, i.e. what official government, and religious departments do, and if they have p.r. departments who are willing, and quick to answer questions from muslims from overseas; even if it is only with the officialy approved line! Maasalaama, Amelia

  13. Thanks, Ameia.

    I think your suggestion makes a great project.

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